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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Starlooks: What's in January?

I can't believe it's almost February time flies.  But as time flies we get closer and closer to spring and spring means colors!!!!!!!
I am thrilled to bring you the January Starbox that I received as part of a product review.

This month's box is as surprising and amazing as the others, that's why I have fallen in love with it.
It had a 
"Fancy" Diamondline eye liner: a gorgeous green sparkly tint very creamy and smooth as well as long lasting and easy to take off.  ($8.00)

Brown eye liner: this is a makeup staple.  EVERYONE must have a brown eyeliner and starbox has it!  ($8.00)

858 Dome Brush: Perfect for blending and smudging for smokey eyes, lid and even under lash line and a lot softer than the brushes am used to (PERK!),  ($15.00)

 photo IMG_3992_zps9bd8153c.jpg
To achieve this look I used the December palette and Fancy Diamondline eye liner in this month's box. 
 photo IMG_8934_zps61d04b68.jpg

 photo IMG_8935_zps6de3d2e6.jpg
Cuty Peach Blush Compact: Very rich in color, translucent, perfect for the upcoming good weather days and trendy for spring ($12.00)

and all made in the US
 photo IMG_4153_zpsf4a478a8.jpg  photo IMG_4155_zpsb354e263.jpg

This month's box also included a nice surprise, a beaded bracelet by Abby Rose Designs.  "Awaken your passion" visit her etsy shop and use code "Starlooks" at checkout for free shipping

and don't worry if you missed it this is the greatest perk of Starlooks, you can purchase past boxes for only $25.00.

There are also major perks with Starbox:

Free shipping on all online orders under 10lbs. (even one eyeliner ships FREE)
Starbox points program - point for every dollar spent. 100 points=$10 towards your next purchase.
Best makeup line and hair products recently introduced to the industry.
For more info, reviews and the like be sure to like them on Facebook, subscribe to their YouTube Channel and follow them on Twitter. All products are full size and you'll get your monies worth

What are you waiting for? Subscribe now... tell me what you think. I love reading your comments.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Indie Invasion: Whooz Polish

I love indie invasions on my blog... Today, I bring you THREE bottles of the great Whooz Polish that I received for review.

First up is Andie.  It's a gorgeous "princess" shimmery pink with micro pink and holo glitter and larger pink hexes.  It's gorgeous.  I really liked it when i applied it... it doesnt even feel like a glitter polish when applying and it's GORGEOUS! now that am looking at the pictures I like it so much more.   Beautiful shade and perfect coverage.  No undies needed :)

 photo IMG_7748_zps231773fa.jpg  photo IMG_7749_zpsa45e936e.jpg  photo IMG_7742_zps38d494ac.jpg

Second is Rock Candy.  This one is composed of a gray-ish base and glitter and hexes in different sizes.  This would be really gorgeous on pastel undies.  For this one, I should have waited a little longer between coats and maybe add a third coat for more coverage.  I couldnt get any great pictures of this one... but you have to see it!!! go HERE for other swatches.

 photo IMG_7751_zps0966d852.jpg  photo IMG_7752_zps277d63d0.jpg  photo IMG_7754_zps0e080365.jpg  photo IMG_7756_zps4484e296.jpg

and lastly, is Tutu.  A super fun purple tutu on your nails.  I decided to put it over Passion Purple and accent it with Bundle Monster image plate BM-317
 photo IMG_7832_zps84831b97.jpg  photo IMG_7825_zpsdea037c7.jpg  photo IMG_7823_zpsd1dc2195.jpg

I really liked them, the shades are super fun and again, very easy to apply (major perk with glitters).
Be sure to like Whooz Polish on Facebook and check out her Etsy shop.  Most bottles retail for $8.50 but check her site for specials, promotions and limited edition items.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day and Time we, women, look our worst

Just saw this incredible somewhat I don't want to believe video on aol.com and thought! hummm... For me, I have a second job on Wednesdays that requires that extra attention to the way I look but the way I feel is downhill from there but soon thereafter, my energy is revitalized with the thoughts of the weekend approaching.

Am going to start paying attention at 3:30p.m. with a mirror at hand to test this theory LoL!

What do you think? DO TELL! I love reading your comments!

Here's the direct link in case the embedded video doesnt work for some reason.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

RUNNUR: Adventure Companion: Review and Giveaway

 photo IMG_3512_zpsa6957498.jpg

Ahhh the land of Aloha!!! 
imagine carrying a purse while exploring this slippery crab-filled beach. NOT an option.
The next best thing: a fanny pack.  There is no way am carrying one.  They're too funny looking.

So how do I take all my necessary adventure items. 

Problem solved.  As part of a product review, I received a RUNNUR.  Sometimes you have too many things to carry for a pocket and not that many for a backpack.  The designers of RUNNUR figured this out and with an eye for fashion came up with the greatest idea.  You know am an outdoorsy kind of person but am also a girl and have girly things to carry.  Like you know... ummm.... Lipgloss :) and believe it or not I even had tanning lotion in there :) 

 photo IMG_3510_zpsfbefbc8f.jpg
Runnur comes in different colors and sizes.  Perfect for men and women.


the water bottle holder will hold a 20 Vitamin Water or Gatorade.  I take it on hikes, at the beach, amusement parks and when riding bicycle or my motorized scooter (moped).  Every pocket is strategically located and all items kept within reach and very well thought-out.  For example, you wont have to reach all across your  body to grab your phone.  What if it rang 20 times a day?  The phone's pocket is right in front of you.

Also proved very efficient around holiday shopping.  Never had to worry about my purse and the only bags to carry were the things I just purchased and no hunting for wallet or keys when too many bags at hand :)  when taking my kids to the vet (my furry kids) I can use my hands to carry them comfortably as opposed to juggling them and a purse.

My RUNNUR and I have really bonded :) 

RUNNUR is also waterproof and easy to clean when needed.

RUNNUR has a great deal going on.  One retails for $45 buy 2 for $65 HERE and check out their other accessories like their aluminum wallet (I need one of those).   and/or enter below to win your own open US and Canada.
Also, be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Capturing Couture

 photo Hawaii-Trip2012098_zpsf8161fc7.jpg
Accessories: some girls' best friends.  The picture above was not meant to become material for a review post but it worked out that way.  It looks as though am showing off my latest accessory.  When i first saw it, I said - whoever thinks of this stuff is brilliant"  

As part of a product review, I received this gorgeous camera strap.  EVERYONE notices it wherever I go.    It came wrapped so beautifully I almost did not want to open it. 
 photo IMG_7704_zps2164e332.jpg
Capturing Couture is a company started by two moms with great expertise and combined talents in fashion and photography to create collections that are "both *girly glam* and 'urban chic'. It’s time for the fashion and photography markets to merge with the creation of the finest ‘ultra chic, totally couture accessories for anyone with a camera!"

That's ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a camera!

Below is Serenity Rock from the new 2013 collection.   
 photo IMG_7707_zpsd2e5d812.jpg  photo IMG_7705_zps8dad6168.jpg  photo IMG_7706_zps3222fd78.jpg

The strap has a comfortable plush velvet surface with customized metal logo rivets and nylon webbing.  It is adjustable so you can put it around your neck or across your body.

I was walking towards the water to take some pics of my friends and it just looks stunning and stylish.  You'll love hearing "I love your camera strap" so much better than the walking advertising strap that my camera came with.  I disliked everyone saying oh it's a Canon or a Nikon or whatever your strap says.  This one just says "Wow-you're chic"

I was worried about the velvet as I didnt want it to get fuzzy and lint-y.  My camera and I had had a few intense runs the past couple of months and the strap looks and feels great!  In those intense runs has gotten dirty but simply spot clean and is good to go again. 

 photo Hawaii-Trip2012090_zps1ab8212f.jpg  photo Hawaii-Trip2012097_zpsdb58897a.jpg  photo Hawaii-Trip2012094_zpse8d3da4f.jpg

Another of my favorites is Cream Organza.

Capturing Couture also offers 1.5'' straps as well as wristlets and guitar straps.
Straps vary in price.  Serenity Rock 2'' retails for $49.00.

Be sure to check all of their collections in their newly launched site, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Holiday Voxbox

I was so happy to receive the confirmation email stating that the Holiday Voxbox was coming to me :)
It was full of wonderful goodies.

 photo IMG_3788_zps0d46a338.jpg

You know how excited I get with snacks and this box had a perfect one.  Quaker Real Medleys Summer Berry.. It was so good and creamy just how I like it and even had fruit in it :) 

As a shoelover, I was ecstatic to see a $25.00 off coupon for sole society, although DSW still my favorite shoe store, I may "cheat" I mean it's $25.00!!  and anyone can use it.   The code is INFLUENSTER25 

The box also had a sample of EBOOST ... It's a natural drink you just add to water.  It was very yummy sometimes water alone get boring.  This was great 

 photo IMG_3792_zpsaac2b23b.jpg

This was the most interesting item in this box.  The Goody quirkstyle brush.  Absorbs a lot of water right out of the shower.  It's great my curls are lighter and bouncier but after using it for a while, since it doesnt dry well, it began to smell a little.. .so i just have to make sure is completely dry before storing but I like it overall.

 photo IMG_3789_zps348fc02a.jpg

and of course NAILS AND MAKE UP!
Kiss nails ,,, I cant wait to put these nail dresses on! love the bling, the color
NYC LiquidLipshine in Nude York City complements every look!  
 photo IMG_8749_zps739a8571.jpg

I had a blast testing these!!! be sure to check out www.influenster.com, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook

Indie Invasion: Maya Cosmetics: LE Crescent City Collection


I felt very privileged when I was asked to review three out of the 5 polishes in Maya Cosmetics' limited edition Crescent City collection that releases TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As you know I hold Maya Cosmetics very dear to my heart because she shares the same charisma, wonderfulness and the name of my dear four legged-fury, spoiled child, Maya. :) 

This collection is made up of 5 wonderful polishes of which I received three.  It's a mardi gras collection full of color and richness and reminds me of my visit to New Orleans back in 2012 (summer).

First up is Cookin' Creole "light brown base (roux), brown glitter (Andouille), pink glitter (shrimp), green (veggies for flavor), micro brown and pink (spices) and white (rice)"  This one is my least favorite only because it's really late at night and writing about it is making me really hungry :/ other than that is a beautiful color.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Up next is Let the Good Times Roll.  This is "mardi gras in a bottle" made up of a clear base, with an even distribution of mardi gras colors glitters.
I liked the fact that is charged with glitters but is not so thick where you know that after few uses you will have to use thinner.  Not this one :) 
Go to full-size image
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
I wanted to give it an additional mardi gras twist so used GA13 plate with Essie Good as Gold
Photobucket Photobucket
Last but certainly not least is Big Chief.  Definitely the Big Chief of blue shades in my collection.  I love the way it accentuates my skin color and the random glitter distribution for added touch!  Also had a perfect consistency.  I can see myself wearing this for a while. 
Maya on Maya :-p Sooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

(All above two coats and no top coat except for Let Good Times Roll that does have a coat of top coat)

Be sure to check out Maya Cosmetics' site and
Like them on Facebook for more info, pictures and specials.

What do you think??? I love reading your comments!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Indie Invasion: Different Dimension

I received samples from Different Dimension to review and couldnt be more excited.  These are beautiful glitter polishes that speak for themselves.
First up is Hanna.  It's a light purple base with magenta, periwinkle and white glitters.  The perk here is that it has a very "light" consistency considering that it is a glitter polish and as such i expect them to be thicker.  Seen below in one coat on nail plate and space camp on tips.  Space camp is made up of holo hexes and silver glitter, it's like wearing diamonds :) perfect glitters for a glam-mani :)
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
I even entered it into Sassy Saturday Contest by Shellys Sassy Nails

Next up is Selene another bling bling polish except in white hexes and white and holo glitter.  I decided to go with a fancy frenchie over Novia by Masglo base
and to glam up a bit used image plate GA14 from the Gals Princess Collection.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I am very pleased with the quality and durability of these polishes, received lots of compliments on both manis and highly recomment Different Dimensions.

Individual polishes retail for $8.50
Be sure to check out her Etsy store for more shades and swatches and like her on Facebook