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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Indie Invasion: Lock Shock and Barrel

With blue being my favorite color, I am super happy to present Lock Shock and Barrel by LynBDesigns that I received as part of a product review.
It's a beautiful polish with blue base with tiny holographic glitter and look at that sparkle. 
Wears very well... look at the growth on my nails and very little bolding.  a little on the thick side, seen here in two coats but one coat could be enough, I see myself using thinner in the future (not the very near future though).
I thought it'd be the perfect partner for BM323 to create the perfect winter wonderland.
Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

is BIG 3 FREE and Retails for $5.00.  You can buy it HERE
Visit her Etsy Shop here  for amazing colors, jewelry and more creations and be sure to like her on Facebook

What do you think????????? I love reading your comments.

What's in the November Starbox? You'll be surprised!

Photobucket I first introduced you to Starbox with a review of their October box.  See it here.  As explained therein, this is not the regular monthly subscription.  I love it because you'll get to see an entire makeup line for only $15.00 and you have the ability to purchase prior boxes and of course, you purchase just the products you love.  

I also have the opportunity to review the November Starbox which is the first, SEMI-CUSTOMIZED Edition which means that mine was put together JUST FOR ME!!!!!!! and yours JUST FOR YOU!!!!!!! 

This month's "theme" is the prime look.  You know that look that everyone can wear and only YOUR skin tone makes different ANND it's the contour before any "color" is applied and you will note a flawless skin glow.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
slightly different on each eye
Also included a great tool (pink tool seen above).  At first I had no idea what it was but guessed it had to do with the eyes lol and then figured out it's a 3in1 mascara guide/applicator so that you don't ruin your amazing eye makeup by smudging your mascara.   This has happened to me way too often, then you try to "clean" the mascara smudge and find that you might as well re-do the whole eye (cough cough yeah never happened to me ** cough **cough).
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket beautiful nude color very creamy glides on your lips.
But wait, here's where it gets more incredible!!!!!!!!!!!! You will be sooo surprised.  This box is not just a prep for colors you may have.  This palette is prep for all the color you're going to receive in December.  The December box will have a 15 color eye shadow palette - a $99 value.   Treat yourself or a loved one pre-order the December box BY DECEMBER FIRST.

These are removable... perhaps the December palette "fits" for on the go (this is me thinking outloud)

They are really letting the cat out for their Holiday-December box.  You might just want to be "in" for this one.  Subscribe now at Starlooks.com.  This box also makes a great gift for a beauty enthusiast you may know and shipping is WORLDWIDE.

Also, every box comes with mystic quartz crystals to attract energy, help maintain focus and are an ultimate symbol of beauty. They can be collected in a jar to make a brush holder or the like :)

There are also major perks with Starbox:

  • Free shipping on all online orders under 10lbs.  (even one eyeliner ships FREE)
  • Starbox points program - point for every dollar spent.  100 points=$10 towards your next purchase.
  • Best makeup line and hair products recently introduced to the industry. 

For more info, reviews and the like be sure to like them on Facebook, subscribe to their YouTube Channel and follow them on Twitter. All products are full size and you'll get your monies worth

What are you waiting for? Subscribe now... tell me what you think.  I love reading your comments. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Journey Gym Review and Giveaway!

I was given the opportunity of getting a Journey Gym for review. The journey gym is a complete, lightweight, compact fitness system and it is intended to make it possible to bring your gym with you where ever you go, since it is basically as big as a briefcase.  That is a great concept, and for the ones that are not thinking on taking it everywhere, it allows it to be stored with ease when is not being used. I love the fact that is portable because that allows me to bring it with me to my girlfriend’s apartment and work out there without worrying if I forgot something I needed.  Everything is there and neatly kept when not in use.  

I also like that you can create an account online and that gives you access to online video workouts to get started right away and you can even create your own video routines with the available pre-recorded videos available online. You can even add your own music to the video, and also download it to your computer and burn a DVD.  The videos feature professional instructors guiding you step by step on how to do the exercises and it is almost like having your own personal trainer.

There are exercises for the whole body and also use it as step to workout cardio, and the best of all is that the workouts are short but still effective. You can do shoulder raises, back rows, bicep curls, triceps kickbacks, bench presses, side bends, crunches, squats and more.

The Journey Gym is perfect for someone with a busy life style. The journey gym is simple, convenient, and practical. With all that definitely there is not excuse to skip my workout, so that means consistency and well so far I am happy with the results. I have gained strength progressively and also muscle tone.

If you are seriously thinking on start exercising at home I would recommend the journey gym to you.

It comes with 30 resistance bands (five on each side plus ten additional bands) for a customizable resistance system of 5 to 75 pounds per side.  One set of adjustable handles so resistance only begins when you are in the correct position. Full set of legs which are used to raise the gym into a stair stepper for a full cardio workout.  A workout DVD specifically designed for the gym with a 5 minute set up video, a 10 minute circuit tone workout and a 20 minute circuit strength workout.
An online community at www.healthisajourney.com where you are able to create exercise videos, track your activity and nutrition, and share your progress with friends and family. 

When I first opened it looked very very extremely complex, but it's really simple to set up and use at the various resistance levels.

The Journey Gym can be purchased for a one-time payment of $299.00 (which is about 3 months of gym membership fees on average) or you can also purchase it in installments

"The installment payments option to purchase a journey gym, along with everything you need to start your health journey, leads to a full purchase of the product over a course of 5 payments of $49.95 once a month. The initial payment is $49.90 ($14.95 for the 30 day trial offering + $34.95 shipping & handling) and then 5 subsequent payments are just $49.95 each. Simply select this option on the installment payments page."

I don't know of any fitness equipment that is so complete and affordable. 

For more information check out their website  
Like them on Faceboo
Follow Them on Twitter and 
Subscribe to their YouTube Channel
Journey Gym has recently been given 5 star Rating from the American Council of Exercise.  This is a great honor because not many fitness products receive this rating. 

Lastly, just remember exercise ALONE is not the way to tone your body and look your best good nutrition is essential.  For that reason, Journey Gym wants to give five of my readers a Nutrition Guide written by Kim Lyons, their star trainer, so you can get started on the new you even before purchasing your Journey Gym open US ONLY. This guide has been given amazing reviews as the tool to support you on your weightloss/fitness program.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, November 26, 2012

Am in love

It's very easy for me to get to love a shoe.  In fact I love them ALL!!!!!!!! Am a Shoe Lover what can I say.  But these.. wow!!!

I was out with my bestie doing what I love to do the most SHOE SHOPPING!!!! although we went shopping for her, I decided to give the store a look and saw glittery pumps, I figures they could come in handy as I was walking with not so comfy lulu townsend glittery pump saw these Audrey Brooke Jancis Pump.  Got them in black.  This is NOT the shoe I would have gone for online. But it was love at first sight at the store... I put them on and wow! they fit like a glove and suuuuper comfy. It's the first day out with them so I can't tell you about quality or durability but by now I really think am going to get a second pair for when these are gone. They are soooo comfy and HIGH!!!!!! I love high heels and have great tolerance for the pain and suffering that comes associated with them but that's NOT an issue  HERE! I am in love.  My feet are on the narrow side but If you have "fat" feet the strap may be uncomfortable.

Basically it's a HIGH, COMFORTABLE heel at an unbelievable price... this is almost unreal!

The gorgeous velvety finish allows you to dress them up or dress them down I have found a new everyday shoe for comfort and looks and a new party shoe for comfort and glamour.

I am in love!

Where did I get those shoes??? Where else??  at DSW snatched them on sale at the store unfortunately, they are not on sale online (ughhhhh) but you know what, am off to DSW.com to get them again just in case.

Also, these babies made me premier... So they get that much extra love.  If you're a DSW gal you know what this is!!! comment below join the celebration!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Highly recommended.

Indie Invasion: Candeo Colors: Orchid

Hi!!!!!! I am again featuring Candeo Colors, as promised on my previous Candeo post found HERE, I present you Orchid.  
This is a beautiful jelly-like polish with furcsia/magenta base and glitter and hexes that accentuate these shades.  I received soooo many compliments on this color that kept it for a whole week! a WHOLE WEEK with one color.  =)  
This shade has really earned its way into the faves.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

It held very well, It's very shiny and no to coat needed, although recommended to protect your mani.  I only added top coat for a super glossy shine but it is really not needed.  The large glitter did not "stand up"

and welcomes nail art as well.. Cheeky stamping plate CH55 
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

All Candeo Colors polishes are BIG 3 FREE. 

Each bottle retails for $9.00

Check out Candeo's Website for more amazing colors

and be sure to like its page on Facebook

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Want You to Want Me

It's official!! It's Holiday Parties Time :)
Bust out your best moves, outfits, shoes and makeup!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We're always looking for new trends, colors and kits.  I have great news for ya'
Anastasia Beverly Hills has released their 2012 Holiday Kits and I have the I Want You to Want Me kit that I received as part of a product review.   Last year, their All Eye Want kit SOLD OUT!!!


The outer kit case is a velvety case with a large mirror and a removable palette that also has a mirror.   
- High-pigment shadows can be worn dry for a sheer wash of color.  
- Dual-sided eye shadow brush included. 
- Jet black liquid eye liner creates the perfect thin line for a dramatic eye. 
- Mini Clear Brow Gel sets brows in place all day and night. 

A kit within a clutch. A nod to the glam and decadence of the 1970’s.  So compact fits in my purse or briefcase (when at work).  I take it everywhere and it's simply appealing to the eye because of the deluxe packaging unlike taking a makeup bag out of your purse.   


the kit also contains Anastasia's best selling clear brow gel.  I had never used brow gel before and now it has really taken a special place in my makeup routine.  I have very long and curly brows, this gel feels like mousse on my hair and it is long lasting brow relief =)  really keeps them in place.

As well as a new Jet Black Liquid Eyeliner to create perfect looks.


They are from the top row left to right: Platform Wedge, Front Row Center, Ziggy, Members Only, Power Ballad, Jellies, Graphic T's, Brass in Pocket and Iron On.
The palette is made up of 9  long-wearing season-perfect shades of hydrating matte and shimmer that keeps eyes looking glam and crease-free.  Use dry or wet for a metallic look.  Remove from kit for a touch-up wherever your night takes you. Create a range of looks from neutral to dramatic to smokey.  


Deluxe packaging, fits everywhere.

Here are some of the looks created.

Here, I applied at 8:00A.M. I needed makeup to last all day and night as I knew my busy day would not allow for makeup re-touching and had an affair to attend that night... So I put the "long lasting" part of the description of this palette to a true test.   The picture above is at 8:00 A.M.  The picture below is at 2:A.M. THE NEXT DAY!!!!!!!!! (super tired eye and 2 glasses of wine).

Different day different look, same palette.  =)

Check out this clip of a look Behind The Scenes =) 

This is a must-have on your holiday shopping list.  Retails for $34.00 ($90 value)Find it HERE and at Sephora

Also be sure to like them on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

What do you think.???? .. I love readings your comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I obviously and luckily don't have what it takes to properly review a Mangroomer (pheew) but I gave it to my lovely review assistant and this is what he thinks of it.

"When I got the MANGROOMER Scruff Sculptor for review I got excited to see a product that was thought to stand out of the crowd.  Its design was intended to be a cleaner and more precise trimmer that the other ones you find in the market.
It has precision electric length controls that operate with the touch of a button, enabling you to trim as close as .03mm and as much as 5 mm.It has a digital display where you can see the length of the trim to be performed as well as the battery charge status.
It also helps you to keep your cabinet more organized since it doesn't need any additional adapters that otherwise would be laying down in your cabinet. Other of its features is the whisker belly, which helps to reduce the mess resulting when trimming facial hair because it is intended to trap the hair trimmed hair, although this feature only works fine if you hold the trimmer vertically which is not always the case, specially when you are trimming facial hair that requires different angles.
It cuts smoothly, and has plenty of power to neatly and effectively shape or trim facial hair.  Battery life is good and charges quickly.  It requires a little bit of practice to learn to angle it correctly to avoid trimming your beard shorter than desired. But once you get to know this tool you will get excellent and professional looking results.  Definitely I would recommend this product.
I only have a couple of suggestions. It would be nice if it would come with its own case for storage. It would also be nice if the trimmer would remember the length you had it set to the last time you used it, but besides that this product is definitely a keeper."

I know exactly what he means by the "whisker belly" if we lived together I'd hate to see all the hair on my sink.

As for the Detail Groomer this is what he had to say:

"I can tell this is a very versatile tool that does its job quite well. It comes with 3 Interchangeable attachment Heads for the trimming of your nose, neckline, sideburns, ears and eyebrows. As advertised the attachments are easy to change. The eyebrow groomer works really nice. Just snap it on and comb your eyebrows to have perfectly groomed eyebrows. The nose and ear trimmer is very gentle and it doesn't ever pinch you. The sideburns and neck trimmer works really well and is really intuitive to use, and works really well on sensitive skin. Other good feature the Detail Groomer has is that can be used wet or dry, it is easy to clean and can be used also with good results on the chest. It is powered by a single AA battery and works really evenly without noticeable variations on power or speed. The only thing missing on this device is a case to save the detail groomer and its attachments. Other than that, this is a perfect  tool worth to get to make your grooming routine just a breeze!"

Anyway, I think this gives you a pretty good picture and HINT HINT! holidays are coming!!!!!!!!!! 

Like MANGROOMER on Facebook and follow them on Twitter

What do you think?????????? I love reading your comments!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Maya Cosmetics: What Kind of Party Collection

I fell in love with Maya Cosmetics' polishes the minute I laid eyes on them and even more so because my cat's name is also Maya.  As part of a product review I received the What Kind of Party Collection featuring three gorgeous glitter polishes.

First up is Hootenanny.  The name is very appropriate for this collection, the word means basically a party and this polish is very festive indeed.  NYE material!!!! (cant believe am already thinking NYE).

Seen below in two coats, this polish is on the thick side but dries pretty quick!, I loved it because it is not a "thirsty glitter" but of course it's best to add a coat of top coat.

Photobucket Photobucket

Base color is on the blueish purple-ish side even though the pictures may look more grayish.  Just look at all the colors that make up its festive spirit.
Photobucket Photobucket

Next is Shindig.  I love wearing glitters "naked".  The word Shindig means a "social gathering with dancing" well... What Kind of Party is it without dancing???  This is a perfect color to layer or leave as is.  It's made up of white, gold and silver glitter with gold "pixie dust".  This is definitely a top coat, very smooth after applying no need for top coat.  The only thing is that it took me three coats to get the amount of glitter that I wanted but dried quicker than expected :D  I thought it would take forever because of the three coats.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

And finally, is Gathering.
This polish speaks for itself.  it really gathers the best of any base used.  I layered two coats over Dazzle Dry Passion Purple and Giella Tatiana.

This is more a "pixie dust" polish.  The nail lacquer fairies get hard at work to add a magical touch to the base color whether is dark or light.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

You will have a flow of ideas just by looking at this collection.  

Look who else loved this collection.  

Maya Cosmetics is also Maya approved.

This collection was launched on November 15th.  Each bottle can be purchased separately for $8.00 but the collection is available for a limited time for $20.00.. Yeap! the entire collection for only $20.00.  Additionally, "$1 from each regularly-priced bottle sold in November will be split between the Wounded Warriors Project and Fisher House" SHOP FOR A CAUSE 


From 10am EST November 24th through 11:59pm EST November 26th (Small Business Saturday through Cyber Monday), they are offering 20% off all products on their site with coupon code HOLIDAY2012 (regular shipping rates apply).

Be sure to check out Maya Cosmetics' site and
Like them on Facebook for more info, pictures and specials.

What do you think??? I love reading your comments!!!!!!!!!!!