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Monday, August 17, 2015

SinfulColors No Text Red: PAINT FOR A CAUSE


Last summer, thanks to the participation of several bloggers and nail enthusiasts, we hosted a #RedThumb2Stop event in an effort to join the Red Thumb Movement, a safety campaign aimed at ending distracted driving caused by texting and cell phone use. 

Anyone here old enough to remember mom or dad, or grandma or grandpa telling us to tie a ribbon or a thread to our fingers in order to remember something?? 

The red thumb works the same way.  Paint your thumb red for it to serve as a stop sign so when you pick up your phone, it reminds you to put it down, to stay alert-to just drive. 

As opposed to limiting this event to an online pledge, I am working in connection with some local agencies to bring this event to life and have others (not just the online community) to take this pledge and I am AGAIN inviting you to join us again to take this pledge and invite others, it might just  save a life! 

 photo A Class Act_zps6zbwbgfp.jpg

To my delight, I found that SinfulColors has also joined in the movement and released this shade of red called No Text Red (how appropriate).  A bright, stop-sign red perfect for the cause.

I decided to combine Blue Sensation and Blackboard from the A Class Act collection to highlight the red.  I'm righthanded so I only painted my right thumb and when people ask why is my thumb red, I take that opportunity to invite them to take the pledge with me. 

In case you're wondering about the other two pretties, Blackboard is a charcoal shade and Blue Sensation and gorgeous light denim blue with a matte finish.  If you're feeling inspired, these two make a great combo for a school night manicure. 

 photo A Class Act-2_zpsaw2q93sl.jpg  photo A Class Act-1_zpsiidsn996.jpg 

To read more about our prior #RedThumb2Stop event, click HERE




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Be One With Nature: The Great Outdoors Collection by China Glaze

I'm still getting over the fact that we're in summer and although fall is my favorite season, it's coming quite rapidly, I'm not sure I'm ready yet, but then I get press releases like this one and I cannot wait 'till fall! 


The Colour Adventure Continues with China Glaze® Fall Collection

Deadlines to meet. Trains to catch. Speeding cars. Loud sirens. In the hustle and bustle of today’s fast paced world, it is easy to lose sight of the true beauty that surrounds us. It can be a challenge to slow down and appreciate the wondrous world all around. This fall, China Glaze® encourages you to do just that with its TheGreat Outdoors collection. Continuing on its 2015 Colour Adventure, China Glaze® explores the vast tones and textures of the wilderness. These 12 new nature-inspired shades inspire you to ground yourself, even if for just a moment, and appreciate the treasures of the great outdoors that shimmer, sparkle and wow. 

Unplug and reconnect with nature with The Great Outdoors shades:

Sleeping Under the Stars: Dark blue with stardust shimmer

Pondering: Deep amethyst duo chrome

Take a Hike: Rich mossy green crème

Wood You Wanna?: Rich brown burgundy metallic

My Lodge or Yours?: Natural mauve crème

S’More Fun: Adventurous lemon lime crème

Gone Glamping: Gold to green duo chrome

Let’s Dew It: Multi dimensional blue gray glitter

Free Bear Hugs: Deep black red crème

Change Your Altitude: Pebble greige crème

Check Out the Silver Fox: Metallic gunmetal gray

Cabin Fever: Pink to copper dup chrome

In addition to open stock colours, China Glaze®The Great Outdoors also includes two kits, the Wood You Wanna? 6-piece set and Happy Campers 6-piece Micro Mini Kit.
Are you as excited as me for the arrival of this collection???

Monday, August 10, 2015

A Class Act of Monday Blues

**press sample**

We are continuing with SinfulColors back-to-school collection, A Class Act.  Today is a class act of Monday blues.  Life sure knows how to throw some curveballs but like someone said "Be happy not because everything is good but because you can see the good in everything".  I really wish I knew who said or wrote this so that proper credit is given but my internet search comes back with several sources.  If you know it, please let me know. 

And following the advice in the quote, I can definitely see a lot of good in nail polish and this collection. 

So I hope you like what I did today, it is not the normal case of Monday blues but rather ending with a happy tone :) 

I used Whiteboard, a chalk white with a chalkboard-like matte finish, simply delightful.  For me personally, it would need a little more pigments to be the perfect stamping white, but it's a great french-manicure white or simply as undies as I did here.

 photo SC Class Act -8_zps8clayek7.jpg

Once again, Summer S-cool, which we featured before HERE

 photo SC Class Act -3_zpsohz8oehv.jpg 

and Truth or Lavender:  I love the name of this creamy lilac with a demi-matte finish as well as the sweet tone it carries.  This one's a keeper in my collection.

 photo SC Class Act -5_zpsznqjflc1.jpg 

I know there is a little blue.  I was feeling soo blue that the mood almost turned purple so I figured to mix the two to turn the frown upside down and came up with this sideway gradient.  I was planning to stamp, but #1, I'm late for work again and #2 I enjoy it just as is.

 photo SC Class Act -9_zpshmbteryp.jpg  photo SC Class Act -10_zps0ghbxraq.jpg 

The collection will be available at Walgreens and other mass retailers for August and September, 2015 and as always, at a super affordable price of $1.99.

I will have more swatches and nail art from this collection later this week. Stay tuned and check out SinfulColors social media platforms!!! 


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Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Sheer Class Act

**press sample**
Yesterday, I showed you some of the SinfulColors Back to School Collection, A Class Act.  
Today, I bring you two sheer pretties from the same collection.
 photo SC Class Act -13_zpsvhckpokr.jpg
RADient: (seen above in the nail wheel with dots below it)
Radiant raspberry with a particular demi-matte finish (seen below with glossy top coat)
I prefer it matte as seen in the nail wheel for that added umph! we want when someone tells you how pretty your nail color is (wink wink)
 photo SC Class Act -7_zpses4p3isf.jpg 
Rebel Rose: a metallic magenta 
 photo SC Class Act -6_zps9284zci9.jpg 
Both colors are seen in the nail wheel with one and two coats.  I found these two particularly important as part of the collection of someone who makes nail decals or fills in nail stamps,  They are sheer but the color is defined bringing to life any nail art design. 

The collection will be available at Walgreens and other mass retailers for August and September, 2015 and as always, at a super affordable price of $1.99.

I will have more swatches and nail art from this collection later this week. Stay tuned and check out SinfulColors social media platforms!!! 

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Friday, August 7, 2015

A Class Act - SinfulColors 2015 Back to School Collection

**press sample** 

"Get ready to hit the books and go back to school in style with the latest collection for Back To School from SinfulColors, A Class Act. The extensive array of fresh shades are perfectly on-trend with the latest fall fashions and will ensure that your mani is top of the class. Dusty pastels and pops of color come in a demi-matte finish that feels soft yet looks striking and is deserving of nothing but straight A's. Denim blues and ready-to-burst brights capture an effortlessly cool and rebellious vibe, while shimmering silvers, purples and teals with eye catching 3D glitters look just as chic during a night out on the town as they do in class the next day."

I'd give this collection an A+ without a doubt. However, who wants to think about back-to-school, dead in the middle of the summer while we're having sooo much fun!!!!!

The even better news is that these colors can be rocked as soon as you get them! 

Today, I am bringing you VIPeach, Summer S-cool and Energentic Red with this fun fan brush dotticure.

The three colors work well together. VIPeach has a nice matte finish (I'm already thinking easter eggs) and the smooth SinfulColors formula made the other colors easy to glide from the fan brush on to the nails and makes my short nails rock!!! 

The collection will be available at Walgreens and other mass retailers for August and September, 2015 and as always, at a super affordable price to avoid being on a "no-buy" situation.  Grow your collection without fear. 

I will have more swatches and nail art from this collection later this week.  Stay tuned and check out SinfulColors social media platforms!!! 


Sunday, August 2, 2015


The only exciting thing this hot summer week was the Starlooks Starbox that was dropped at my door.  It's more than subscription box.  It's a revolutionary beauty movement :) 
It's more than the latest trends, it's the end of spending hundreds of dollars for expensive cosmetics that clutter our purses and makeup drawers and usually expire before we can finish them.  
Each Starlooks product it's the perfect size to enjoy to the max, to carry with you or leave in convenient locations, like my car or my to-go bag.
This month, I received a skin perfecting blush (rose gold), Mad Crush lip gloss and HIgh Life Liquid Illuminator perfect to contour cheek and brow bones with an opalescent glow (and it's limited edition). 
 photo Starlooks -2_zpslyf5bd0s.jpg
Mad Crush a non stick formula lip gloss with Starlooks' signature vanilla scent.
 photo Starlooks _zpsf7vpvxct.jpg  
Rose Gold is an all-in-one highlighting, bronzing and shimmering blush powder for all skin types and tones. 
 photo Starlooks -3_zpsh1uuqdsp.jpg
 photo Starlooks -1_zpsdvkjup6z.jpg
This month's box contained makeup and three gift cards that I can redeem for jewelry, makeup and accessories and not only from Starlooks but from other vendors.  Starlooks doesnt only give us its best but also let's us explore different brands and goodies.  Everybody wins. My gift cards were from 
and Starlooks
Let Starlooks be your monthly beauty stylist.  Become a member HERE

Good night for now. But before I go, don't forget to check out Starlooks' social media platforms! 

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