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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Time for some glam: Mont Bleu: Review and Giveaway

As part of a product review, I received some AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS samples from Mont Bleu.  A Czech glass nail files middle size company.  But they dont only carry glass nail files.  They also have accessories for everyone and every occasion, beauty accessories, decorative items, glass tiles and more. 

The modern styles and gorgeous items decorated with SWAROVSKI® elements appeal to everyone needing anything from makeup brushes to glassware.

Check it out! 
This is a compact mirror packaged in a beautiful case.  I first thought it was a bracelet :-p because of the elaborate packaging.  

 photo MontBleu9_zps888c9347.jpg

openned it and viola! weights only a few ounces NOT HEAVY AT ALL! this a fit for my purse.  I have a metal hello kitty blinged out mirror but weights about a ton.  I have happily replaced it :)   Although this one is made of plastic they also have metal ones.  

 photo MontBleu10_zps8089cf5c.jpg

Next up is a pair of gorgeous stud earrings.
I need not to describe them.  They speak for themselves.
 photo MontBleu11_zpsa17fd855.jpg  photo MontBleu12_zps60066d9e.jpg

and look at the shine.  (indoors/outdoors)
 photo MontBleu13_zps971cdaf9.jpg  photo MontBleu_zps6afdbb50.jpg

beauty tools:

Who doent need to carry tweezers? 
and it's gorgeous.  Comes with a carrying case so that is not scratched by all the junk in the trunk... #cough cough! I mean your purse... I just wanted to say that :-p
 photo MontBleu3_zps7a8a1523.jpg  photo MontBleu4_zps1d994ec4.jpg  photo MontBleu5_zpsafbf8eb7.jpg

and lastly, the most gorgeous, adorable, useful, perfectly packaged and wow! glass nail file.
Comes in a variety of colors, full and pocket size.
lots of bling, lots of luxury

 photo MontBleu6_zps949ba928.jpg  photo MontBleu7_zpsb849762e.jpg
 photo MontBleu8_zpsfa66702d.jpg

Glass nail files are an innovative product preferred by a lot of people to be a better option than emery boards because they last longer because they are etched and do not become worn down.  Our nails are made up of many many layers, it is my opinion that metal files are too rough on the nails causing the layers to separate hence, chipping and splitting.  Glass nail files file all layers together without separating them and then avoiding chipping and splitting with regular use.

The nail files come in different colors and sizes.  The Colorful one is a pocket size.  I take it EVERYWERE whether I need to file or shorten my nails and am not embarrassed to whip it out when I need to! it even gives me a different feeling of self when using it.... so glamorous and elegant.  I know it's silly but is true! 

The black and white is a full size file stays on my night stand.  That's where I need it the most :) 

Mont Bleu shops worldwide and all items are reasonably priced.  I would definitely buy from them.
Be sure to check out their site 
Like them on Facebook and
Follow them on Twitter

Enter below to win a Mont Bleu product :) 
Open International, must be 18 yrs. or older to enter
All entries will be verified (no cheating)
Prize fulfillment will be done by Mont Bleu

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Indie Invasion: Kunimitsu Nail Potions

As part of a product review, I received three pretties from the latest Kunimitsu Nail Potions collection Summer 2013.

You have seen this wonderful indie maker particularly because of Calico 100% inspired in the Calico cat just like my baby Maya.  For that same polish and her love for kitty cats I hold her Nail Potions very dear to my heart.

I must say her formula is awesome and I don't know about you but my three shades remind me of Mario Brothers video games :) 

First up, 180 Years Old.  Reminds me of my favorite Mario Brothers green character.... guess who!!!!
No, not Luigi... YOSHI!!!!!!!!!! (that's probably how old Yoshi is) am always Yoshi when I play and yes, I still play :) 
Very light pastel-minty base with green and blue bars, hexes and squares and even a few stars.  Seen below in two coats.  More coats the more green you will see. 
I love it like this... on the off-whitish side 

 photo IMG_1169_zpsc898dfad.jpg
 photo IMG_1162_zps1ee1371d.jpg  photo IMG_1160_zps240fa07d.jpg

Next up,  Bubbles for Babies.  This one makes me think of Baby Princess Peach.  :) 
also very light pinkish base.   With hot pink bling and shimmer
 photo IMG_1157_zps3224cd90.jpg  photo IMG_1150_zps839f9d80.jpg  photo IMG_1147_zps9f8aef1a.jpg

Lastly Peachy Queen.  Turned out to be my favorite of the tree.  Love the peachy base.  A Queen indeed. 
Is anyone thinking Princess Peach???
Different size hexes and glitter in coral, yellow and orangy colors with some white stars.

 photo IMG_1144_zps12e19a75.jpg  photo IMG_1142_zps9a1de305.jpg  photo IMG_1141_zps9649faf4.jpg

I loved them soooo much these are the colors featured in the last day of the Summer Fun Nail Art Challenge.  Check it out.

Be sure to LIKE Kunimitsu Nail Potions on Facebook and 
check out her Etsy Store

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Summer Fun Challenge: Last Day

 photo 984024_10151645728269207_646522518_n_zpscf5b65fa.jpg

Bitter sweet moment! 
last day of the challenge.  We did it!!!!!!!!!! 
more like they did it lol since I skipped two days. 

I took like 5000000000 gazillion pictures so i posted lots they probably all look the same but it's beach themed because "life is a beach"
I used Nail Potion's Summer 2013 shades, Barielle's Straight A Coral and Head of the Class Green for stamping and plates 
CH37 and

sorry about the blob on the dolphin it was a cat hair removal procedure and the dolphin ended up with a scar... :( 

 photo IMG_1137_zps9208dc9a.jpg  photo IMG_1128_zps56952bd6.jpg  photo IMG_1129_zps8f01caf9.jpg  photo IMG_1131_zpsd46dd488.jpg  photo IMG_1138_zps2f91c5ba.jpg  photo IMG_1140_zps1fd427a2.jpg

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Finders' Keepers

Ever wonder what to get someone special?

Look at what just came to my inbox. 

An all about women site.  Invites us to just get together and celebrate or simply to make time for ourselves.  

Here's Galamessence story:

"My grandpa who is 91 years old and completely self-sufficient always says "to live a long life you need a hobby". I tried knitting and many other things and they just weren't for me. Then I remembered another favorite quote "Do what you Love". Being a Marketing professional by day, and loving it, I decided to launch a website that carries all the cool girly gifts. Gifts I have gotten or gave to my girlfriends because my girlfriends have always been there for me and I know always will. Having great girlfriends is such a precious and unique gift. This is my hobby that fills up may nights and weekends but I truly love doing it and because of that not one hour ever felt like work."
check out my favorite items:

High heel wine bottle holders (AAAAAAH! #screamswithexcitement)

Even jewelry 

Turquoise Bubble Necklace - Teal

and wine blinged-out wine glasses with a cause. 
Pink Ribbon Lolita Wine Glass supports Young Survival Coalition

See it for yourself at www.glamessence.com and follow their social platforms


Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Fun Nail Art Challenge

 photo 984024_10151645728269207_646522518_n_zpscf5b65fa.jpg

Hi!!! I am finally resuming the Summer Fun Nail Art Challenge.  Life kept getting on the way last week and missed the last two days although it wasnt completely disappointing because I was not looking forward to trying galaxy nails for day 6. :) 

Today's tiny grains of sand, or a doti-cure is here with Barielle's High Marks Purple from the Brilliant  set. and NYC matte top coat.

 photo IMG_1107_zps5391e1c0.jpg  photo IMG_1105_zps03f19d8c.jpg

I couldnt see the dots when taking the pictures but of course, they became visible when removing the nail polish lol

 photo CAM00887_wm_zps017e3286.jpg

In case you couldnt see the dots and because the lack of creativeness AAAND because I just can't stay still (lol) AAAND because I missed the last two days, I bring you the second mani of the day!

Again using Barielle Going To The Chapel for the white tips and pink and purple nail art pens for the dots.

 photo IMG_1114_zpsf60c1676.jpg
 photo IMG_1109_zps248b9109.jpg

What do you think???
and don't forget to check out other blogger's doti-manis

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

On a budget? shop anyway :)

Lately I seem to be on a permanent short budget.  Looking to shop anyway, I came across a new (to me) website.   Trued story:  I was looking for a reasonably priced website to buy cocktail dresses and found eFoxcity.com.  Perfect for fashion clothing, accessories and even fashion wedding dresses.

They are an online clothing wholesaler and supplier to many wholesalers and boutiques WORLDWIDE.  Legally registered SHENZHEN and Hong Kong.

Styles are trendy and fashionable.  There is nothing worse than shopping from a far far away land for out-of-style pieces..  They have their own factory so they can produce large amounts and maintain wholesale prices.

I also read rave reviews on their site and love the fact that they ship internationally.  They also have a super handy dandy currency button so you can view the unbelievable prices in your own currency.

I can't wait to review some of their items like this white euro style bracelet
Euro Style White  Bracelet SP49509
Stay tuned for more.

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