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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Lite Brites Gradient Mani

This is a super fun summer combination.

Eager to add brightness and spark to the weekend? Consider these three colors from China Glaze latest Lite Brites Collection 

Not only the colors but the names of the shades scream summer!!! and here they are:

I'll Pink to That
Lime After Lime
None of Your Risky Business

Like any fun summer night, things don't always end up the way they start.. so here's a before and after :)

 photo C52145B6-7046-47A4-A4C8-4565E85955C8_zpsrm4jurwn.jpg
Where it started
 photo China Glaze Lite Brights_zpssyn1jhgk.jpg
Where it ended

Simple gradient and super fun to make!  I'd Pink and drink to That ^_^ 
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Friday, July 1, 2016

OPI Infinite Shine Summer 2016 - Swatches

** press sample **

This month, OPI is introducing their Summer 2016 collection of neutral shades with the Infinite Shine touch, the 3-step system of long wear and high shine. 

These shiny shades bring a touch of elegance to any summer occasion or a simple "work-appropriate" mani with a bam!  
Dress any color with neutral undies with a french manicure, and more. 

Here they are:  Neutral perfection:
 photo OPI IS 2016 Summer_zps2vtjlj4f.jpg 
 photo OPI IS Neutrals SUMMER 2016-1_zpsp7vvtjsi.jpg
No Strings Attached. 

 photo OPI IS Neutrals SUMMER 2016-4_zps6hyy3dxb.jpg
Staying Neutral On This One

 photo OPI IS Neutrals SUMMER 2016_zps1vmkglnl.jpg
Can't Stop Myself

 photo OPI IS Neutrals SUMMER 2016-2_zpsu9tkjpwd.jpg
Don't Ever Stop

  photo OPI IS Summer 2016_zpsgg7nrafe.jpg   
Hurry Up & Wait

 photo OPI IS Neutrals SUMMER 2016-3_zpsbyfogdoc.jpg
No Stopping Zone

I prefer the last three shades for their blush undertone.  Whichever you chose for your next mani, they all compliment any skin tone and are perfect for any nailart project.

Go at it!! Have fun!
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