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Monday, August 14, 2017

Weekend getaway: Bahamas

I noticed it's been a while since my last post, I slowly got sucked into Instagram and the ease to post got addictive.  In case we're not connected, follow me @BSNFun let me know in a comment you're there and I'll be sure to follow back :) 

So the impending end of winter (yes, last winter) was coming and my friend started talking about getting away for a nice long weekend, we had both been working really hard so I quickly agreed, except that I thought she meant let's go away far away to like, Connecticut, or upstate New York (we're in NYC).... she quickly said "noon, I mean somewhere south and warm"....  ummm...ok... Georgia?? Florida??

After much deliberation we ended up in Bahamas.  All inclusive resort on the bay side on Paradise Island for a weekend. 

The evening view 

I'm a huge fan of nightly skylines 

This sounds like a pretty cool job

and finally the soooo very desired winter tropical drinks

 my sight was surely locked on something, or someone, as refreshing as my drink

We of course visited THE Atlantis

Beautiful crystal sculpture 


As always, it's a pleasure to see different places, unfortunately, too short  but a few  days is better than none at all.  

Until next time Bahamas.

Soooo what have you been up to???

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

OPI California Dream Collection

**press sample**

Seeing other places has got to be one sweet pleasure.  How many of you have seen all 52 States??

What a great accomplishment that must be.

OPI having such a national and global market must have to really have seen it all.  They're latest collection, California Dreamin' encompasses just that! a new place, a new destination, a new dream!
For us, nail polish lover, a new lacquer shade ^_^

I picked a couple of my faves and here they are in hue order (lightest to darkest) featuring some nail art.

  • Feeling Frisco
  • Barking up the Wrong Sequoia 
  • Time for a Napa
  • Malibu Pier Pressure
  • Santa Monica Beach Peach
  • To The Mouse House We Go (with Feeling Fresco undies for accent nail)

I love the creativity of these names.  Whoever has that job ROCKS!!!

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