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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MoYou London Image Plate review

As part of a product review, I received these two plates from MoYou London.  Their image plates are very nicely hetched and have a rubbery base to avoid cuts when your skin comes into contact with the plate itself as some plates can be very sharp.  

The plates are loaded with GREEEAT stuff, classified by themes.  I am very happy with Mother Nature plate  

 photo mother_nature_1_7_zpsc0db7bfc.jpg  photo festive_collection_5_zps62348384.jpg
the Festive plate's images are way too large for my small nail bed.  I have long nails (at times) but a very narrow nail bed.  The images on the festive plate are meant for larger nails

Mother nature in contrast can be applied to any size nail, long or short, narrow or wide.
 photo IMG_20140429_211815-1_wm_zps05a887c5.jpg

This mani was made using Barielle shades Berry Go Round, Peach Popsicle, In Good Taste and Pillow Talk.  It was also an entry for a contest in which I am very proud and happy to announce (in case you dont already know) I won second place ^_^  (eeeek!!!!)  it wasnt my mani for sure.. it was the images imprinted thereon :) 
Thanks MoYou London! 

 photo IMG_0201_zps48ecea1d.jpg  photo IMG_0189_zpsde46149f.jpg  photo IMG_0202_zpsc97a4490.jpg

These babies came out of a review of the Coral Symphony collection by Jessica Cosmetics showing that the colors can be used to stamp and stamp very well.  and I figured colorful tuxedos scream spring and summer!!!!! :) 

 photo JessicaCosmetics-22_zps5ee6e6f9.jpg

Here's more using the Coral Symphony collection.

 photo JessicaCosmetics-9_zps34522341.jpg  photo JessicaCosmetics-8_zps925e8b28.jpg

I posted this mani for my fellow stampers at our group page and got all these likes in the first hour ;) and they keep adding up!!! definitely a hit. :)

 photo 2014-04-29-21-34-31-1_zps587319f3.jpg

Here's another one :)

 photo IMG_0296_zps15e52ced.jpg   

MoYou London is an online retailer with all sorts of nail goodies.  Although based in the UK also ship to the US.  Their name has been revolutionary in the nail art community.  So Check them out if you have not already done so. 
and  of course follow their social media platforms 

Go on their site and tell me which plate are you getting first or next!!
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Barielle 2014 Spring Velvets

** press sample **

 photo velvets_zps75f7b221.jpg

As you already know, Barielle is one of my favorite brands. Their shades are formulated to provide nails with safe, healthy and long-lasting glossy color coverage and are 5 free which means they are free of formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl-phthalate, camphor or formaldehyde-resin. Women can also safely use Barielle products during pregnancy.

Today, I bring you 5 of the 6 Spring 2014 Velvet.  They are soft, romantic and warm colors.  
Barielle’s Spring 2014 Velvet shades are soft.

First up is My Tan Blazer:  A camel color.  Not a shade I would pick off the rack without any prior influence, but compliments this set very well and became a keeper. 

 photo IMG_1818_zps389072ca.jpg

Different lighting 
 photo IMG_1817_zps6c5023aa.jpg

Next up is Cream 'N Sugar :  A very sheer soft pink... seen here in 3 coats... Perfect elegance of a french manicure which is what I intended to do but when I went to get my white polish

 photo IMG_1810_zpse100a2ad.jpg

a bottle of glitter fell off the shelf causing this very happy accident. :)
I decided to keep it!

 photo IMG_1813_zpsf4cebc9b.jpg

Sexy Mood: A very sexy and soft purple or dark lilac (I just made up a color) and a really good fit for its name.. it's sexy indeed.
 photo IMG_1337_zps275da4ff.jpg

I decided to do a fan brush accent nail using other shades from the set.
 photo IMG_1336_zps430a2d3b.jpg

Uptown Girl : A soft, another elegant french, color.. wear alone or welcome nail art... 
 photo IMG_1330_zps9a47a6f7.jpg

Adding our last contestant, A Little Exotic, a rusty red, created an office or night out appropriate mani.

 photo IMG_1333_zpsab884f7e.jpg  photo IMG_1331_zps61b7f3be.jpg

For more colors and products visit Barielle.com and of course, like them on Facebook and now on Instagram, for cool swatches and photos.  These retail for $8.00 each or you can get a set

Which one is your favorite... do tell.. I love reading your comments

P.S.: sale going on NOW on sets of ! 5 for $25 ;) 

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Nails

Ahhh nothing better to Easter, after the true meaning of Easter of course,  than pastel colors and skittle manicures.

Here's mine using Jessica Cosmetics Strawberry Shake, Banana Peel, Surfer Boyz 'N Berry and Barely Blueberry and stamp plates BM302, GA2 and Pueen28

awfully difficult to photograph... I hope you can see it and enjoy it.. I surely did!

Happy Easter everyone!

 photo IMG_1458_zpsae1b6003.jpg  photo IMG_1453_zpse77b35b4.jpg  photo IMG_1456_zps0b5a53e5.jpg  photo IMG_1455_zpseb4bf96e.jpg
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Coral Symphony: full review (loaded with pics and nail art)

** press sample ** 
 photo JessicaCosmetics-20_zps992be3fa.jpg  photo JessicaCosmetics-21_zps0cce287c.jpg

Jessica Cosmetics has launched their Coral Symphony collection... it's a symphony alright and has spring and summer written all over it.  Made up of 6 new shades. No streak, full coverage, fast drying formula and always Jessica Cosmetics quality.

Check them out! 

First up is Ocean Bloom: It's an ocean of color, this is the perfect pastel "pinple"=pink/purple ^_^ 

 photo JessicaCosmetics_zpsbfe6d534.jpg  photo JessicaCosmetics-1_zpsd72c5cad.jpg

Starfish Glow: The hottest pink of the set.

 photo JessicaCosmetics-13_zpsbad73e51.jpg  photo JessicaCosmetics-12_zps803f106a.jpg

Tropical Sunset:  Do I need to say more?

 photo JessicaCosmetics-10_zps53fc97f9.jpg  photo JessicaCosmetics-11_zpsb5accfac.jpg

Shark Tooth: Staple white. 
 photo JessicaCosmetics-14_zpsc3456f65.jpg

Monsoon Melon:  Peachy melon 
 photo JessicaCosmetics-5_zps7e09c830.jpg  photo JessicaCosmetics-4_zpsb8bcc953.jpg

Conch Shell: delicate but well defined pink

 photo JessicaCosmetics-2_zps5869d5db.jpg  photo JessicaCosmetics-3_zpsa86dc270.jpg

Finally, nail art! 
I started with a gradient and was eager to using my MoYou London mother nature 01 plate 
 photo JessicaCosmetics-7_zpsc7f434c9.jpg  photo JessicaCosmetics-6_zpsb49799b2.jpg  photo JessicaCosmetics-8_zps925e8b28.jpg  photo JessicaCosmetics-9_zps34522341.jpg

All colors stamp very well over white.
Here's this from my MoYou London festive 5 plate.
 photo JessicaCosmetics-22_zps5ee6e6f9.jpg

Check out the entire array of wonderful shades and nail products at http://www.jessicacosmetics.com/ 
and of course, like them on Facebook for latest news and social interaction.. their page is loaded with awesome pictures


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