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Friday, December 26, 2014

Sherpa® Metropolitan Tote™ Pet Carrier

**press sample**

The holidays is a very common time to travel with family and friends and furry family and furry friends unfortunately, it is not as easy as saying to someone "get in the car".  I have not seen too many pets that enjoy jumping into their carrier and cats, well... catch them if you can and they see how easy it is to get them in... NOT! 

 photo Sherpa_Metro_Blk_ls-5_HR_zps9d23e3a5.jpg

This is the Sherpa® Metropolitan Tote™ features adjustable hand carry straps, locking zippers, adjustable shoulder strap, machine washable faux lambskin liner, pebbled faux leather trim, large zippered accessory pocket, three mesh panels for ventilation, extra wide hinged top entry and mesh sunroof/headhole with locking clips for added security.

 photo mettote-2_zpscba0271f.jpg

This particular carrier is a very stylish one,  I love the gold accent and classy trim.

Now, I can't really test this for comfort but I have hired the best for the job.  I left the carrier on the floor and within seconds.  It was being inspected by Milo and tested by Maya.  She loved it so much she decided to groom while still inside

So it's very easy for them to get in and out or jump out in style.

 photo mettote-1_zps85129e46.jpg

It opens up to comfortably carry your baby and closes thin for easy storing.

 photo mettote-3_zps76369b74.jpg

Available in black or navy.
 Its best feature in my opinion is the wide hinged top entry.  If you have ever tried to get a cat into a carrier, you will appreciate this as well...

For more info and more carriers, visit the  Sherpa® website.

Carry them with love and safely in style.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

goDog™ Bedzzz™

** press sample ** 

goDog™is a fun lovin' brand from Quaker Pet Group featuring toys for dogs of all breeds and sizes. A wide array of goDog toys are available with tough Chew Guard™ technology. Chew Guard offers added durability to help toys stand up to tough chewers. goDog toys are bright and colorful! 

goDog also wanted us to try and tell you about their line of goDog Bedzzz.  They are durable beds built for naughty nibbling nappers.  Made with a durable mesh liner and double stitched seems to avoid frequent bed replacement.  They have 6 sizes for any breed and come in neutral colors to suit any home decor and avoid the pet-owned eye sores.

Meet Starburst (Beagle) and Chase (Golden Retriever) two months apart in age and inseparable since they were brought home.  However, they are now grown and have developed their very own personalities and of course, accompanied by the characteristics of their breeds.  

Something has definitely gown haywire (so to speak) with Starburst, he pulls when you walk, he barks, he cannot stand other dogs (other than Chase), he's very moody, he talks back (dog owners know what I mean) and NO toy NOR bed can withstand and survive one day or one playing session without being destroyed to pieces.  When he was a puppy, not a lot of furniture survived either.

He does better now.  We found ONE bed that made the cut and he stills likes it and takes good care of it, including not letting Chase on it.  Should Chase even attempt and ohhh boy!!! it's ON!!!! (it's fun to watch).  I still dont get why Chase would want to lay on it as Chase is now twice the size of Starburst.  

 photo gopet-5_zps75b964f3.jpg

but thanks to goDog Bedzzz Chase has now his very own large bed but look!!!!! Starburst has found his way to it and although Chase is not very happy about it....

 photo gopet-3_zps935e48e6.jpg

He tries to "talk" Starburst out of his bed as you can see....

 photo gopet-2_zpsca7f6fde.jpg

He is not having it. 
He likes it and has not chewed on it to shred it.  Chase has finally given up....

 photo gopet-1_zps2bed3619.jpg

and became the better "dog" and shares.. the bed is big enough for the two of them to nap

 photo gopet-4_zpsd063d06f.jpg

or for one when the other one is out and about. 

 photo gopet_zpsbc844c9a.jpg

Surprise your pet and give it the gift of a good nap.

For more info visit their site: http://www.godogfun.com/

The bed is cozy, quilted and easy to clean.  Whether they shed and  I just want to remove hairs or wash the whole thing.  It folds easily for the rare occasion I need to put it away and most importantly, it is comfy for them and they love it.   Although it was supposed to be just for Chase.  Starburst is slowly but surely abandoning his prior bed which works for me because it was like a giant pillow, very inconvenient to have laying around the house.

Thank you goDog Bedzzz.!

Woof woof

see you next time.

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Gift idea and stocking stuffer

**press sample**

 photo IMG_6718_zpsff1b09d2.jpg 

 photo IMG_6717_zps764958bd.jpg I have had the privilege of reviewing this yummy kitty soap from Creations By Lynda made of an oatmeal base and smells like a Christmas tree, but it is not only meant for the cat-Christmas tree lover.  Soaps can be made of different bases, oatmeal, shea butter, aloe vera or cocoa butter and you can choose your scent from a wide variety and of course different soap shapes.

**seen here in shrink wrap** 
**smells delicious through the wrap**

Leaves your skin smelling delicious but more importantly feeling renewed and refreshed.

Retails for only $5.50 and you will sure be a gift with this custom made yummy-rich treat for anyone on your list.

Be sure to check out Lynda's website for more on soaps, candles, cuticle oils and of course, nail polish.
Lynda's nail polish is featured on this blog regularly so stay alert for upcoming posts

Also, Like Lynda on Facebook for reviews, swatches, product launches and PROMOS!

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