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Friday, February 19, 2016

Simple mani with OPI New Orleans

*press sample*

If you missed the complete review of the OPI New Orleans Collection, you can see it HERE

Today, one nail broke so I had to trim them all down, a bit, a lot! 

but short nails rock too! 

Using Spare Me a French Quarter? and Take a Right on Bourbon for this simple, yet loveable (I think) Friday night mani

and as you can see they both stamp very well.! 

 photo OPI NOLA-2_zps0xecco39.jpg  photo OPI NOLA-1_zpsap7b9iik.jpg  photo OPI NOLA_zpseq9yci89.jpg

What do you think?
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Monday, February 15, 2016

NEW! "Lovatics" by Demi Lovato for NYC New York Color

**press sample **
From its Press Release - "As N.Y.C NEW YORK COLOR’sambassador since January 2015, Demi Lovato is celebrating her first anniversary by launching the highly anticipated “Lovatics Collection,” as a thank you to her loyal fans, the Lovatics. Demi seamlessly manages to emulate her cool and fashionable lifestyle through the collection allowing fans the ability to create their own unique city approved looks. “I am so excited to share my first makeup line with N.Y.C NEW YORK COLOR. The Lovatics collection is a true representation of my bold style and provides endless opportunities to rock your own individuality. One of my personal favorites, the Palette Eyeshadow, is a must-have that allows you to create your own unique look with 12 versatile nude shades!” – says Demi Lovato.

The new fashionable Lovatics by Demi Eyeshadow Palette ($4.99) features 12 nude shades and allows you to channel Demi’s confidence all while showcasing your natural beauty. Your eyes will look naturally effortless with theNatural shades."

As for me, I love it!  All the quality of a nice palette without the price tag.  This my friends is beauty on a budget!!! 
 photo NYC Demi Lovatics_zps00xr1c0c.jpg
Here are the first four colors swatched.  Tune in later for more ;) 
 photo NYC Demi Lovatics-1_zps6xrqpyny.jpg 
I love that some are shimmery and some are matte in a complete array of neutral/natural shades for day and night.
 photo NYC Demi Lovatics-2_zpsmgomv31m.jpg 
The tints are surprisingly cool!  I'm still weird-ed out about the fact that they come in little nail polish  type bottles and applicators.  I did not expect that at all!  But tints perfectly in beautiful shades.  Also helps with precision in case you have issues staying inside the lines when applying your lipstick!
I cant see myself applying it in the car as easy as with regular lipstick.  This is liquidy.  Blends very well as blush.  Call me old fashioned but I like lip"sticks" but I can give this another chance, although this one is staying at home and not in my mobile make up bag.  
 photo NYC Demi Lovatics-3_zps6yh3sox9.jpg
The shape and groom pencil is perfect to add shape and fill my eyebrows which are the most rebellious part of me and need major work.  That one has been added to my go-to-makeup bag.

Here's my look for a night out on the town.
 photo NYC Demi Lovatics-4_zpsnanushsg.jpg 
I will definitely be featuring this palette again which has also been added to my go-to-makeup bag, so stay tuned.  

What do you think??
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OPI New Orleans Spring 2016 Collection

** press sample **

"From the filigreed iron of its balconies to the jazz and jambalaya that permeate its air, New Orleans personifies grace, gumption and joie de vivre. The city’s indomitable spirit is the inspiration for OPI’s spring 2016 collection.
New Orleans Collection by OPI features 12 gorgeous new nail lacquers and matching GelColors that take nails and toes from beignets at Café du Monde all the way to nightcaps on Bourbon Street in style. Sweet, spicy, soulful and vibrant, the palette is perfect for a town where parades pop up everywhere, and dancing in the streets is de rigueur.
The New Orleans Collection retails for $10 each ($12.50 CAN) and will be available in February at professional salons, Beauty Brands, beautybrands.com, Chatters, Dillard’s, Regis, ULTA Beauty and ulta.com"
 photo OPI New Orleans-13_Fotor_Collage_zpsr6d1pqjd.jpg 
Meet my swatching assistant: Maya  who will be carrying through these pretties.

 photo OPI New Orleans-8_zpsknm0vurc.jpg 

First up is Humidi-Tea a nice pale rose with slight shimmer.

 photo OPI New Orleans-12_zps8zvbxykl.jpg  

I Manicure for Beads: A deep purple would surely make you want it. 

 photo OPI New Orleans-9_zpsypyfqybl.jpg

Spare Me a French Quarter?  A deep fuchsia creme

 photo OPI New Orleans-10_zpssry5uzyo.jpg

I'm Sooo Swamped!  Bright mardi grass green.

 photo OPI New Orleans-11_zpsyjmexqjl.jpg

Rich Girls & Po-Boys
It looks brighter on the lense but it's a gorgeous deep blue. 

 photo OPI New Orleans-7_zps6jd46pdw.jpg

Suzi Nails New Orleans:  A staple pink creme

 photo OPI New Orleans-3_zpszly9gzwy.jpg

Got Myself into a Jam-balaya.  A coral/pink.  A year-round keeper.

 photo OPI New Orleans-2_zpsnsackwwf.jpg

She's a BadMuffuletta: Deep red/pink.  another spring perfect color that can carry you through the year.

 photo OPI New Orleans-6_zpslrvkn9jt.jpg

Show Us Your Tips:  A shimmer burple (blue and purple) with micro glittery shimmer.  This was a nice surprise as it looked pale and blah in the bottle but has a gorgeous hue once happily applied on your tips! 

 photo OPI New Orleans-5_zpscjeshjzp.jpg

Crawfishin' for a Compliment: a light coral screaming spring!

 photo OPI New Orleans-1_zps7wgkzi0b.jpg

Let Me Bayou a Drink:  Yes Please!!! 

 photo OPI New Orleans_zpsmiwvhjvf.jpg

Take a Right on Bourbon.  Having been to New Orleans before I know this is the first stop to fun.  However, the color application is streaky.  Not my fave.

 photo OPI New Orleans-4_zpsce7xa3ou.jpg

Lastly, some fun nail art for this fun collection.

 photo OPI New Orleans-13_zpsnetlq2t5.jpg

All shades provide full coverage with 2 coats and are super fun spring and mardi grass colors.  The possibilities are endless and is made up of several nail polish collection stamples.  

What do you think??
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Friday, February 5, 2016

Rimmel London's Lipstick Revolution

**press sample**

Rimmel London has released a new era of lipstick, The Only 1, Rimmel London claims it to be "a unique multi-tasker, it exccels in everything you look for in a lippie".  
For what I experienced first hand, it lives up to the set standards of quality and wear of Rimmel London.  I'm unsure about a lipstick revolution, but definitely not to be underestimated. 

"...everything you look for in a lippie."  Let's break that down:
I want color.  What's a lipstick without an intense color-pop! my lips are naturally red-ish/pink-ish in color, so I need a highly pigmented lippie that will say to the world! "hey, look at those lips" and allows for long wear.  I dislike re-applying after every sip of wine, or coffee.  

Comfort - I need a formula that's light weight and gives me a gorgeous glide.  

I also dislike lippies that feel rough/dry after my dry lips have absorbed all of its moisture, almost like it's going to crack!   This ones leave my lips feel moisterized even after hours of application as it contains vitamin E. 

And of course, I look for wear.  I need a lippie that goes on and stays on! 

Comes in 12 shades in a nice array of lip colors to perfectly complement any skin tone and are available is mass retailers like Walgreens, Target, CVS and the like.

and here they are:

 photo Rimmel-7_Fotor_Collage_zpsjkzli0if.jpg

Swatch-a-thon while enjoying a nice glass of wine!

 photo Rimmel-6_zpsbgp2jhsn.jpg 

with my mom, and hello kitty blanket on this fine snowy night. 

 photo Rimmel-7_zps6r23z1a8.jpg 

All have a nice glossy finish and stay glossy through application but not a "greasy" look as if you had just eaten fried chicken.
 photo Rimmel-4_zpsuzf7mlx6.jpg

First Class Nude #710 
classic nude
 photo Rimmel-8_zpsu3kvccob.jpg 

Coral Brittania #630

 photo Rimmel-9_zps6levkf3c.jpg

Ringa Ringa Roses #170
(who thought of that name?)
also has an expected, but beautiful hint of shimmer

 photo Rimmel_zpsb5bqjvbp.jpg 

Latino #200
I fell in love with this one since the first time I applied it.  Kuddos to the name!

 photo Rimmel-1_zpssrtp8vtf.jpg

Rose Blush #190
More of blush than a rose but a more appropriate name than "Ringa Ringa" (above) 

 photo Rimmel-2_zpsmgqqy5z2.jpg 

Dusty Rose #220
Nice chololat-y shade.

 photo Rimmel-3_zpsqw2ryrdg.jpg 

and last but not least... the yummy 
Back to Fuchsia #310
I love hot pink lippies and this is the perfect combo, lightweight, longwear, easy glide and AAAHHMAZING color! 

  photo Rimmel-5_zps1roruynz.jpg

They also ALL smell divine! The lippie fairies should be proud! 

What do you think??

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