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Friday, December 18, 2015

Starlight Under the Tree or Tree on Starlight

**press sample**

It's late, I'm sick, my mom is sick, cats are sleeping, novena is over (if you're Colombian, you know what I mean),  and my nails were undone.  I figured I fix that :)

Using Ro-Man-ce on the Moon, I Drive a SuperNova, GA27 stamping plate and green rhinestones, I created yet another festive Christmas manicure

 photo OPI-15_zpsvtioccye.jpg

Ro-Man-ce on the Moon stamps very well.  the silver doesnt show too well over the shimmery red, but both shades have some stamping future.

 photo OPI-16_zps9zvjekgt.jpg

Ok! my nails are now done, the cats woke up and are signaling me to go to bed... yes! they put me to bed... what has my life come to?? LoL


Until next time my pretty readers <3


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Thursday, December 17, 2015

More OPI Starlight Nail Art : 4 manis

**press sample ** 
I wanted to share some of the nail art I have been featuring on Instagram and Facebook made with the OPI Starlight Collection
First up some mistletoe with Ro-Man-ce on the Moon
 photo OPI_zpsh7ngu7t5.jpg
I tried to make some free hand candy cane swirls but I think next time we'll stick to stamping plates hehe
Press * for Silver and Love is in my Cards with snowmen decor from Ellagee
 photo OPI-14_zpswkazw0ev.jpg  photo OPI-13_zpszbplnwuz.jpg  
Festive santa hats and a well-deserved glass of wine. 
 photo OPI_zpsszqcdxya.jpg 
and stamped swirls over Cosmo with a Twist.
 photo OPI_zpsuexaczts.jpg
I hope you like them ^_^ 
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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

After Gym- Festive Mani

** press sample **

I'm exhausted I hate the gym.. ughhh healthy living blah blah blah.  But I need to go for my own good.. sooo anyway

got home to a well deserved glass of wine celebrating the season to be jolly and knowing there are a few things  besides the wine to bring up my spirit, I went ahead and did my nails and yes!!! I'm happy again

Using OPI's Ro-Man-Ce on the Moon and Press * for Silver and created a nice festive santa hat.

 photo OPI_zpsszqcdxya.jpg

I hope you like it! and Cheers!!!!
I hope you're having a very Merry Christmas season!

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

NYC New York Color Smooth Skin BB Trio and NYC worthy Look

** press sample ** 

When you live so close to one of the most amazing cities in the world, it's almost mandatory to try and play the part or at least "look" the part.  

The glam in every New York City venue it's almost intimidating.  But on this evening, I felt New York City worthy.  For the products I want to show you I did take "stock photos" but I decided to show these instead as my friend, a makeup artist, stated "I need to know what you're wearing, the warmth on your face and how the camera light bounces off of you, who did your makeup today??

haha!  I DID!! (if i let anyone else, that would be like cheating on a friend)

 photo NYC color-1_zpszqgbjmwx.jpg

Beauty on a budget: and thanks NYC New York Color for the pro look. 

No need for expensive contouring kits all I used here were the Smooth Skin BB Creme Instant Matte, Smooth Skin BB Creme Bronzed Radiance and Smooth Skin BB Perfecting Powder ($3.99 each) and ended up with smooth hydrating long-wearing and an effortless matte finish.  The bronzer added that extra ummph and glow.

 photo 509BA683-9B93-4649-BE1D-9E6933FF0DA6_zpsyo3fsbqb.jpg  

Radiance Sapphire and Golden Champagne NYC New York Color Sparkle Eye Dust
and an old mascara.

 photo NYC color_zpsjb0ufdyn.jpg

Treat yourself to a pro-look without the pro-budget.
'Tis the season to shimmer and glow. 

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

OPI Starlight Collection

**press sample **

"OPI Starlight brings a constellation of color to nails and toes just in time for the holidays! This new collection of 18 limited-edition nail lacquers ($9.50 each at Ulta.com) send style into the stratosphere with hues as glittery as the night sky, as deep as space itself, and as riveting as a romance written in the stars. They are also available in the GelColors formula!"

 photo OPI-1_Fotor_Collage_zpsvro5puq9.jpg   
I don't have to add as these pretties speak for themselves, as it is usual with OPI.  Here are my favorites in no particular order

The name of this shimmery purple hue is just like me, I'm in the Moon for Love, and it surely brings you to the moon and back as you stare at the sky purple shimmer. 

 photo OPI-1_zpsrzgpfrne.jpg

A holiday collection is not complete without the staple reds -

Ro-Man-ce on the Moon, a shimmery deep red sure to highlight the romance on any holiday date to the moon or whatever love may bring you on a given day or night ;) 

 photo OPI-2_zpsrdfqgdsz.jpg  

Love is in my Cards, although not on mine, this bright red carries you through any season.

 photo OPI-9_zps4vlcwdlx.jpg

and the classic vampy red, Guys & Galaxies, good luck with that one as for the color, it's a classic staple.

 photo OPI-4_zpslndmen3r.jpg

The next few, glistens and glitters:

Is This Star Taken?  The hardest to photograph and the easiest to love.  This is a gold-ish base with rainbow glitter bars.  If the star happens to be taken, try to join in and share in the love.  Do NOT miss out on this one.

 photo OPI-3_zps639oqudq.jpg

I Drive a SuperNova (silver) and Comer Closer (gold) are surely the ones to take you on an intergalactic polish trip together or independently.  

  photo OPI-12_zpsybryz3zu.jpg   photo OPI-11_zpszgp00otc.jpg

Super Star Status: Is THE super star of the collection,  A rich glitter polish with micro round silver glitter for added bling.  Use alone, layer or as a topper and shine!

 photo OPI-6_zpsbjhdkv9x.jpg 

Center of the You-niverse.  A classic charcoal, slightly textured with micro gold shimmer.

 photo OPI-5_zpsdxyvr1sp.jpg

Cosmo With a Twist:
It's a visit to the cosmos indeed.  Galaxy nails background? go ahead! 
The perfect night sky on a dreamy holiday night!

 photo OPI-7_zpsusyl4fxw.jpg  photo OPI-8_zpstfh30d5c.jpg

And drooool!!!!!! If I had the difficult task of having to choose one, I would pick Give Me Space.  Although the name and the shade makes this a nail polish oxymoron.  I can't get enough of this.  

 photo OPI-10_zps0r3fud35.jpg 

Stay tuned for more on this collection.
The collection is breath taking. 
What do you think??

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Say CHEERS! to the holidays with China Glaze

** press sample ** 
I hope everyone had a magnificent thanksgiving. 
With December upon us and the season for even more giving.  China Glaze brings us their end-of-year-with-a-bang Cheers! Holiday 2015 collection made up of the usual holiday tints, glitter and shimmer.  
"Ring in the new year with 12 new colours including awesomely named shades like Ugly Sweater  Party, Better Not Pout, Peppermint to Be and Son of a Nutcracker. "
Raise a glass, do your nails and have a merry holiday season.
 photo China Glaze Cheers-6_Fotor_Collage_zpsjksl1ztr.jpg
I couldn't decide where to start so I uploaded these pretties at random and here's what randomizer picked for you.

First up is Coal Hands, Warm Heart:  is a black jelly filled with multi-color hex glitters

 photo China Glaze Cheers-4_zpsep5njcfq.jpg 

Brand Sparking New Year:  yet another jolly jelly in purple base with mixed glitters.

 photo China Glaze Cheers-3_zpsipelb4hh.jpg  photo China Glaze Cheers-2_zps1gzl1bey.jpg 

Ugly Sweater Party : Pink jelly with glitters, hold it in your treasure drawer and wear it again in the spring.  It suits cold weather and nice weather as well.

 photo China Glaze Cheers_zpsnfa8upb1.jpg  photo China Glaze Cheers-1_zpso2de0tyh.jpg 

I Soiree I Didn't Do It : Christmas tree green glitter.  Add a third coat and watch it bling and shine outdoors. 

 photo China Glaze Cheers-13_zps9nyrx4jo.jpg 

Wine Down For That:  Need I describe?? I'm down for wine and for this red red wine, vampy shade with a coat  of Bring on the Bubbly (right) and just bring the wine, because the party is on! 

 photo China Glaze Cheers-8_zpshcz3cuz8.jpg photo China Glaze Cheers-9_zpsjzakzr02.jpg 

Mix and Mingle:  Holiday party purple crelly companion. 

 photo China Glaze Cheers-10_zps43qgg8jm.jpg 

Peppermint to Be : Season perfect and not your typical Christmas red with a beautiful shimmer.

 photo China Glaze Cheers-11_zps8bxc6pjz.jpg

Don't Get Elfed Up : You can't elf this beauty up, grab your bubbly drink and let the micro glitter shimmer.

 photo China Glaze Cheers-12_zpseb7zhi7k.jpg  

Son of a Nutcracker : My favorite name and shade.  It's a bright pink with redish hue.   Sure to spike up your "regular" holiday shades and spike up your eggnog while at it. ;) 

 photo China Glaze Cheers-7_zpsp4tbn038.jpg 

and lastly, Better Not Pout with a coat of Break the Ice.  Hot pink with a metallic finish and odd-sized glitter over a clear base.  Perfect pair? I'd say so.

 photo China Glaze Cheers-5_zpsrpaalx14.jpg photo China Glaze Cheers-6_zpsqcsbqdob.jpg 

Now go on and pair your manicures with these beauties.  Stay tuned as they will of course, be featured further with nail art.

All shades available now.
and be sure to check out ChinaGlaze's site and social media platforms


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