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Friday, March 29, 2013

Long Finish by Kate Lipstick Swatches

Rimmel London has an extensive range of products, shades, packaging and advertising campaigns bringing  us the look of London.  Its products are easy to use, versatile and accessible.  Inviting to self expression and they have teamed up with Kate Moss and this new alliance has given birth to this new collection.

 photo 1_zps15b9359a.jpg
What look can be complete without lip color???? None that I can think of.  Lipstick just makes a statement and I am super excited about this post.  Nothing says "am feeling sexy" better than a good lipstick.

As part of a product review, I received 7 out of the 10 available shades of Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss Collection.  All very creamy felt almost like a melting sensation upon application from the stick to your lips, the color immediately takes over your look.  These rose/pink shades are perfect for spring.

101 is a pale pink, a little "pinker" than see below.  I love this for a little color to your "day-look".

 photo 101_zps3a11d157.jpg

103 a personal fave.  Darker than 101 yet, still rosy.
 photo 103_zps95ac3cea.jpg

104 - very similar to 103 but a little more plum
 photo 1042_zps1608f36c.jpg

105 - is a rosy shade that moves into an earthly tone.  :) 
 photo 105_zpsab6d973c.jpg

109 - perfect spring coral
 photo 109_zpsa173d0ca.jpg

I love 110 - it's the brightest of all and screams SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!! and Summer! 
But i would sooo rock this on any season. 
 photo 1102_zpsa0d70dea.jpg

113 - Every collection needs a nude.  Perfect for the growing nude trend.
 photo 1132_zpsf35b0c89.jpg

be sure to follow Rimmel London's social platforms for latest looks, shades, promotions and collections
Visit their site
Like them on Facebook
Follow them on Twitter
and check them out on Instagram

Which one is your favorite???? please comment below I LOVE READING YOUR COMMENTS!!

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Accessorize without breaking Piggy Bank

To accessorize is a must! Make a fashion statement without breaking Piggy Bank.
I was delighted to find Cleocat-fashion and to think I was only driven to it because of the word "cat" in its name :)

Turns out that Cleocat-fashion is an online fashion store providing wholesale prices in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia but also ship to virtually anywhere including the U.S.  Asia based, were founded in 2007.

I accessed their site thinking I would find cute cat things (lol) and to my surprise, found the latest trends in accessories at amazing prices.  Cleocat-fashion was super generous to provide some items for review.  

Take a look at these:
 photo IMG_9329_zps1e692625.jpg

Look at this cute panda bear ring.
 photo IMG_9337_zps482fa4e7.jpg  photo IMG_9341_zps153f097e.jpg

Musical notes ring
 photo IMG_9342_zps9f965986.jpg

Gorgeous kitty cat necklace
 photo IMG_9344_zps7df7c704.jpg

bling bling band bracelet :)
 photo IMG_9352_zpsd80c5e51.jpg
to go with my guess watch
 photo IMG_9350_zps8144f9e5.jpg  photo IMG_9354_zps418ea2ad.jpg  photo IMG_9381_zps551c3973.jpg

And my favorite: These gold-tone trees with gems earrings.  
 photo IMG_9384_zps6a4d7916.jpg

ALL OF THIS FOR NEARLY $12.00 (plus shipping)  and 10 days later I had it in my hands.  I of course had a lot of questions which were answered in a timely and professional manner.  This equals = GREAT customer service.

I honestly expected "cheap" looking and feeling items, but was presently surprised.  They are fashion accessories and seem very durable.  I have slept with several of these earrings, stepped on the treble cleff earrings and they have survived these catastrophes.  Although the quality has proven to be very good, I intend to add a coat of clear nail polish to the items with rhinestones, just to protect them and increase their life span.
For a look at ALL of their accessories click HERE... you'll be in love and in style.

Payment can be made using Paypal (I wouldn't do it any other way) for a secure and reliable transaction. A nominal paypal fee applies but will be waived with minimum purchase (minimum purchase very easy to meet).
I am not only a Cleocat-fashion reviewer.  I am their newest customer... purchased a dress... will tell you about it once I get it.

Be sure to visit their site 
and click HERE for shipping info.

FYI: products provided in exchange of my 100% honest opinion.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Got Merlot? Review and GIVEAWAY

When I see the word "Merlot" I am not thinking skin care, but it kind of makes sense.  Grapes from which my Merlot is made have amazing properties and "Dr. Grapes" as his friends call him or "Mr. Merlot" came up with "Grape Seed Technology" to bring us this skin care line.   Mr. Wayne Becley first learned of a report on people in France whose diets were heavy in saturated fat also seemed to suffer virtually no heart disease.  The report linked the findings to the drinking of red white (my first thought of the word "Merlot") and that's in a nut shell how Merlot was born.

Cuando yo veo la palabra "Merlot" no estoy pensando precisamente en una linea de productos para el cuidado de la piel, pero eso tiene sentido.  Las uvas con las que hacen "mi" Merlot tienen muchas propiedades y el "Dr. Uvas" como lo llaman sus amigos descubrio la technologia para traernos esta linea de productos.  Wayne Becley aprendio de un reporte que la gente en Francia con dietas altas en grasas saturadas no sufrian de enfermedades al corazon y eso fue ligado al consumo de vino rojo (el Merlot en el que siempre pieso) y fue asi como surgio Merlot Skin Care.

I was very privileged to have been given the opportunity to review some of their products and because we're celebrating our first anniversary Merlot also has a gift for you!!!!!!!!!!

Me siento muy privilegiada por haberme dado la oportunidad de conocer y examinar alguno de sus productos.  y como estamos celebrando nuestro primer aniversarion, Merlot tambien tiene un regalo para ti!!!!! 

First up is the Purifying Peel-Off Mask.  Sometimes your face just doesnt feel as smooth as you wish and that's because despite washing and cleaning, several impurities clog your pores and others just dont want to let go.   

Primero: La mascarilla purificadora.  A veces la cara no se siente tan suave y terson como quisieramos and y eso es porque aunque nos lavemos la cara y la limpiemos, muchas impurezas se quedan en los poros y otras se reusan en irse.  

This mask is gentle, quick drying and helps maintain hydration.  Has a cooling and refreshing effect calming stressed skin and even a stressed mind :)  I expected it to have a fruity or grape-y scent but it's unscented.  

Esta mascarilla es suave, se seca rapido y ayuda a mantener la hidratacion.  Tiene un efecto refrescante que calma una piel estresada y hasta una mente estresada.  :)  Yo esperaba que tuviera un olor a frutas o algo asi pero no, no tiene ningun olor. 

Very easy to apply and most importantly, to me, very easy to remove.  Another plus is that is only $16.00 is not a mask that only certain people can afford.

Es muy facil de aplicar y tambien muy facil de quitar.  Otra cosa muy buena es que solo cuesta $16.00 no es una mascarilla que solo ciertas personas pueden comprar.  

 photo peeloffmask_detail_zps2d372343.jpg
 photo Merlotpeel_zpsfc34cbbe.jpg

Next up is Merlot Divine.  It's a sparkling fragrance inspired by the fruits of the vine.  It's a floral/citrusy scent (if that makes sense) but does not overtake you (not too strong where you're disgusted by the second or third application) and it's long lasting.  Also, the bottle can be re-used as a single bloom vase.   This is a great feature, some of my favorite perfumes come in a bottle I wish I could keep but have no use for it.  Merlot fixed that problem
Retails for $25.00

Siguiente: Merlot Divine.  Es una fragancia inspirada por las frutas de la viƱa.  Tiene una escencia  floral y citrica (si eso tiene sentido) pero no es tan fuerte que estas empalagada despues de la 2da. o 3ra. aplicacion.  Y dura todo el dia.  Tambien el envase puede ser reusado como florero solitario.  Esto me encanta ya que algunos de mis perfumes favoritos vienen en un envase el que quisiera conservar pero no lo puedo usa.  Merlot arreglo ese problema.
Solo cuesta $25.00

   photo MerlotDivineCol_zpsb9db5017.jpg

As stated above, we want you to be part of this celebration and  and enjoy a little Merlot on us!!!! 
Open US and CANADA

Tal como lo dije arriba.  Queremos que seas parte de la celebracion y disfruta un poco de Merlot por nuestra cuenta ;) 
Abierto en EEUU y Canada a Rafflecopter giveaway

About Merlot:

"...Beckley chronicled over 70 research studies that indicated that drinking a couple glasses of red wine each day could be beneficial in warding off certain cancers and lowering cholesterol in the body. The reason: the antioxidants found in red grapes. Investigating further, Beckley found studies revealing the grape’s true power, their seeds. Research studies have shown that grape seed antioxidants are 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E and nearly 25 times more powerful than Vitamin C."

In 2001 Beckley launched Merlot Skin Care, utilizing the power of the grape seed in each unique formulation. Harnessing nature’s most powerful antioxidants, Merlot products work to fight free radicals – molecules caused by smoke, smog, pollution, stress, and UV rays – and protect skin against the signs of aging. From his first experiments in the garage to today, Beckley has built Merlot into a powerful line. Merlot Skin Care products have been praised for their high quality formulations and tremendous value. But the real secret is in the seed."

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Happy Bday to my mom and 1st Anniversary GIVEAWAY

Today, is a great day!  the most influential person in my life is having a birthday!!! Happy birthday to my beautiful MOM!!! I miss you with all my heart and can't wait to see you next month when you come to visit!

Also, a day like today, exactly a year ago, sad and missing my mommy, I decided to start this blog and never even came close to imagining how many great fans I would have and today, we continue to grow all THANKS TO YOU!!! 

During the upcoming weeks, giveaways will activate throughout the blog and Facebook page.  stay tuned... 

To begin, if you love nail art or want to start, I am putting together a nail art goodie bag which you will loooove! 
US only shipping! 
Enter below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bundle Monster: Pro 12 Color Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencils Set

Recognize those whiskers???
Yeah! #2 (after Maya) product reviewer in this household.

As part of a product review, I received Bundle Monster's Pro 12 Color Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencil Set

 photo BundleMonster2_zps1a2baf01.jpg

All are very color rich, every color needed, creamy, gorgeous shimmer, glides through your lids, easy to blend even with brush and can be sharpened with a jumbo sharpener.

#01 - Black Bean, #02 -Dark Brown, #03 - Pots and Pans, #04 - Cottage Cheese, #05 - French Fries, #06 - Oyster, #07 - Lemon, #08 - Slate, #09 - Bronze, #10 -Pure Gold, #11 - Electric Blue and #12 - Purple Velvet

 photo IMG_9157_zpsd16168cc.jpg

Here's the top I wore this weekend and I wanted my makeup to match.
 photo BundleMonster_zpsc370f0de.jpg

I have always been very hesitant about eye shadow pencils because I never thought they'd last through the day but it did!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also thought it would be a little weird, almost like "writing" on my eyes but it was pretty cool
 photo BundleMonster5_zps59a8db1e.jpg  photo BundleMonster3_zps9f2663a6.jpg  photo BundleMonster6_zps80feb381.jpg

Colors work greatly together and can be as intense or soft as you want.  We even used the set to create this look for my little cousin's presentation.

 photo IMG-20121005-01081_zps8953e0d3.jpg

Bundle Monster's eye shadow pencil set CHECKS!!!!!! :) 
and can be found HERE and retail for only $17.99 and although they are located in Hawaii, shipping was super fast.  

Bundle Monster carries a variety of products from beauty/health/cosmetics to electronics and storage.  Be sure to check out their site and follow Bundle Monster through their social media platforms. I personally love their Facebook page. They have tons of pictures from fans and customers great source for ideas and inspiration.  

Do you use eye shadow pencils?? What do you think? 
i love reading your comments

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Maya's Stylish new collar with matching Bracelet for Human

 photo IMG_9077_zps82c64edf.jpg
 photo Meowmmys5_zpsaf9a1886.jpg

You saw Milo, my handsome tuxedo kitty sporting his tuxedo collar that he received for review from Meowmmy's World & Emporium.  In case you missed it, you can see it HERE he was even picked "cat of the day" at I Love My Cat.  Meowmmy's is a pet fashion Etsy store that manufactures "Unique handmade gifts for the discriminating feline and their human!" where you will find all sorts of hand crafted-unique items. 

As part of a product review, I received a collar for Maya, if you have read anything about her on this blog.  Maya is a lot more particular about reviews.  She's really honest and she will NOT sugar coat anything even if it means telling people she doesnt like them, including Milo and other children, fury or not, and of course, she wont wear things she doesnt feel pretty on! 

She loves her collar.  is adorned with different sizes and styles of silver beads and acrylic crystals as well as cream faux pearls on a silver chain and very light weight.

 photo Meowmmys4_zps33c1e735.jpg  photo Meowmmys3_zps140ac9ff.jpg

My babies are ready for any special occasion.   As a matter of safety, I wouldnt leave it on Maya all day while am out and they're unattended but when I home and they want to "dress up" I let them play with their collars on and they don't come off.   Very happy with the quality of the items.

These two are a huge part of my life and now they look 10000X more adorable.

 photo Meowmmys6_zps06b2c470.jpg

And what's better than accessorize you kitty???? HAVING MATCHING ACCESSORIES!!!!!!!!!!

 photo Meowmmys7_zps91ba3a35.jpg

Maya had been a good kitty on this day.  I decided to reward letting her get her lick fix.

 photo Meowmmys_zpsc5cf19b7.jpg
and how precious are we with matching accessories.

I love my princess soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!

 photo Meowmmys2_zps6f77badd.jpg

If you're looking for a one of a kind afordable item for your pampered and spoiled rotten pets
Check out Meowmmy's World & Emporium new items on Facebook AND GIVE HER PAGE A LIKE:
and her Etsy shop:

Leave your comment below... my kitties love me to read them  comments!!!  ;) 

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Thursday, March 21, 2013




Twelve new Sun Inspired Colors for Summer 2013.

Summer brings the sunniest colors to nails! Including six super shiny creams and

six fresh foil metallics to put all the focus on the brightest shining light in any room - YOU!


• Kerry (ZP684) - Yellow Gold Foil Metallic - Full Coverage.

• Amy (ZP670) - Red Orange Foil Metallic - Full Coverage.

• Tinsley (ZP671) - Rose Gold Foil Metallic - Full Coverage.

• Bobbi (ZP672) - Hot Magenta Pink Foil Metallic - Full Coverage.

• Hazel (ZP673) - Blue Green Foil Metallic - Full Coverage.

• Rikki (ZP674) - Fern Green Foil Metallic - Full Coverage.


• Darcy (ZP663) - Sunny Yellow Cream - Full Coverage.

• Thandie (ZP664) - Citrus Orange Cream - Full Coverage.

• Micky (ZP665) - Amazing Coral Cream - Full Coverage.

• Yana (ZP669) - Rubine Red Cream - Full Coverage.

• Josie (ZP667) - Grassy Green Cream - Full Coverage.

• Rocky (ZP668) - Serene Blue Cream - Full Coverage.

Shipping April 15, 2013

Ultra long-wearing, glossy nail lacquers by Zoya are BIG5FREE - all formulas are completely free of harmful

industrial chemicals such as toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and dibutyl phthalate

(DBP) that are known to cause cancer and birth defects.

Find over 300 stunning Zoya colors on www.zoya.com.

Each and every color has a name as unique as the women who inspired it.


$8.00 ea. (US)

Available on Zoya.com

Also, if you haven’t seen the Zoya Nail Polish ColorCuties yet, make sure to check them out – they are selling super-fast and if ordered before March 24th, the will be delivered in time for Easter (talk about a fat-free goodie to add to baskets)… plus, they are a great item to have on hand for Spring Event gifts.

Zoya Spring Mini Promotion

Zoya Spring Color Cuties
Spring just got even more colorful with Zoya ColorCuties! The Zoya Color Experts selected 12 best-selling Spring inspired shades to offer in an adorable mini size (0.25oz) with a coordinating polka-dot box, for a limited time. ColorCuties make perfect Spring gifts for Easter baskets, Mother's Day, Spring weddings and more! Collect all 12 colors while they last...

Pee-order NOW through 03/24/13 with Expedited Shipping for guaranteed delivery by Easter. Shipping 03/21/13. 

Special Offer*: $5 ea. Buy 6 or more at $5 ea. get FREE Expedited Shipping - OR - Buy 12 or more at $3 ea. (bonus price), get FREE Expedited Shipping. No code necessary, discount applied at checkout.

* Terms and Conditions 
Available online at www.zoya.com only, while supplies last. Continental US only. Not valid in conjunction with other coupons, codes or promotions. Returns or exchanges of promotional items not permitted. Art of Beauty is not responsible for incorrect addresses, credit card entry errors or errors associated with declined credit cards . No code necessary, discount applied at checkout.