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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Emi-Jay Hair Ties

Summer 2010 Collection

Normally, picking your hair ties is dictated by what? color? outfit? elasticity? well, if you had my hair, you'd personally pick every single one of your hair ties.  Luckily I found Emi-Jay  and they did the picking for me =)  I had the opportunity to review the Summer 2012 collection.  These multi-use hair ties are great and am sure you'll love them too!

I dont know what's more amazing though, the product or its story.  Two 15 year old, Emily and Julianne, just knew they were meant to create hair accessories, knowing that headbands and clips are in style they took elastic, rhinestones & gems and threw them into a pile where pieces of art came together and became part of the fashio hair flair and can also be worn as a bracelet.  A portion of the proceeds are donated to charity.  So know when buying an Emi-Jay item, you are also helping someone in need.

They are super cute to begin with. 

Can match any summer, fall, winter spring or summer outfit. 

Can be used as bracelet which is very fashionable these days.  Emi-Jay Hair Ties are very elastic.  You can twist 2 or three times (2 was good for me for a braid and 3 for pony tails) it stretched only minimally but returned to its nice rectangular shape. 

Here are some additional looks with different styles.  My favorite is without a doubt the jewel.  Stylish, elegant and functional.

Check out their website
Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter

Chicwrap: Wrap that's chic :D

Hi!!! here's another for those kitchen that need some love on a low budget.  You dont need to make huge remodeling projects, just a few chic items and it becomes a makeover.  =) 

I have been given the opportunity to review "the world's best plastic wrap dispenser" from Chicwrap.  Beside its amazing style and design, it features a ZipSage slide cutter, 250' professional plastic wrap, sustainable wipe-clean design and non-skid rubber feet so while you're dispensing plastic the dispenser is not making a trip all over the countertop and the wrap is microwave safe.

Very fast shipping.  The box contained a roll of 250' plastic wrap, dispenser, all for only $9.99

Very easy to put together.  The dispenser is marked as to where the cutter goes and easily adheres. 

I love my design.  It is called modern dots.  I love the fading colors.  Most dots are gray and at the ends yellow dots begin fading in.  Super chic.  At times I leave it out of its place in the cabinet and I actually dont mind it as looks pretty cool and sleek.  Doesnt look like plastic wrap left out of place.  

Don't like the design I chose.  No worries, it's not the only one.  Choose between 6 designs pictured below you will want one of each.  =)







To get your own click HERE to buy or enter below to win
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Going black and white: what to name him

I read that no one understands the love an owner has for his/her pet then another pet owner so if you're not a pet owner, don't even bother reading this, but if you are, maybe you can relate and please help us.

As I described Life with Maya before, My cat is just an adorable calico.  really, it is a little person in a cat's body.  If she could only speak we'll have the longest winded conversations ever.  She's come to be my best friend and has taken a lot of my personality.

As a child, I was the kind to pick up animals off the street and bring them home until my mom could find a way to make them "dissapear" and tell me the animal ran off.  Years later I found our she'd take them to a shelter.  I guess if she told me the truth, I would have moved into the shelter.

Back to Maya.  She was found in a litter in an alley by a friend and I soon thereafter adopted her.  She's a year old now and what a year it has been.  She can be rebellious at times, but I may be too demanding.  Haha! I have even asked her to pick up her toys and she talks (meows) back at me as if she understood and was telling me that's one thing she can't do.

I have noticed that she's starting to develop what I call an "only child syndrome".  She gives a lot of love nudges but demands them back.  She has become a bit anti-social with children specifically, my little cousin.  Something must have happened between them and neither of them are saying anything.  She really changes when my cousin comes to visit.  Gets very grumpy and just looks plain irritated.  You may be thinking the worse but my cousin won't hurt a fly and she's an animal lover as myself.  I honestly think there's a whole this is MY cousin-this is MY owner rivalry going on as my cat wont leave my side when mini-me (my cousin) is around.

Anyway.  All this got me thinking that perhaps we need another kitty, I've been lusting over one I even wrote my Tuesday Treat about that one day.  It took me a while to convince my family and boyfriend (even though none of them reside with me) I still wanted to have their support and FINALLY!!! we're (I'm) getting a new kitten.

Getting Maya acquainted to the home wasnt hard at all.  She made it her own in no time but she still knows who's in charge, or at least who feeds her.

I have been reading soooo much about bringing a new kitty home and it's a major transition for pets and humans.  But we will hopefully be well prepared.

Two litters of four kittens were found on the streets of New York and one mommy (the other is MIA) and kittens were temporarily adopted (and mommy fixed) by two amazing families until the kittens can be released to their permanent families. Most kittens have been adopted (thank God) and we are finally bringing our baby is coming home on Friday. Vet has given the OK! and Maya is getting her yearly shots today.

We still don't have a name for our new baby... PLEASE HELP!!!!!!  also any tips about new baby in the house???

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ergonomic pen - UGLee Pen: Review and GIVEAWAY

As you already know from previous reviews and posts, I LOVE PENS!! and I couldnt be happier to review this innovative ergonomic pen called UGLee Pen that claims to be the most comfortable and durable pen there is.  So I put it to the test.

At first, it's not very pleasant to the eye... (at least the pens am used to) but again, I collect them so I may be biased in that sense.  So when I saw it.  I found the FIRST great thing.  WHO's GONNA STEAL IT???  Pen stealing in a major major problem, so if someone ever asks if they can borrow your pen say with confidence NO!!!!  Ok!  they wont steal it because of its looks (again my opinion) but once they use it... it's a gonner!  

It's lightweight and amazingly smooth.  I used it on different types of paper (even papers that make your handwriting fail) and all PASSED my critical testing.

Ink did not smear, especially important for signatures (in my  line of work) and filling out forms.

It's end is retractable. 

So ok!  it's not adorable like the pink orchid pen last featured on my blog, but it does an amazing job and I particularly love the soft and non-slip grip especially important for children when learning how to write.

Another PLUS is the fact that its made of a virtually indestructible material, particularly important for pen biters.  I confess, I bite the tip of my pens.  Although biting wont destroy it according to Dr. Lee (its creator) I bit the top a few times only making small insignificant indentations.  (I think after this am done biting my pens, I felt ridiculous doing it willingly, I bet that's how I look when I do it for no reason). 

Other pen manufacturers put beauty before comfort but who wants to brainstorm on 20 pages for a  thesis with an uncomfortable pen.

I personally love it and agree that it's the most comfortable thus far.  They come in different colors and in all seriousness, they are not that UGLee, it really is just the name.  But when I first read the name that's what came to my mind.

To learn more visit http://www.ugleepen.com/about-the-ultimate-grip-pen/ for great videos with information and meet Dr. Lee, the creator of Uglee Pens. 

To buy click HERE or enter below for a chance to win a 3-pack (random color)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Barefoot: foot lotion

"Put your best foot forward - sans a spa - with our Bare Foot treatments. Now, while luxuriating in your own home, you can give yourself the ankle-to-toe grooming of a lifetime with natural fruit and botanical extract-filled scrubs, soaks and, finally, shea-butter enriching lotions, putting you a foot ahead of the rest."

Yes, FOOT LOTION, we talk a lot about our mani's and how to care for our hands, but what about our feet????  

I received this amazing foot lotion for review and love it.  Good bye to cracked heels in sandals and it's sooooo affordable.  It is only $3.79 and super fast shipping.  Great smell and although it is peppermint + plum, I feel more of the plum smell which is GREAT! for me as I do not like mint.  The peppermint in this lotion just gives your feet a cooling, refreshing feel.  I use after showering or soaking for an amazing pedi.

Give your feet an inexpensive pampering session.  

Key Ingredients:
Peppermint Oil
Plum Extract
Tea Tree Oil

Ingredient List:

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sweaty Bands: Head Bands that DON'T slip

I received this beautiful thin headband from Sweatybands and could not wait to try it.  I found very hard to believe that they do not slip. I have very long, thick, curly hair my hair's nature is NOT to stay in place.  

I received the thin racing stripes and it's true!!!! my sweatyband STAYS IN PLACE.  I use not only for sweaty activities, but also to hold my hair when applying makeup and running through my beauty day/night routine and to keep hair in place when riding bicycle or motorcycle so that when I take off my helmet it doesnt go "poof" and when I want it off, it comes off without bringing my hair with it.

Am not the only one that has used it and loved in. In April 2010, sweatybands became the official headband of the AVP pro beach volleyball tour. As of August 2011, sweatybands were being sold in 1000 stores and last month (June 2012) Sweaty Bands receives its first purchase order from Disney! Sweaty Bands will be on sale in the RunDisney Official Merchandise area!!

I didnt want to be left behind.  This is a hot hot item.  Offered in many colors and styles go HERE to check them out and if you dont like any (unlikely) you can also create a custom one HERE
and it's easy

Select width and quantity.
Choose your template, pattern or background.
Choose your colors.
Add art. You can either choose from the clip art library or upload your own image or logo.
Add text.
Submit your custom Sweaty Band and sweatybands takes care of the rest.

These headbands vary in price but are worth every penny.  
For specials, news and offers,
Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter

By the way, I love their logo/avatar she looks so sassy and sexy.  It inspires fitness =)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shoe Love: Lugz Allerton: Review and Giveaway

Photo: What do you think about these? Get em' here (Allerton):http://www.lugz.com/shop/mens/Allerton/MALTCC-0092

Men can also be shoelovers they just have a harder time admitting to it.  Right??
As stated before in previous posts, I must say I am very lucky girl my boyfriend supports everything I do as crazy as it may seem and we share the love for shoes (well.. he shares my love for my shoes).  He has wondered if there will be a time when we will go to DSW (my favorite shoe store) and get a pair for him and occasionally (occasionally being the operative word) we do! This time, was a lot more exciting. I received a pair of Lugz Allerton as part of a product review The Allerton is a hi-top sneaker that will take you from day to night in comfort and style. Retails - $49.99

Cotton chambray upper
Cotton drill lining
Cushioned insole
Durable rubber outsole

I asked my boyfriend if he'll be my model.  Although he had never heard of the brand, he was so thrilled about being my model that he also wrote the review and here's what he said:

"This is a stylish casual shoe that goes really good with jeans and casual clothes. I love the cool and relaxed look they have, but overall I love they are really confortable. I tested the confort of these shoes a couple a weeks ago when I helped my girlfriend at the church’s carnival on a hot and humid summer Sunday; I had to be standing and walking up and down all around the place and I was really happy I had them on.

The dark gray canvas texture gives it a nice stylish look, that looks great combiend with most casual clothes,and also seem durable and easy to maintain.

So if you are looking for pair of confortable, casual and stylish shoes I would recommend you to consider getting these ones."

There you have it!  from a man, THE man, himself.  I remember that Carnival it was great but we were on our feet ALL DAY! I wore the wrong sandals that day I still regret it.  (sad face) good thing he was comfy.  :)


Lugz the brand Built for the Street has always been an innovator and leader in urban footwear, Lugz first made a name for itself in October of 1993, bringing its first line of boots to market. Soon Lugz was endorsed by key players from the world of hip hop and has continued to do so through out the years by creating trendsetting styles beyond boots, adding casual shoes and athletics to the mix. In the fall of 2008 Lugz shot on to the Mixed Martial Arts scene signing its first two MMA fighters, Lyoto Machida and Houston Alexander as endorsers. Machida captured the title of UFC Light Heavyweight Champion as he represented Lugz. Shortly after, Lugz signed Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. In 2010 Cain Velasquez became the newest endorser of Lugz; immediately after signing, Cain fought to become UFC World Heavyweight Champion. Today, 2011, Lugz continues to grow its Team – signing UFC Welterweight Josh Koscheck and UFC Light Heavyweight Phil Davis.

"Lugz: Built for the Streets….Your Street our Shoes"

I love Lugz they hold a special place in my heart.  My very first job happened to be at a local shoe store and we carried Lugz and many of our repeat customers were thanks to this great brand. 




a Rafflecopter giveaway

Indie Invasion: Nubian Princess

Today I gladly bring you Nubian Princess by Nail Potions.  First of all I have to tell you, She's a super sweet girl.. I have had the opportunity of conversing with her via e-mail and can see that her customers are her first priority.  She makes sure her product is of the highest quality and I respect her that much more after she told me "I will not sell something am not ready to buy back".  If there's a problem it will be addressed.  This is the kind of shop I want to buy from.  

Now onto the guts of this post.

From the second you lay eye on this beauty you know you just have to have it.  Is a clear top coat with white bars, copper and fuchsia glitter and hexes of different sizes. 

Fuchsia is my favorite color to apply on my nails especially in the summer .  I don't know why the color is so different in the pictures but the real color looks very close to the picture on the upper right hand side.

Here's a more true to color photo over a nude polish from Vogue.  

I loved it because I did not have to fish for the glitter and it evenly applied.  Shown above in two coats.  Glitter did not clump and the bars did not "stand up" after it dried.  A very responsible top coat.  After drying my nails  were smooth to the touch!! The glitter didnt make it feel sandy or the like.  

Nail Potions bases are 3-free, minis and full size bottles are available
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! and highly recommended


Leopard Mani/uñas de leopardo

I had never before tried to do a leopard mani (be gentle)... it seemed so easy I always said "I'll do it another day" (figures) I NEEDED practice.  Well this is just on time for Jilltasticnaildesign weekly challenge.  This week was a Leopard mani

Nunca antes me habia echo uñas de leopardo.. siempre lo veia y parecia tan facil que siempre decia "lo hare otro dia" pero debi haber practicado.. pero bueno... lo hice justo a tiempo para el reto semanal de  Jilltasticnaildesign ya que esta semana el reto era leopardo.  

It was easy.. (this part at least) I decided to use a metallic silver base (no fancy nail polish) this is a two-way nail art pen from ebay.  smells aweful but dries quickly =D 

Era facil (por lo menos hasta aqui) decidi usar una base color plata (no es ningun esmalte especial) es uno de doble funcion para hacer arte que consegui en ebay.  Huele horrible pero seca rapido. 

then added the brown dots in no specific shape or form.
Luego añadi puntos cafes sin forma especifica. 

and finally framed the brown spots with a black liner. 
Y finalmente enmarque las manchas cafes con un delineador negro. 

Sooo how was it??
Que opinas??

It's not my favorite but I give myself points not just for trying but for posting. 
No es mi favorito pero creo que meresco puntos no solo por intentarlo sino por escribirlo. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hey Shoelovers ~ Feel the OO!: Oofos Shoes

There is no question about me being a shoe lover with a collection consisting mostly of high heels therefore, being that I can recognize (based on my "expertise" with high heels) an uncomfortable shoe. I can also tell you about a comfortable shoe and this my fellow shoe lovers is one of them!

I received a pair of Oofos OOriginal Thong as part of a product review.  I wore them for several days.  My feet are on the narrow side so flip flops, sandals, shoes with straps and the like can be bothersome as there isnt enough foot to fill the shoe so I thought I would end up with blisters on the top of my foot (as usual) but I WAS WRONG.

These shoes comfortably adjusted to my foot almost like hugging them, did not make the annoying flippy floppy sound and had AMAZING arch support.  Again, AMAZING arch support.  I wanted to take them apart to show you a pic of the bottom so you can the arch support but I love them too much.  Also they were super soft on my feet almost like walking on foam, so they're cute, comfortable, stylish, easy to clean (wash or wipe and dry) and very functional!!!

Oofos ARE shoes and NOT just sandals and are available in men (7-14) and women (4-11) sizes. They also have a OOahh Slide, check it out HERE.
The color of mine is a little more vibrant than showed on the picture. But if you're not a pink or fuchsia lover, they are also available in tangarine, mocha or black.

yOOur feet will thank you! <3

It is made of a material called OOfoam. Their "technology is a combination of compound and patented footbed design" "OOfoam is 37% more impact absorbing than any existing EVA, the most common material found in footwear."*
OOfoam technology:
• Absorbs shock to lessen pain
• Reduces fatigue & restores vigor
• Delivers unparalleled cushioning to recharge & rejuvenate your feet.

"Learn the facts about our exclusive OOFOAM technology and how it helps you recharge and rejuvenate your feet"
There is nothing else like OOfoam on the market. 

ENTER HERE TO WIN YOUR VERY OWN PAIR and while you're at it stop by their FB page and thank them for this giveaway for an extra entry <3 they'll love to hear from you.  

or click HERE to buy

To "Feel the OO!" join their social platforms




* from their site

Dish Drying Mat: GIVEAWAY!

My most dreaded chore happens to be doing the dishes and the worst thing is that my new place does NOT have a dishwasher.  So I received the Envision Home Dish Drying Mat as part of a product review.  Since I hate dishes and I always find something wrong with "kitchen stuff" I have been using this mat for over a month and I have determined that it's a must-have!!!! I've used it, I've drenched, I've try for it to lose its shape and thickness, and nothing!! it's GREAT!!

It is made of microfiber, is machine washable, super absorbent  and very fast drying and didnt smell bad even when wet-dried and wet again :D



This is directly from their site
"The Envision Home™ Dish Drying Mat is the new solution to the age old tradition of placing dish towels on the counter when hand washing pots, pans, dishes, and glassware. The unique, laminated design combines a new thicker layer of foam between two layers of high quality, super absorbent microfiber.
Superior absorbency; holds 4 times its weight in water
Cushions delicate dishes and stemware
Machine washable and highly durable
Folds and stores easily
Mat Size: 16 in. x 18 in.Has Multiple Uses
Try it underneath your dish drying rack in place of the plastic drain board. Place it underneath your appliances (mixer, blender, etc.) to protect your counter top from scratches and scuffs."

It does exactly what it says it does and when you're done, just lay for drying, fold it and store it.  You dont have to leave a bulky thing in the kitchen just making a mess. I've also use it under the blender to protect the countertop (not really, I use it in case it spills..LOL) 

I love it sooo much, I want THREE of you to have ONE.  Enter through Rafflecopter below. (open US and Canada).  If wanna buy it instead, click HERE

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Knot Genie Giveaway

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Knot Genie Giveaway
Sponsor - Knot Genie

College Grad Coupons reviewed this truly magical detangling brush. Knot Genie graciously provided us with an additional brush to give to one of our readers! Want to learn more about the Knot Genie?
Check out College Grad Coupon's Knot Genie Review
Knot Genie is every parent's dream brush for their child that has the longest and thickest hair you've ever seen. Growing up as one of those children, I am glad, as an adult, that Knot Genie was invented. It's a handle-less brush with multiple length, flexible bristles that tackle all your tangles with ease!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Knot Genie is a great addition to your get-ready routine or the perfect gift for anyone with unruly hair.
If you want the chance to own one of these Knot Genie brushes, all you have to do is complete the entries on the Rafflecopter below! All entries will be verified once a winner is chosen. You must me 18 years or older to enter this giveaway. U.S. entrants only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
 Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this post. All opinions shared here are my own. College Grad Coupons is responsible for prize fulfillment and shipment. YOUR BLOG NAME is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment. Odds of winning are based on the amount of entries received. Facebook is in no way affiliated with this giveaway or prize.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mistura Beauty Solution and Lip Plump

I was given Mistura Beauty 6 in 1 beauty solution as part of a product review.  Sooo what's all this??

It's Mistura Beauty 6 in 1 beauty solution Includes one powder compact of Mistura’s 6-in-1 Beauty Solution, one eye and lip applicator, Luminada Illuminating Moisturizer, Vitamin E Lip Treatment, a luxury retractable brush and a luxury drawstring pouch.

With this beauty solution you can actually replace concealer and foundation, helps you achieve that healthy natural glow and flawless look.  
"Mistura’s trademarked formula is heat activated and therefore works differently on everyone. The light refracting minerals and ultramarines glide over your skin like silk muting blemishes, redness and imperfections. Our Miracle Match Colour Blend Technology® guarantees perfect individualized results every time."  

Apply in the same way as you would compact foundation AFTER the Luminada Illuminating Moisterizer which is an odorless, milky-smooth moisterizer comes in an airless packaging, I use one pump and covers my entire face and neck.  The powder is very gentle to your skin, does not feel heavy and it does NOT look cake-y or cracked.  On the contrary, it stays smooth and fresh throughout the day.  Also easy to clean off your face at night.

With the powder compact, a little goes a long way for a flawless look, I added a little extra on the T-zone of my face for a tanned look. The pouch is very handy and elegant.  I keep everything in there to avoid misplacement and it's easily cleaned.

The vitamin E lip treatment is great too smooth as a chapstick.   Your lips need to be taken into account during your beauty routine and are often neglected.

The Plump and Glow lip glosses seen here is Kate and Reese shades, adds fullness to your lips.  It fills up all of the ridges on your lips for a nice hydrated pout.

These are my "naked" lips

Here they are with Reese

Kate does the best "filling" job for some reason.  Although I liked Reese's color better,

Both smell great. If you're looking for fuller, thicker lips.  I'd say this is a good solution.  Does not feel heavy on your lips, is very smooth and non-sticky.  Gorgeous packaging and great applicatiors

Recommended.  Mistura Beauty offers a 100% guaranteed return policy as well. 


Mistura Beauty products are 100% guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied and you made your purchase in our online store, your product must be returned in its original packaging to: Mistura Beauty Inc., 5350 Canotek Rd, Unit 7, Ottawa, Ontario K1J 9C9. If you purchased at one of our retailers, please return with your receipt to the point of purchase. Product(s) must be returned within 30 days of receipt for a FULL refund less shipping. You must use a carrier that offers shipment tracking for all returns."

Where to Buy:
You can buy online HERE or at these stores:

Like Mistura Beauty on Facebook and follow them on Twitter