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Friday, October 23, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas: Orange Purple and Green

Good morning:

We are surely being challenged with the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas by the Crumpet Nailtarts.

Today's prompt involves colors: Orange, purple and green.  I chose these great 3 for a nice and bright mani! 

 photo china glaze aztec_zpsqwre8udk.jpg

and here's my first ever attempt to what is supposed to be an aztec or at least aztec-y or aztec-like pattern ^_^ 

 photo china glaze aztec-1_zps5d2notlh.jpg

Hope you like it and be sure to check out the other ladies' manis.  They are super talented.

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Simple yet decorated nails: simplest post ever

This will be the simplest post ever (maybe?) 

I was in a pinch, rushing out (as always) but there was NO way I was leaving with my nails UNDONE! 
No way!
Not happening!!!! 

Using Barielle's Barely There, Going to the Chapel and Edgy.  What's better, simpler and classier than a french manicure with an accent nail?

 photo Barielle simple_zpsktsdmirn.jpg

For all you talented nail artists out there, do NOT answer that question. 
For me, just an amateur fanatic, nothing beats this! 

What do you think???
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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cover Your Gray

**press sample**

As I approach my big 3-0 birthday, there are things that are starting to make me feel uneasy about myself.  I've tried the whole "age is just a number" relief, but it stings from time to time.  I cannot compliant about life and my years, as I have learned invaluable lessons at a young age and for that, I think I have an even bigger reason to celebrate!

However, things are starting to sag and grays are beginning to show. 
I've had grays for as long as I can remember.  Dating back to my tween years.

I now recognize the need to experiment with a way to hide them so when they start to tell my age, I can discretely disguise them.

I had a section of "peek-a-boo" highlights UNDER my hair (if that makes sense) as I'd hate to be a slave of hair color and such.  For my friends, it's almost a monthly or bi-monthly rent.  I do not want to suffer that but again, I don't want to show grays. 

Luckily, Cover your gray, has provided a couple of their products and I am featuring the best ones.

Check out the Brush In Wand.  I apologize in advance for the pictures but it was quite tricky to photograph the top or side of your head by your self and whatever photos you can actually get, your super cool camera corrects "imperfections" and well... basically, it doesnt show grays so phone pictures will have to do.

Covers your gray instantly with the mascara type applicator.  It's great for me and my scattered grays.  I even tested it by covering my "peek-a-boo highlights" and as you can see, perfect coverage.  
Short hair, long hair sideburns? no problem!

 photo Cover Your Grays-3_zpswmddordv.jpg
 photo Cover Your Grays-1_zpsydihgekk.jpg

 photo Cover Your Grays-2_zps2t5ug4i6.jpg

Try also Cleanse & Cover Hair Refresher.
As you know,  I have super curly hair, so when I straighten it, it better lasts me for weeks (cough cough) (exactly one week) but since I discovered dry shampoo, I have, yes I have, made it last TWO whole weeks!!!
And of course, when I straighten my hair, there are a few hairs that stand out and up!! MY GRAYS!!!
out of the millions (hopefully) of hairs, only the grays stand out AND UP! 
Well... this is the best of both worlds! Refreshes like dry shampoo and covers the grays.  It's a little heavier than dry shampoo but works wonders!  Increases volume, doesnt clump and gives you full coverage until your next shampoo.

I made a mistake in choosing the color.  I chose dark brown and thanks to this, i discovered that my hair is NOT dark brown but black! but it gave my look a nice touch.  Some mentioned how great my highlights look! ha!!! :) 
It's note worthy to mention that it did not "bleed off" on my pillows between shampoos.  It stayed on and washed off easily with my shampoo! 

 photo Cover Your Grays_zps0yisampn.jpg 

You can learn more about these products and more Cover Your Gray products on their site and be sure to follow their social media platforms:

Having grays since your tween years and finally covering them up when I want to without being a slave to my hair or my hair stylist, makes feel like a normal 20-something year old ^_^

What do you think??

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas: Geeks

Slightly late on this one and well... not 100% in with it but I think it's pretty nerdy! I was supposed to post Friday but the weekend got on the way and umm,... wine got on the way of doing it earlier today and top it all off with a non-working camera... yaay for cell phone with camera (never thought I'd say that) :-p 


What I had in mind was the chemical formula for alcohol in one nail, and a few glasses of wine on the others, but it didnt pan out too well... 

So we're settling with the study of stars and planets, one of the coolest things nerds do!! ^_^ 

Using Rainbow Honey's Oni and Cheeky CH46 stamped with SinfulColors CasaBlanca (my new fave stamping polish)

 photo D6236C81-2478-4238-97E7-363716A34B56_zpsdspcwprq.jpg
 photo E0E8DCF0-9D73-403D-B871-E9D7B4789CEE_zpsgabtgixy.jpg

Check out all the talented geeks that participated in this week's challenge.  Dont get discouraged because mine was a fail today but before you judge and on my defense, I pulled it off in ten minutes.  LoL! 

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October is All About Pink: Nailart Pictorial

October is all about pink.  It's breast cancer awareness month.  We all know someone that has been diagnosed with this terrible illness and, often, if caught on time, a life can be saved. 

Help in the fight.  We are fighting for every birthday threatened.  Let's do what we can to help those, as the American Cancer Society and trust that they are working to create a world where this disease will no longer threaten our loved ones or rob anyone of another birthday.

PLEAAASEEEE for every pink thing you see, set yourself a reminder to perform a self exam.  Pink isn't just a pretty color.  It's a reminder.

But it doesn't stop there, perform a self-exam AND encourage your friends to do it as well. 

After I performed my self exam, I was ready to do my nails.  Using Barielle's Princess, Cosmic Kiss, black decorator and BM-321 stamping plate,  I first applied two coats of Princess to all nails, then randomly spotted with Cosmic Kiss, the spots were then outlined with the black decorator and finally stamped and Viola!

I added additional black spots that can be seen on Instagram

 photo Barielle October is Pink_zps11tz7xvh.jpg

Mani was created Barielle's Princess, Cosmic Kiss and BM321.

 photo Barielle October is Pink-2_zpsprebw2no.jpg
 photo Barielle October is Pink-1_zpssahhr80v.jpg    photo Barielle October is Pink-4_zpskjs6jkjp.jpg  photo Barielle October is Pink-3_zps8g0p6a1a.jpg

Now click off and give yourself some TLC and "Me-time" by checking your tatas ;) 

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Friday, October 9, 2015

Lacquered Lips for Fall from NYC New York Color

**press sample ** 


THINK: Lipstick-worthy color with a luscious glossy feel.

WHAT IT IS: The intense color of a lipstick with the shine of a gloss. Color this bold should be outlawed. The glamorous look of NYC New York Color’s fan-favorite Expert Last Lip Color now has all the ease of a gloss in new Expert Last Lip Lacquer. Infused with intense color, the precision applicator hugs lips tight while the rich formula glides on smooth and never feathers or bleeds. Lips stay hydrated, soft, and supple, and the never-sticky lacquer offers all-day comfort. With a lightweight texture and ultimate creamy color, this lacquer defies the laws of lipstick.


AVAILABLE SHADES: Bare Brooklyn, Riverside Romance, Chelsea Cherry Blossoms, Lincoln Square Love Affair, Coney Island Candy, Fidi Fuchsia, Central Park Passion, Madison Square Mauve, Big City Berry, Rockaway Ruby, Turtle Bay Toffee, Tribeca Mocha

Below, I have four of these to contour and highlight your most kissable trait and best of all, NYC inspired beauty and quality attainable even when on a backpacker budget.  
From left to right: Bare Brooklyn, Central Park Passion, Rockaway Ruby, Turtle Bay Toffee
 photo NYC Color lips_zpsxkqvhpku.jpg 
Creamy with easy applicator.  They blend very well together even for my first ever attempt at ombre lips.  

Have you tried this new trend?

 photo NYC Color lips-1_zpstmc14jxi.jpg

What do you think??

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Teal

I had sooo much fun last week during the hobbies challenge and I hope you did too.

Today's theme is teal.  

Featuring an oldie but goodie from Barielle: Ocean Breeze
OPI's Pearl of Wisdom 
and BP-L007 plate
Nail ornament and joint ring set were sent to me from Ladyqueen.com.  Visit them and use discount code TSST15
for 15% off

The cat cannot be bought in stores, but I kinda liked my mani while petting my baby boy! 

 photo 648B0372-D856-46E8-AF46-731E28E2627A_zpsis3rfql8.jpg  photo 6586A493-14D3-4037-9EA0-22D6BA54641D_zpsniuljssv.jpg
 photo 354E94F8-159E-4B72-9834-FE3E0EC65D26_zpsry79vg14.jpg

The rings do add some sort of character to the mani! 
makes it bold yet, simple.

 photo 84832DC6-2802-4EBC-9D12-96FAFD17DC85_zpsryzt8nsj.jpg

This is also the first time using my phone for blog post pictures.  I just couldn't wait to post. 

Visit the other ladies for a wide array of teal variations and talents.

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Easy Nails-Looksbook Inspired

**lazy Sunday** 
I had the instant urge of doing my nails, after 8th grade CCD and Mass, then assisting in a community service project at my local police department, coming home to meet with the BF to make a late lunch from scratch (yea, from scratch) to eat accompanied by a nice glass of chilled white wine, then feed cats who are in special diets due to allergies and other dietary issues, then make frosting for a cake I wanted to make tomorrow, then BF had the bright idea of "how about cake for dessert?" and yes I baked a cake...
I had the sudden urge to do my nails!!! but what do I do??!!!!
Well... accompanied by a nice chilled glass of scotch and with the mere desire of changing my manicure I had no inspiration except for the box of the September Looksbook by Starlooks, the monthly subscription, top notch makeup for $12/month!! check us on FB and Instagram for info, pictures and makeup looks ;) 
So here it is:
China Glaze: S'more the Fun
Barielle: Sweet Addiction and Money Talks
The New Black: Purples from Ombre set (names unknown) 
Dotting tools, brushes top coat, ready, set, go!!!

 photo 4A56909F-1A0A-4112-AEAF-001E8CF4D58C_zpsd4wq6xhg.jpg

I have to credit the wine and subsequent scotch for this "bright" idea. 

Totally different in my head, but I still hope you like it :) 
 photo Starlooks-2_zpsvtam0vas.jpg  photo Starlooks-1_zpstmbuusfu.jpg  photo Starlooks_zps8mlklyde.jpg

What do you think??
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Friday, October 2, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Hobbies

Ahhhh !!!! I am super excited about today's post!  It's a nail art challenge put together by the Crumpet's Nail Tarts.  I have not participated in one in a long time so I have been looking forward to this for some time now.

Today's post is about hobbies.  This is going to be one tough decision because I love everything from video games to travel and knitting and everything in between and because I have one too many, I randomly selected this one.... 
My hobby is listening to music aaaaaaand secretly wishing I had some kind of musical talent but since I lack most of it... I was simply given the gift of music appreciation.

 photo OPI Infinite Shine-2_zpsmyazuk4l.jpg

I used OPI's Infinite Shine shades:

  photo OPI Infinite Shine-1_zpsjwgfkptu.jpg 
From left to right:  Purpletual Emotion, Wild Blue Yonder, Eternally Turquoise and You's Blushing Again. 
I sponged some light blue onto the base and stamped with the darker colors.  Listening to music as a hobby, I feel it to be so retro now a days ( I hope I am wrong) but in a retro spirit, I used Cheeky stamping plate CH31. 
 photo OPI Infinite Shine_zpsmt1tt84a.jpg
What do you think??
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Looksbook: Revival Edition

**press sample** 

The Revival Starlooks Looksbook

Summer is the season to grow!!! but fall is the season of revival and change and this Looksbook puts it all together!!! 
I love not having to worry as to what makeup to pick! let Starlooks experts do it for ya'.  This is a themed box of three products specifically chosen and curated to enable you to create a complete look instead of a selection of random products.  They are fashion-forecasted, PRO quality, HD and photo-compatible AND a "book" (more like a pamphlet) with tips and tricks to achieve the theme look and come in a super cute magnetic closure box. 

This month's box is made up of Rawr, a hot pink matte lipstick, Agave eye shadow duo (who's thinking tequila??) and Flora mascara.
 photo Looksbook Sept_zpslgubl2xf.jpg

Day or night.  The agave eye shadow duo is great for an autum day at work, apple picking or tequila drinking ^_^
  photo Looksbook Sept-4_zpsmk3a8hn7.jpg  photo Looksbook Sept-3_zpstl3qkdpx.jpg  photo Looksbook Sept-2_zpsntjdoglc.jpg  photo Looksbook Sept-1_zps8oqhicdv.jpg 
 photo Looksbook Sept-5_zpsrcwafcks.jpg

As stated in my last post, I wish I could re-use the box.  Either way, you can't go wrong.
If you don't want to spend time making your picks and still want celeb-worthy sets, the Looksbook is for you!


or Sign up for a 3, 6, or 12 month “pre-paid” LooksBook® Membership (and get your FIRST MONTH FREE)!
To Join Click HERE.

*update 10/4/15:
I enjoyed this box sooo much that I gave myself a looksbook inspired mani.
See here for full post
 photo Starlooks-2_zpsvtam0vas.jpg
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