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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

20 Second Fitness: Week 4

20 Second Fitness 

It has been getting easier and easier, I just turn on TV and DVD and press play, it has taken a place on my daily routine.  The cardio set is awesome really gets me pumped and again, am not exhausted through the day.  Giving it my all and feel good the rest of the day.  "Intensity is the Key" and it really is... you work as hard as you can for 20 seconds and done!
I have noticed that I have more energy through the day and through the week, I am able to do better things and when biking, am not stuck in the middle hill just because "I cant do it anymore".  I love it!

Click HERE to see how I started and for more info and visit 20secondfitness.com and use code "Beauty Shoes Nails Fun" for free shipping and start working on the new you. You can also like 20 Second Fitness on Facebook

Friday, August 24, 2012

Indie Invasion: Nail Potions Calico

You know how much I love my cat who happens to be a Calico.

As much as I love nail polish and my cat, I always wanted to do a mani inspired by her colors and now this is possible thanks to Nail Potion's Calico

I previously reviewed Nail Potions Nubia Princess HERE and today, I cant be happier to review Calico in honor of my furry daughter Maya.

Calico is a black, white and orange glitter polish on a clear base.  Right on! representation of the calico cat.
Even application, no fishing for glitter, no more of one color as opposed to another, hexes are tiny and an even spread of each. 

Added pawprint for an added "cattitude" ;) 

Nail Potions' Calico is 3-free and retails for $4.00 mini and $8.00 full size.
I now love two Calicos, my Maya and Nail Potions' 


Studio Gear Cosmetics

I have tested Studio Gear Cosmetics as part of a product review.

Firs up is the Studio Gear Prime Objective Skin Perfecter Primer.  I had never used a primer before and now I cant go without.  It prepares (primes) your face for the amazing look you're about to achieve with the magic of make-up and it's not too heavy, this is specially important in the hot months.  Smoothed out all lines of expression and makeup application was a breeze.  Made it really smooth to apply.  Retails for $30.00

Next up is Study in Taupe eyeshadow trio,  Gorgeous shadows, full of color, perfect combination trio.  Study in Taupe has a beige, brown and darker brown.  Use the lightest color at work then flare out the dark one at night for added impact.  Perfect for smokey eye.  The lightest color has a tint of translucent it just makes your eyes pop!  Retails for $24.00 more color combinations available.

And finally! what everyone needs to complete the look Impact Full Pro T.L.S. Mascara lengthens and separates lashes, really! separates lashes.  Its consistency is surprisingly thin, applies very well and lasts all day with no smear and was very easy to clean off with makeup remover or by washing my face.  Retails for $17.00


Wall Art:latest trend in home decor

K&I Wall Art sent me this gorgeous banner twine line for a product review and I couldnt be happier.
and it couldnt come at a better time as I have JUST recently painted my room and was looking for just the thing for my wall.

The banner arrived safely in a canister and it included a scrapper to get any air bubbles out.  It was very easy to put on the wall.  My dear auntie wanted to help and she did it all by her self.

First just place the banner on its location.  It is self-adhesive, high quality vinyl film.

Then, carefully remove the protective film and remove any air bubbles that may have formed.

And viola!!!!!!!!  Look at this gorgeous design, it brings life to any room.  Perfect for a living room. you may use it vertically or horizontally.  

There are many other designs on their website be sure to check them out! 
Give your home a makeover simply by decorating your walls, which very often are the most neglected area of your home and have the most potential.


For info, sales and promotions visit their website and their social platforms.

Like them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MyWallDecal
Follow them on Twitter https://twitter.com/mywalldecal

Buddy Fruits

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" - I dont know where this quote came from but I hear it all the time and it emphasizes the importance of fruit in your daily calorie intake.

I received Buddy Fruits as part of a product review and love them.  They are conveniently packaged fruits AND NOTHING ELSE.  Again, FRUITS and nothing else.  100% fruits!  ok you get it.  They come in blended fruit and fruit bites, both yummy! You know am always hungry and looking for a better/healthier way to snack, what's better than great tasting fruit?
Buddy Fruits come in a squeezable packages that lets you get the very last drop, I love it that much more when I know am eating everything in the package and nothing is going to waste.

These are great for children and adults.  Let's face it.  Packing fruit to a picnic, hike or just lunch is inconvenient, time consuming, often messy and HEAVY!  try bringing oranges to a mountain climb!, I've done it and ughh!  or mangoes...anyway! Buddy Fruit takes care of that for me just grab a few packages and Go!

There was a downside, I had one and wanted more!

Try it!!! you and the children will love it. 
Be sure to stop by their website for more information and GAMES! http://www.buddyfruits.com/
and like them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/buddyfruits 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chobani: Greek Yogurt

I received a case containing a variety of Yogurts and flavors for review from Chobani.  Chobani is a company that believes that people have GREAT taste and was created in 2005.  Yogurt is a healthy snack but more if chosen from a healthy source.  
From time to time I saw "greek yogurt" on my boyfriend's fridge and honestly never cared for it as it was tasteless and its smell was not very appealing to ME but, you live and learn.  So much has been said about the benefits of it that I just had to try it for myself and you know am always looking for a snack.  

Chobani's great taste was put to the test when my little cousin comes to visit and we see the case of Chobani at my doorstep.  She asks what it was we open it and she asked if she could have one.  Before explaining to her it was greek yogurt she chooses one and starts eating it (at this point I havent had one) she picked the vanilla flavored one.  AND LIKES IT! 

So I asked if I could try hers and I LIKE IT too!.  

Of all the flavors I have tried.  I must say Vanilla was very good but was my least favorite.  The upmost fantastic one, was MANGO!  Being born and raised in Colombia, we had mango trees everywhere and enjoyed climbing up and hiding on the tallest branches of this strong tree of delicious  fruits.  Chobani took me back a few years.  I just love the pieces of fruit in the bottom.  

Chobani has grown from 5 employees to over 1200, started with one truck of milk a day and now use over three million pounds each day.  Chobani has recently opened up a store on July 24th, and is located at the corner of Prince St and West Broadway.  Read all about it here  http://chobani.com/community/blog/2012/07/introducing-chobani-soho/ and be sure to stop by when visiting NYC!  let me know, I'LL GO WITH YOU!

Chobani was a proud sponsor of the U.S. Olympic Team! (London 2012).

Ok! I gotta go! I must restock by cho'gurt'

Until next post! ;) 

Versatile Blogger Award

I cannot believe my eyes! 

So am going through my fav. blogs list and see that Shelly of Shelly Sassy Nails was nominated for the wonderful Versatile Blogger Award which by the way is very well deserved. So I have to congratulate her and comment on her post! then I go on to actually read her post to find that she has nominated ME!!!!!!! 

Thank you Shelly!!!!!! 

The rules for accepting are as follows:
1) Nominate 15 other bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.
2)Let them know that you have nominated them.
3)Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4)Thank the bloggers who have nominated you. 
5)Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post. 

Most of the blogs I follow, already have this award.  I have a lot of favorites.  Here are my nominees (in no specific order):

3.     Datyorkloves
4.     Hello Frances
5.     Hiiyooitscat
6.     Lace and Lacquers
7.     Lather Rinse Clean
9.     Obsessions Nails

7 Random facts about me:

My cat, now cats, are my furry children.
Am a shoe-lover 
Love doing my nails (sometimes every night)  
My favorite food is pasta but it's being taken over by sushi 
Will soon begin a vegan challenge (will keep you posted) 
My favorite color is royal blue
Love the outdoors

The blogs above are an amazing read.  If you do not follow them already, do so.  

Thanks again, for sharing the joy of this award with me.  Thanks again Shelly.  
Until next post.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Magnetic Nail Polish: Sally Hansen

Hi!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally I get my hands on magnetic nail polish!  yeap! magnetic polish.  Am sure you have heard about it before but if you're skeptical, PLEASE! give it a try! it's AWESOME!

Magnetic polish is very easy to apply, contrary to what I thought when I first heard of it.  READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.  Just apply a coat to all 10 nails on top of your regular base coat, then apply a second coat to one nail and IMMEDIATELY put over the magnet (also provided) without touching your fresh-painted nail.  If you mess up, or touch your nail, don't worry, just re-apply and start over and repeat with all 10 nails. 

First of all short nails can rock too!!!!! ;) 

I received these polishes from Sally Hansen for review.  Below is Polar Purple.  


Here is an accent nail with Golden Conduct, I know magnetic polish is cool enough but I had to give an added effect.  

My aunt hates any sort of design or anything other than her classic nail polish (yeap! she wears the same exact color all the time).
But she thought my "design" was soo cool that she asked me to do it on her =) 
I said OK! with excitement. 

She loved it alone without the magnetic effect and even asked if she could keep it.  

Of course she cans!  I love spreading the polish love around. 

especially someone sooooo unknowing of the wonders of nail polish and pretty painted nails!  I think she's hooked.  

We were both very happy with the results.  
Both colors were gorgeous alone and with the magnetic effect.  A tiny-bit of a holographic effect which makes it even better.  Is on the thick and creamy side, covers perfectly with one coat.  Dried very fast, lasted for about 8 days without chips and comes is many other amazing colors.  

You can buy them in grocery stores, beauty supplies and all other retailers where Sally Hansen is sold. 
worth every PENNY!

Monday, August 20, 2012

20 Second Fitness : Week 3

20 Second Fitness

This week has been great.  First day we worked on our arms and cardio as usual.  The second day I was very sore from giving it everything I had for 20 seconds at a time.  Great workout.  Given that my goal is to tone and maintain weight my favorite had to be working on our core... Workouts have now increased to 8 minutes, but am not complaining it's great.  Best of all, the work out is not draining you as when you go to the gym in the morning and you're tired the rest of the day because your workout drained all of your energy.  Not here!  am up, going, giving it my all and feel good the rest of the day.

Click HERE to see how I started and for more info and visit 20secondfitness.com and use code "Beauty Shoes Nails Fun" for free shipping and start working on the new you.  You can also like 20 Second Fitness on Facebook

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Love my hair

I received a smoobee brush as part of a product review and I absolutely love this brush.  A few weeks ago, on the news, they interviewed a hair expert that said that hair grows more in the summer, and NO T to brush it when is wet, among other things.  
This hair expert whose name I dont recall was obviously NOT talking to us curly hair gals.  We CANNOT wait for hair to dry to brush, we would be a walking sponge.  

My curls are out of control and the only way to tame them is to brush when is still wet and not a minute later.  Preferably in the shower, but am too lazy and water-conservation conscious to do that, so i get out of the shower, pat dry with towel and brush! and boy this brush has made a HUGE difference.  It is mostly marketed to children, but I am keeping it! 
For starters, is very cute, comes in 3 different colors, purple, pink and turquoise, detangles my hair in no time and doesnt pull it out with every stroke and leaves hair nice and smooth and perfect volume. 

I thought I'd give it to my little cousin for her to review it, but no way!  A good, detangle, no tear brush is just what I needed.  She can most definitely use it when she comes over but the brush is staying here!  and it can also be bedazzled with an included gem sticker sheet. 

Smoobee bedazzled by a 4 year old

I highly recommend it! 
Smoobee brushes retail for $17.99 and it's worth every penny CLICK HERE TO BUY or enter below to win.
For more info go to their website at www.smoobee.com and 
Like them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/smoobee

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After Midnight Analgesic Foot Spray

Shoes change my personality.  I feel so different in different kinds of shoes, I even walk differently (lOl) No matter what kind of shoes you like to wear your feet need to rest and need to feel the love, I loooove high heels! which by nature aren't the most comfy shoes in the world! but the SEXIEST!  

I received After Midnight AFS (Analgesic Foot Spray) as part of a product review and THANK goodness I did.  

Tired, achy feet? no problem, just spray this on and its fast acting relief gets to work right away.  Achy feet gone and an ready to climb up on sexy shoes again.  
For more info visit their website http://www.aftermidnightafs.com/index.html
and follow them on Twitter https://twitter.com/aftermidnightus
and buy it HERE


Boo-boo Cover-up

I received this boo-boo cover-up as part of a product review.  It is a concealer for the body it is made with aloe, chamomile, green tea, tea tree and vitamin E so it heals while it covers scratches, eczemas, bruises, bug bites and more.  Can be used on your face.  and most importantly, a little goes a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong way.  Seriously, you just need a dot dub and blend and you're ready to go. 

To learn more go to their Website boo-boo cover-up.com 

I love their name and the fact that the active ingredients are healing while concealing  =D 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Indie Invasion: Naild'It Unique Polish - Summer Lovin Melon

Am an indie fan =) and today am happy to bring to you Summer Lovin Melon from Naild'it-Unique-Nail-Polish.  My only plan in order to swatch this baby was to layer it over ANY color (knowing me, I'd chose a pink) but it's soooo pretty alone I decided to just leave it alone over a base and for accent nail, I applied it over a coat of Revlon Opulent Pink.

Summer Lovin Melon is a glitter polish with green, purple, red, white and orange hexes and white bars as well as these stripped hexes (my favorites-I had to show you)

It's such a sweet color, makes me feel "cute" =) 
Perfect consistency and no "fishing" for glitter required.  Not too "thirsty" but a thicker top coat would be better for smoothness.  I have it on with a thin one and didn't mind it and received a lot of compliments.  


Summer Lovin Melon is 3-free, retails for $8.50 and you can find it HERE
be sure to Like her Facebook page 
and check out her shop for more indie must-haves

CAKE TIME: I love almonds!

Another thing I enjoy greatly is BAKING!!!!!!!!!!! (not so much around this time of year but I couldnt resist).  I received a great pack of almonds and almond flour from Justalmonds.com as part of a product review and I couldn't be happier.  Almonds from Justalmods.com are directly from the farm.  Almonds are a great source of calcium and fiber, help prevent cancer, osteoporosis, boost energy, and because they are so filling may even help you lose weight.

As you may already know, am always hungry and ready to snack.  I made this awesome bunt cake just took out eggs, my almond flour, almonds, walnut, vanilla extract, butter, brown sugar and baking powder and voila!

Almonds have so many uses, I chopped them up a bit and threw in some walnuts, raisins and dehydrated plums or cranberries and made a yummy snack for hiking and biking.  (my version of trail mix), or simply keep them around for a quick and filling snack.  Chop them or slice them and throw them in a salad.  Also, (I apologize to the peanut butter lovers) but since I dont like peanut butter, almond butter is a great alternative for it and it can even be less allergenic than peanuts.  (check with your Doctor).

"The National Headache Foundation identifies 20 types of headaches, ranging from simple tension headaches to the dreaded migraine. What they have in common is that they all drive you nuts to one extent or another.  But research suggests that nuts is good — or "are" good, in this case. Almonds contain salicin, which when consumed forms salicylic acid, the primary byproduct of aspirin metabolization "

My bunt cake was "sold out" right away and it was delicious.  I did not use bleached white flour and opted in for the healthier choice of almond flour.

Great taste, from the best quality.  There is so much to learn about almonds and its health benefits and yummy recipes.  For this, to buy and for yummy recipes go to justalmonds.com

enter below to win and when purchasing use coupon code BSNF for 10% your entire purchase.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Arctic Zero: low calories yummy Ice Cream

It's healthy ice-cream!  almost seems like an oxymoron but it is... here are the attributes.
less than 150 calories per pint
glutten free
fat free
suitable for lactose intolerant
contains only natural or organic ingredients
low glycemix & suitable for type 2 diabetics
16 grams of whey protein per pint
8 grams of fiber per pint
great for kids (no sugar alcohols)
I received this as part of a product review from Arctic Zero and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's been pretty hot these past few weeks and these have been a life saver.  I love snacks and try to snack as often as I can.  I started a new workout and when I need a prize this is it!!!! I love the pumpkin flavored one! (rather an unusual flavor for this time of year-but it's my favorite).  I DO NOT like mint chocolate cookie, but my family says it's great (I hate the smell and taste of mint) (but that's a personal opinion)

Look at the list above... all great attributes and is still ICE CREAM! and it's yummy to the tummy! I snack with no guilt and love it!

*This is particularly good for children with allergies and even people with diabetes can enjoy it.

Arctic Zero is currently sold online through Amazon as well as across 45+ states through 2,000+ grocery stores including Whole Foods, Sprouts/Henrys, Sunflower Markets, Bristol Farms, Publix, Safeway, Kroger/Ralphs, HEB, Hy-vee, Giant/Martins and Winn-Dixie
*info provided by Arctic Zero (am not a doctor).

For more info visit their Website, Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter.

ENTER BELOW TO WIN IT! Good luck!  ok! off I go to have some ice cream! =)

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Monday, August 13, 2012

PRO BAR: The Whole Food

Everything they make is 100% vegan, certified organic, certified non-GMO and raw "Simply Real".
Perhaps the best fit would be our new fruition bars (http://theprobar.com/products/fruition/), which also happen to be PROBAR's first certified gluten-free product (although more to come…)

I received a box of assorted flavors of PROBAR as part of a product review and really enjoyed and at times (hungry times) was very thankful I had them.  PROBAR is an on-the-go snack without the extra calories of other snacks, it's chewy and has a rich fruit flavor.  It smelled like a multi-vitamin supplement but it tasted very yummy.  If you have followed my blog for a while as well as my Facebook page, you know am always hungry therefore, am always snacking and these made the cut. 

Early in July, Prevention Magazine chose fruition as "Best Bar" in their 2012 Healthy Food Awards. To determine the winners, Prevention editors went through over 500 submissions, narrowing them down to the final list with strict criteria, which included:
- No more than 400 calories per (realistic) serving
- Less than 500 mg of sodium per serving
- No more than 10 g of added sugar
- Significant amounts of fiber, protein, and essential vitamins
- Free of genetically modified ingredients
- And, for the first time this year, Prevention.com added non-GMO to the list.

Congrats PROBAR.  To get your own click HERE or enter below to win.

For more info go on their website and like their Facebook page. 

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20 Second Fitness : Week 2

This is the second warm up week.  Last week, everything was so fast that I was like "that's it??"  this week helped a lot to help stay in track and maintain a routine.  4-6 minutes a day.  Who can't spare that amount of time.  Exercises are very easy to do in 20 second intervals rest for ten.  A new session of jumping jacks was added.  It has gotten my heart rate up and am getting used to the routine.

I traded the resistance bands for dumbbells (why are they called dumb-bells anyway??).  As I tend to be bare foot when working out.  I love doing this at home.  I am starting to notice a slight change on that belly though.  So IT'S WORKING!!!!!!!  =) looking forward to next week.

Click HERE to see how I started and for more info and visit 20secondfitness.com and use code "Beauty Shoes Nails Fun" for free shipping and start working on the new you.  You can also like 20 Second Fitness on Facebook