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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

NYC Fashion Queen Collection: Part 2: Crystal Couture

**press sample**

As seen in Part 1 of this collection, NYC brings an array of pretties this fall.  Now add a stunning sparkle to your nails.  Large specs of glitter suspended in color make it perfect on bare nails or for layering over your favorite polish.  The special formula dries quickly, and the flat control flow brush gives a professional application every time.  With royal shades this polish adds noble glam in a flash. 

 photo NYC-2_Fotor_Collage_zpsf321a223.jpg

I loved the sparkle sooo much that I decided to wear them bare.  All seen here in two coats.

Fashion Queen
copper/gold glam

 photo NYC-2_zpsd72823a8.jpg  photo NYC-3_zps994a1e4e.jpg

Ruby Queen
This is more of a hot pink than a ruby red and my fave so far wore it for about two straight weeks because of how many compliments were received.

 photo NYC-4_zps76d236dc.jpg  photo NYC-5_zps0952395d.jpg

Blue Majesty
(sighs) am in love with this blue sparkle... I hope you don't start to believe that my love for nail polish is a bit promiscuous.  But ahhhh (sighs)  

 photo NYC-7_zpsacbd6ba6.jpg  photo NYC-6_zps77b20a6e.jpg

Rule the City
This lead color with drops of red is sure to rule the city.

 photo NYC-9_zps7267d072.jpg  photo NYC-8_zps454ac362.jpg

Queen's Jewels
(sighs) am in love (cough cough) what can I say this is a love-filled collection and LE (limited edition) looove!!

 photo NYC-11_zps2807037d.jpg  photo NYC-10_zps2e12cc49.jpg

NY Princess 
<3 <3 (hearts) (you know am in love)
It's just cute, colorful, sparkly and of course sexy, girly in a bottle.

 photo NYC-1_zps45bc9ca4.jpg  photo NYC_zpsd6bfe81e.jpg

Although is a glittery polish, removal was a breeze, no chips and fast drying.
You can achieve all this sparkle and couture sophistication for only $1.99 per bottle.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

NYC Fashion Queen Collection: Part 1: HAPPY FALL

**press sample**

Happy first day of Autumn... I am super excited today is the first day of my very favorite season, AUTUMN, ahhhh (sighs) say hello to the cozy sweaters, pumpkin everything, scarves, hats, sexy boots, GOOD HAIR DAYS and of course GORGEOUS NAIL POLISH! 

NYC New York Color has launched the most beautiful fall polishes in their LE Fashion Queen Collection.  Sparkling top coats and these three In A New York Minute nail colors to take us right into fall.

First up is Queen of the City a red red wine ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ (yeah I tried to write that signing) #dork
with season perfect shimmer

 photo NYCColor-6_zps26c864bb.jpg  photo NYCColor-5_zpsa896361c.jpg

To spice things up like a latte I used image plate m98 from the Born Pretty Store

 photo IMG_6127_zps6b8890cb.jpg

and created this mani.

 photo NYCColor-7_zps2a137577.jpg  photo NYCColor-8_zps8a5a5176.jpg

Next up is Royal Chic is a deep brown jelly.. match it with those knee height boots, cozy sweaters and coffee mugs.
I can only think of all the teddy bear nail art I am going to do with this :)  

 photo NYCColor-4_zpsd96deb08.jpg  photo NYCColor-3_zps33179753.jpg

and lastly, Crown Gold, a  frosty goldie and as all frosty finishes brush strokes may be an issue if not applied patiently.

 photo NYCColor_zpsfd37d409.jpg  photo NYCColor-1_zps78f8849b.jpg

wear alone, layered, or do a glitter gradient say with this Crystal Couture Fashion Queen a glitter polish that is also part of this collection but the glitter polishes will be forthcoming :) stay tuned

 photo NYCColor-2_zps8270ef28.jpg 

The trend is very affordable at $1.99.

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 photo BSNFK31_zps52fcea34.png

Monday, September 22, 2014

Born Pretty Store: Nail stamping plates

**press sample**

Have you heard of the Born Pretty Store??  It's an online store with all things WONDERFUL!!!!
Makeup, accessories, nail art and more of great quality products at unbelievable low prices.  It does ship from overseas so my goodies took over a week to get to me but it was worth the wait.  Check out their website and use code BSNFK31 to receive a 10% discount.

Today, I will show you the manicure nail stamping image plate QA89
Stamped here using SinfulColors Snow Me White over Nubar Affair

 photo IMG_6129_zps73d288a9.jpg
 photo IMG_6125_zps619b7694.jpg photo IMG_6127_zps6b8890cb.jpg photo IMG_6126_zpscf59f1e8.jpg

Then added the same image with black for a stamping layer effect.
 photo IMG_6131_zps17a2674c.jpg

I also used it to do my mom's nails over Nubar First Date, a lovely shimmery yellow.
My mommy loves it when I pamper her and her nails and I love doing them. :)
 photo IMG_6134_zps9089d64a.jpg

The images on the plates are nicely hetched, possibilities are endless, creativity sparkers, come with the blue film to protect it.
I will show you the other plates on the next post.... let's see what I come up with... Until next post my friends.  
In the meantime, be sure to like Born Pretty Store on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter and don't forget to use our unique code BSNFK31 to receive 10% discount off your order.

    photo BSNFK31_zps52fcea34.png
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Finally: a solemate

**press sample**

I love high heels, however, I am one of the first ones to admit that you can't wear them everywhere, trust me on this, it took me a long time to accept this fact.   Try wearing them to an outdoor event and sink in grass, as if you were preparing the ground for seeding, walk through tiled floors, say at the airport and you better slow down or get ready for a split.  Gravel? risk your shoes or your ankles, both are just as bad, grates, cracks and many other surfaces that are a detriment to good shoes.  

But this has changed.  Meet Solemates High Heeler, a revolutionary product to shoe lovers.  Designed to protect heels from all surfaces.  Discreet and easy to use, the Solemates High Heeler attaches easily to most stiletto and kitten heels to prevent you from sinking into the grass at your next outdoor soiree or getting stuck in pavement cracks or sidewalk grates.  It does not cause damage to your shoes and does not compromise the look.

Even my friend, who cannot walk in heels (please don't tell her I said that) found Solemates High Heeler helpful in maintaining her balance while on the heights of a sexy shoe :) 

 photo solemates-1_zpsddf94574.jpg

They come in three sizes (narrow, classic and wide.  You can wear them just about everywhere walk tall and don't settle for wedges unless that's the look you're going for.  :) 
 photo sole-mates-high-heeler_zps4b5d610b.jpg

It is really sad to see all your good shoes suffer.  No other pair of shoe of mine will have to go through this again  :) 
Check them out.  and they're only $9.95

 photo solemates_zps2ecbf540.jpg

I didn't even feel them while walking and it works as stated... no more prepping the ground for seeding whether I go to a BBQ or a wedding or whatever outdoor event.  I can still wear my good shoes and we all know how good that feels.

Get your own! Save your shoes, save the look!  

Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

NYC New York Color: Red Lips

**press sample**

 photo NYCColor_zpsdbaea298.jpg
NYC New York Color has sent me two samples of their latest lip colors.

 photo IMG_5920_zps45d43292.jpg

First up is the city proof twistable lip crayon.  Perfectly outline lips, non-greasy nor sticky and lasts up to five hours *
Normally, long lasting lip crayons are dry and chip off and I have to reinforce with lipgloss for that nice, healthy shine.  This one feels smooth, hydrating long lasting color and shine.  It glides and perfect for on the go (no pencil sharperner needed).  Highly pigmented and available in 12 colors.  Seen here is Roosevelt Island Red

 photo IMG_5926_zps92043617.jpg  photo IMG_5930_zpsac145118.jpg  photo IMG_5929_zpsfc567089.jpg

Next up is moisturizing, long wearing lipstick.  For day or night.  High impact color infused with a touch of silk, the creamy, rich formula glides onto lips for a smooth, velvety finish that doesnt feel sticky or slick or like you just ate fried chicken.
Seen here is Traffic Jam.. surely to stop traffic with this sexy red. 
 photo IMG_5446_zpsc68517ab.jpg  photo IMG_5445_zps9dfd0fc8.jpg  photo IMG_5444_zps75797b8b.jpg

I must mention... they both smell sooo sweet... literally sweet, like candy and simply DIVINE

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