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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Against the Grain Cat Food

**press sample**
(also available for doggies)

This is a totally different line of cat dinners with no "stock" ingredients but rather the makers have gone to Thailand for ocean-caught fish and other proteins and to their farmers market for hand selected native fruits and vegetables resulting in very cat pleasing recipes.  All GMO-free, hormone-free, antibiotic-free and certified dolphin-safe.

conveniently packaged in one serving containers.  Lid easily peels off and food can be left on the container as opposed to canned food which is a hazard because of the sharp edges. 

Maya and Milo, my cats, have very healthy appetites but Maya can be a little picky.  She absolutely loved all of the different varieties.  I did not mix it with her favorite food, and quite frankly I wasnt so sure, she'd go for it, I wasnt worried about Milo but Maya didn't even let Milo near these!  I had to feed him in my room because she tried on numerous occasions to finish off his after eating hers. 

If you saw her eating you would've thought this poor cat had not been fed in weeks.  Milo and I just looked at eachother amazed.

and yes, she ate it in one sitting.

 photo maya_zps7cdf4815.jpg
 photo IMG_2318_zps9c959b58.jpg

For more information visit AgainstTheGrainPetFood.com and also on Facebook.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

SinfulColors Summer 2014 Collections and Nail Art

**press sample***

SinfulColors slips into the summer with a Silk + Satin collection made up of demi-matte silk texture summer brights as well as the Full Throttle collection made up of rubberized finish also in summery colors.

I must warn you:  After the world cup hype and emotional ups and downs, my nails and cuticles have suffered because of the nerve wrecking circumstances and my left hand, my swatch hand, is not apt for photographing, so this is a double challenge because this is all on my right hand by my left hand :) (am a righty) .. for years I've been super self conscious of my right hand because an accident when I was a teenager but we'll focus on the real subject matter here, the polishes and we'll see how you like them. :)

   photo SCsummer2014_zpsd6f155ed.jpg

Firstly, let's look into three of the pretties from the Silk + Satin Collection

Solar Flux is at bat a pale-bright (yeap! I said that) yellow is surely to forecast a bright day ahead :) 

 photo SinfulColorsSilkThrotle-1_zps6a603d3c.jpg  photo SinfulColorsSilkThrotle_zpsca269484.jpg

Next is Pipaya, I must say it's one of my season's favorite.  This red-orange coral is the right touch of brightness to a fun or elegant mani.

 photo SinfulColorsSilkThrotle-5_zpsea93ffc1.jpg  photo SinfulColorsSilkThrotle-4_zps58343610.jpg

Now check out Matte About Blue.  A matte-nficent cornflower blue.  
Honestly, it was not promising at all... look at how it looks with one coat.
 photo SinfulColorsSilkThrotle-10_zpsb1161e4b.jpg

but then it turns into a beautiful swan.. cough cough... wrong story line here... sorry! 
But it's the polish personification of the ugly duckling .. take it from me, my favorite color is blue.

 photo SinfulColorsSilkThrotle-11_zpsc1b98af7.jpg

There are three more pretties that make up this collection called Prime Purple, Real Real and Silver Solution.. if you see them on the racks, they are absolutely grabbable.

Let's check out the rubberized finish pretties we have. 

First of all, of all the textured polishes and so many i dislike, I am actually digging these.  They are in style, and so is texture, but this one is soft, did not get caught on my clothes, stuck on lose hair nor felt like sand on the beach.

First up is Rain Rubber,.. pretty bright blue.

 photo SinfulColorsSilkThrotle-9_zps25f298ce.jpg  photo SinfulColorsSilkThrotle-8_zps974bacec.jpg

Race Rubber: It's the perfect summery red red that you can throw into your holiday get away bag because it can take you right into Christmas.

 photo SinfulColorsSilkThrotle-6_zpseabdcb6f.jpg  photo SinfulColorsSilkThrotle-7_zps14c14351.jpg 

And lastly, Burn Rubber, this name sounds as fun as the color... it's a tad brighter in person than I can see on the pics

   photo SinfulColorsSilkThrotle-2_zpsd9696aae.jpg  photo SinfulColorsSilkThrotle-3_zpsb69ee736.jpg

Rubber Ball and Red Tired are also part of this collection in case you want to race to it you know what to look for ;) 

These collections can be found at Rite Aid and Walgreens at $1.99 piece and watch out for Walgreens, very often they carry SinfulColors at only $0.99 :D it's a steal! 

These collections even work well together... here's a gradient mani using Solar Flux and Burn Rubber
 photo SinfulColorsSilkThrotle-12_zpsb3082f19.jpg

Used MoYou London Mother Earth 01 with Black on Black and 24K Topper also by SinfulColors on my RIGHT hand ^_^ 

 photo SinfulColorsSilkThrotle-13_zpsa155a752.jpg 

Which is your fave??? Do tell... I love reading your comments

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Colombian Independence Day Nails

I have a long day and and have had a week from far far far in the earth's core (where's there is fire) but I couldnt neglect my beautiful country's independence day.. for some relaxing, I am headed to church and then off to a Colombian festival to celebrate this day!

Must be a subtle, well.. I say subtle because our colors are quite bright, and I doubt I will have time to change my mani before my meeting tomorrow.. so here it is... I hope you like it...

This is Zoya Dream and Chantal at the base of the accent nail.  Using stripes I re-created the Colombian flag.

What do you think?

Simple! yet delivers! This took about 3 minutes to do :D  Can't beat stripes when on-the-go!

 photo colombiannails1_zpsdab5b7cc.jpg  photo colombiannails_zps1fa5848c.jpg

P.S. sorry the stripes smeared a bit with the top coat.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

SuperCat™ Plush Toys

**press sample**

Summer 2014 has released a lot of goodies in beauty, shoes and nails and also fun especially for the furry ones... :) 

Like these Supercat plus toys with "rechargeable" catnip spray.
If you know anything about cats, you should know how much they love catnip and anything that smells like it.
Catnip scent is released each time they toy is rubbed or scratched and stays fresh for up to 6 weeks.

 photo cattoys_zpsbf26a685.jpg

Look how much she loves it... oK! this is candid posed shot ;)

 photo cattoys-7_zps81d1ec2a.jpg

But here... she's really enjoying her playtime.

 photo cattoys-6_zpsc9aef248.jpg

and of course... they're enough for both! ^_^

 photo cattoys-1_zpsb7d4931e.jpg  photo cattoys-2_zps600ae72a.jpg

They are now inseparable.
They are made of soft material and my cats love it and to me, that is priceless. 

 photo cattoys-3_zpscd17509c.jpg 

Supercat is part of the Quaker Pet Group family.  Be sure to check their site to see the entire lineup of family member companies and like them on Facebook for more info, promos and product launches.

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Memebox: Hair and Body #2. From hair to nails

**press sample**

Memebox is currently the #1 beauty box provider in Korea and recently arrived to the U.S. and other 45 countries.  They bring the best-beloved Korean beauty products.   Be aware it is pronounced Mi-mi - box.  Mi-Mi, the name of a Korean doll that is the beauty idol of many little girls in Korea. 

Memebox comes packed with 4-8 full size products and deluxe samples.  Boxes in each Memebox series always contain the same products, and contents vary from hair and body products, to skin-care and makeup products.

 photo MemeBox_zpsf619a9fc.jpg

Look at the pretty box it comes in.  This is the Hair and Body, Second Edition.  Memebox has carefully selected only the most widely acknowledged, effective and practical hair products to meet our satisfaction.

A closer look revealed a wide array of goodies
1.  Kocostar foot therapy (full size) $9.   This is basically a foot spa treatment to get rid of dead skin cells by gradually peeling off from your feet.  #magic

2.  Label Young Shocking Holjjuki (full size) $21.  A one step body slimming cream.

3.  Hello Everybody spa vita berry shampoo and treatment. $38.  Hair vitamins for coarse, damaged hair.

4.  Vidanail Lvida Lavender Oil (full size) $10.  Nail lavender oil to nourish and protect your nails with real lavender pieces inside.

5.  Evas Cosmetics Body net 7days project.  $6.  Works to pamper your worn out body and soul with this daily body gel.

6.  Boutique Bebe hair salon argan oil essence.  (full size) $31.  Offers a real salon treatment that instantly delivers nutrition and hydration bringing back the healthy glow and luster to your now dry, crumbly hair.

  photo MemeBox-2_zpscb3d7f43.jpg  photo MemeBox-1_zpsb7b62b16.jpg 

Memebox is Maya-approve
 photo MemeBox-3_zps58fd8a92.jpg

Memebox is shipped directly from Korea to your doorstep.  Regular shipping takes anywhere from 15-25 business days, however it's worth the wait.  Express shipping options are also available and can take from 3 to 7 days.
Currently, Memebox does not offer monthly subscription plans, so each box will have to be purchased upon release.  Register your email at us.memebox.com and an email notifying you of new box release will be sent to you.  

Memebox values its customer and complete satisfaction is the goal.

Click HERE for current offers and discount codes
There are also different boxes... see them HERE
Also check them out on Facebook for further info and offers

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