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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Stamps, decals, nailart Born Pretty Store

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 photo BPS_zps52306163.jpg 

I hate the fact that nail art or nail anything supplies are so often so expensive forcing us, nail enthusiasts, to go on a no-buy regimen.  It's as cruel as putting a fat cat on a diet.  It's torture!!!

But fear no more.  You have heard me tell you about the Born Pretty Store as we have reviewed their stamping plates on our blog before.  If you have not, don't worry.  I'll tell you on this post.

The plates are nicely hedged making image grabbing a breeze!!
They are affordable!!
High quality!!
Nail and other beauty supplies store that provide FREE SHIPPING with no minimum purchase, 30 day money back guaranteed and excellent customer service!

I have today their BP-L-004 plate and an AMAZING nail art pen.  scroll down... I'll tell you why it is AMAZING!!!!
Have you ever seen those AMAZING manicures made of DIY decals??  Well, they're not that difficult to make (cough cough, they're not hard, I just can't do them LoL) but boy! they are time consuming and so many nail bloggers that I follow are sooo super talented at making them that they put my decals to shame.  So I simply drool over their designs and gave up trying.
Not only they are hard to make, it is simply not worth my time since I change my nail color more often than I change bras in the winter (shhhh.. I didnt say that)

So all that work for a day or two... I dont think so.

However, here, over a gradient using Barielle's Banana Drop, SinfulColors Ring the Belini, Horizon Shine and the #6 Born Pretty Nail Art Pen which, by the way, comes in many different colors, I caved.

   photo BORNPretty_zpsxn33oa9n.jpg  photo BORNPretty-2_zpsuecjqggr.jpg

With the nail art pen, I simply color in the stamp over the nail, seal with a top coat and done deal.

 photo BORNPretty-3_zps7h0qz2l2.jpg

VIOLA!!! Nail decals in no time! and it's also fast drying.

 photo BORNPretty-1_zpswmz0zvfe.jpg

Or use it for other fun stuff! ;)
its point is hard for durability and slim for precision.  I'm definitely getting more colors.

This is a must-have and can be found HERE

don't forget yo use DISCOUNT CODE BSNFK31 for 10% off already low prices. 
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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Flirt with Hearts - Valentine's Day 2015 from SinfulColors

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We're 10 days away from the sweetest, chocolate-est, teddy bear-est holiday of all!!! 
I don't know about you, but I am super excited about this year's cupid's day!! 
I love it every year, whether I have a date or not.  I enjoy watching virtually EVERYONE I know walking on the streets holding hands like idiots while his hands freeze, because it is the heart of winter and the * (insert mean word here) decided to be superman and NOT wear gloves.  Then his hands dry up and crack and as he runs his hand through your back while you're wearing a lace dress, fabric gets caught in the rough hands and that's the end of the story for the dress or pantyhose if this isn't your first date.  haha!  I went a little too far... but you get me... 
This year!!! that could be me <3 

I don't know about his hands but my hands will be lotioned-up and my nails, picture perfect because I got four of the pretties that make up SinfulColors Valentine's Day and I may rock one of these prototype manicures on date night! 

The SinfulColors Flirt With Hearts collection includes:
24/7: Our hottest pink 
Daredevil: A pop of neon pink
Decadent: Dazzling red with metallic flakes
Dream On: A brilliantly induced boysenberry
GoGo GirlA sleek and sexy candy-apple red
Love Sprinkles: Bubble gum pink gleaming with white hearts and flecks of glitter
Pinky Glitter: Bright pink with a splash of sparkle
Rise and Shine: The perfect teal
First up is Dream On.  We have seen another matte version of this shade in the past, however, this new formula seems creamier and more of a purple hue. 

Coated here with Decadent.

Of course being Valentine's Day, a classic bright true red is a staple to this collection.  
I'd say it matches the lip crayon from Mirabella that I showed you yesterday.

a little spice for a change.

but for those who like the classic sweet pinks, Daredevil is a good pick!! 
haha! that rhymed! 

accented here with Decadent and some basic stamping. 

Of course I couldnt let them go, I chose the sweetness of Daredevil for this delicate mani.  Accented with Decadent again and bow stamps and rhinestones. 

I hope you like it!  
I can't personally wait to get Love Sprinkles.  How cute!!! HEART-shaped glitter!!! 

As always, the SinfulColor formula is easy to apply, full coverage.  All seen here in two coats and no top coats except where Decadent was applied.  No stains and easy removal. 

These babies retail for $1.99 and are available at Walgreens and other mass retailers through the month of February. 

Which one is your favorite?? Do Tell!!! 

and be sure to check out SinfulColors social media platforms 

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Get the Perfect Valentine’s Day Finish

**Press Sample**

As part of a product review, I have received the perfect Valentine's Day Finish set from Number 4, the Mighty Hair Spray and Mirabella Red Velvet Lip Pencil and for a limited time, love is in the hair with Number 4 High Performance Hair Care special Valentine’s Day gift sets in partnership with Mirabella Cosmetics.

Inspired to create the perfect beauty finishing set, Number 4 and Mirabella collaborated to unite Mighty Hair Spray and Fleurs de Temps Body Lotion with the perfect red lip – Mirabella’s Red Velvet Lip Pencil. Whether you go for a hairstyle with soft body, shine and control or select smooth, moisturized, nourished skin, a red lip is the perfect complement.  The Red Velvet Lip Pencil offers a smooth, creamy texture with intense, long lasting color plus Berry Flux Vita ingredients preserve skin suppleness, elasticity and tone.

I was surprised to find a lip crayon with almost the same feel as a moisturizing lipstick.  So it's the best of both worlds, no lip liner to define the edges and perfect moisture and durability.  I expected a chalky finish once moisture "dried" up a few hours after application but was pleasantly surprised... it's been three hours and I still have it on with all its redness and fullness :)

After eating, most of it stayed on my lips, left a very sheer mark on the napkin and I did not need to reapply.  I will report back if I get to kiss a frog tonight to see how much of it, if any, is transferred to the frog ;)
All of these wonders explain the $25 pricetag.
*made in Italy, paraben free and 36 months life span after opening*

The mighty hair spray is strong, yet flexible leaving your hair soft and without that hair-spray feeling, a perfect finish for any hair style you want to keep in place for that big date night.

Through the month of February all purchases of Number 4 Fleurs de Temps Body Lotion 8.5 oz or Number 4 Mighty Hair Spray 10 oz will include a special gift with purchase - FREE Mirabella Red Velvet Lip Pencil ($25 Value).
Number 4 products can be found at Number4Hair.com.  Don't miss out on this great chance and pucker up.  Nothing says sexy like true red lips.  Finish your look with red lips and mighty hair spray, your color and style will stay on along with the memories to be made on that special day for many.  And hey, if you're one of those Valentine not-lover, pamper yourself with the body lotion and get your sexy red lips as well.... treat yourself.