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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Escape to Italy with the new Venice Collection by OPI - Press Release


THINK: Romantic color inspired by Baroque period decadence  

WHAT THEY ARE: All new lacquers and gels that pay homage to one of the world’s most beautiful cities. The leading nail professional and color experts at OPI have created a collection this Fall/Winter 2015 that captures the essence of one ofEurope’s most romantic ancient capitals. A city of opulent pleasures, lavish artwork, and breathtaking Baroque architecture, for centuries Venice has inspired artists and composers to create works of timeless beauty. The world’s number one salon brand has created its own tribute to the famed “Queen of the Adriatic” with the all newVenice Collection. Featuring 15 new lacquer shades with matching GelColor to evoke the sumptuous elegance and grandiose splendor of the floating city, the OPI Venice Collection brings the alluring spirit of Venice to life anywhere.  

OPI Co-Founder & Brand Ambassador Suzi Weiss-Fischmann explains, “Dreaming of Venice calls to mind people-watching in the piazza, sipping champagne in a gondola, or enjoying a gelato in an outdoor café as you stroll and float through this extraordinary city. So we created a collection of romantic reds, decadent blues, striking corals, dreamy pastels, elegant nudes, dramatic darks, and luxurious metallics that celebrate this vision of over-the-top indulgence.” This bold and elegant collection will introduce 12 new shades to the permanent OPI color family, and three limited edition offerings to ignite and renew your passion for color with a touch of Italian seduction.
The Complete Venice Collection Includes:
  • Venice by OPI Nail Lacquers ($4.75 salon, $9.50 retail) ($5.95 CAN salon, $11.50 CAN retail): Enjoy 15 shades of on-trend color that puts Venice at your fingertips. Available as part of the permanent OPI color offerings in lush melonA Great Opera-tunity, persimmon crème It’s a Piazza Cake, shimmery copper Worth a Pretty Penne, coffee cream Tiramisu for Two, ravishing redAmore at the Grand Canal, red shimmer Gimme a Lido Kiss, opaque crème Be There in a Prosecco, pale gray I Cannoli Wear OPI, icy-sweetGelato on My Mind, pastel lilac Purple Palazzo Pants, bold eggplant O Suzi Mio, luscious black My Gondola or Yours?. Catch these three LIMITED EDITION shades of bold aquamarine Venice the Party?, glittering goldBaroque…But Still Shopping, and deep navy St. Mark’s the Spot.

  • Venice by OPI GelColors (salon price $15.99): Enjoy the same 15 Venice Collection lacquer colors in long wearing, durable OPI GelColor: A Great Opera-tunityIt’s a Piazza CakeWorth a Pretty PenneTiramisu for Two,Amore at the Grand CanalGimme a Lido KissBe There in a ProseccoI Cannoli Wear OPIGelato on My MindPurple Palazzo PantsO Suzi MioMy Gondola or Yours?, and the LIMITED EDITION shades of Venice the Party?Baroque…But Still Shopping, and St. Mark’s the Spot.

 WHERE TO FIND THEM: Discover the collection beginning August 2015 at Ulta, Ulta.com and professional salons. 

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

CAMiLEON Heels: Convertible-Transformer shoes!

**press sample**

I've said it before and I'll say it again, high heels are nothing but an object of seduction.  We use them forgetting that the mere fact of being a woman makes us desirable by men but we know we can increase that desire by wearing a good, sexy pair of high heels.  The instant we climb up on them, our bust and butt are lifted and our personality and attitude change.  We go from girly mode to sexy-yes-I-am mode.
But there is one catch!!! they are NOT comfortable!
and we love them in spite of that.  We all have those "get-me-in-the-car,-seat-me-in-a-restaurant-and-don't-make-me-get-up-shoes."  (Baroness Von Neumann) and those you cannot wear "unless there is a wall to lean on"
Or honey-lift-me-up shoes because I can't walk on my tippy toes from bar to bar in the meat packing district of New York to avoid my heels getting stuck on the ridges of the walkways.  (who thought that would be cool??) 

Nonetheless, I can live with the styles described above, even if it means staying at home soaking my feet the next day to regain foot comfort.  The one thing I cannot stand is lowering my standards to sneakers with a high-heel-completely-duhh-outfit.   As illustrated below.

We all been to a big city.  It's the norm in New York.  Summer skirt and sneakers??  business suit and sneakers?? and I fully understand why it is done.  
Had you asked me about this a few years back, my tummy would have twisted at the mere thought but I too have fallen victim to this necessity. 

And of course there's ONE type of woman that can pull it off, but it is not the woman writing this!!!  I'm 5'5'', I need that extra umphh to feel complete, to feel me!!! plus, I can't walk in flat-sole shoes anyway.  I guess I never wanted to learn.  I have a foot dragging issue but not when I wear sexy shoes.
(man she looks good!! ) 

I thought the solution would be overpriced-blah-looking ballet flats, but I was still 5'5'' and no lift in the bust or butt (know what I mean?) 

Until now!!!!!! 
I was fortunate enough to meet the man behind the name of CAMiLEON Heels who kindly provided a pair of his revolutionary product for us to share with you.  If you're like me and live under a rock (apparently) and have never heard of this.  Meet Alessia:  The new staple in my shoe closet.  A height adjustable shoe, a new true love 

They look like regular shoes, but it's two heel height in one shoe.  A low and a high heel and all it takes it's a snap snap and you're on your way.  No more carrying of extra shoes in your bag

This is really ground-breaking technology.  Transforms your shoe from a super fab 3 1/4 inch heel to a comfy, yet stylish 1 1/2 inch heel WITHOUT sacrificing the look! and without any removable parts.  It takes literally two seconds, snap snap, and you're on your way or back into your sexy, lifted self.  
CAMiLEON Heels are made in Italy and offers, together with the highest customer service, a free shipping and free return policy.

"Our heel contains mechanisms that hold it into place for both the high heel and low heel positions and a stainless steel rod, which runs through the entire length of the heel. The portion of our heel that is stowed underneath the arch region of the shoe, when in the low heel position, is actually made out of aluminum. Additionally, every heel is coated with 6 coats of paint, resulting in a beautiful high-gloss finish. While essentially every other brand of high heel shoe attaches its heel to the shoe with nails, or nails and glue, we attach every heel with four screws." To learn more about its technology. click HERE

I took CAMiLEON Heels to the true test.  Have been wearing them for over a month, the high quality leather was a little snug but shortly after being on my precious (I know) feet, adjusted to a happy and comfortable level.  I do recommend checking their sizing chart for the ultimate fit and comfort.

So you get two pairs of shoes for the price of one and the same price of regular non-convertible.  Don't wear those ugly sneakers (and socks) with your nice suits anymore.  As Barney Stinson would say: “Suits [and dresses] are full of joy. They’re the sartorial equivalent of a baby’s smile.”  I hope you picked up on the fact that Barney would not have mentioned dresses.  That was all me.
Don't sacrifice the look or that feeling of ummph that only women understand that you get when climbing up a nice pair of heels.  

To learn even more, updates, promos and SHOP:
Visit their website, SHOP
and social media platforms:

What do you think???
Do tell!!!! 

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Monday, July 13, 2015

The New Shades of Nail Envy: Hidden Giveaway ;)

**pres sample**

I once read somewhere to "get a sheep, name it Relation and you'll have a relationsheep".  I always had an odd attraction for farm animals, I immediately fall in love with them, just like with shoes and nail polish, my friend could not stand to see me suffer through a stage of single-hood and went ahead and gave me a sheep! Guess what I named it???

and the wait was over... I was finally in a "relationsheep" it was love at first sight and we immediately clicked.

Just like when I read the Nail Envy "Strength in Color" Press Release.. well my friends, it was a very well read post so I can only assume you were as anxious as I was.

The wait for these pretties is finally OVER... and just like with Relation and it is love at first sight and it is two in one, nail color and strengthener.

They come very nicely packaged, which frankly I think it's wasteful but if presentation is what you're going for be my guest, but with the prices of OPI (although worth every penny) the resources of the packages can be saved and the savings passed on to the customers. 

Meet the pretties.  AND Relation. 
We are now bond to one another, yes, eachother and the polish bottles.

First up is Bubble Bath.  Described as a sweet candy pink.  Gorgeous base to a french manicure or anything you want to keep classy.  and GUESS WHAT??? OPI sent me two of the same, so here I am swatching 4 bottles then I'm organizing my pictures and I'm going OMG!!! they look exactly the same on the computer, then I read the label (after a good 15 minutes) to find it's the same bottle TWICE!!!! ha! 
Just became my favorite.
 photo OPI Nail Envy_zpsqwbnw33e.jpg

Relation's favorite is Pink to Envy.  Described as a sheer light pink, however, it was more like a top coat with a slight pink hue. (that makes sense?) This would be beautiful in a manicure featuring negative space for added shine and a tint of color.
 photo OPI Nail Envy-3_zps9c8qygr0.jpg 
and lastly, Hawaiian Orchid.  A tropical pink with a hint of purple.  Again, stay classy.  add an accent nail in any summer glitter topper and you're good to go. 
 photo OPI Nail Envy-1_zps96mmqy5o.jpg  
This is a very versatile neutral collection ;) scale it up or down, keep it classy for those days with the blues this summer or bling it up for the hype of the season.  Just like Relation did to me.  Forget comfort food, find your comfort shade (I wish that rhymed) or get a sheep, name it relation and you'll have a relation-sheep ;) 
Sadly we missed out on Samoan Sand, but I can just picture the relaxing beige light as the sound of the waves off of a samoan beach.  


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Sunday, July 12, 2015

CoverGirl Eye Popping

**press sample**
Integral part of makeup is making your eyes POP! 
Today, I bring you CoverGirl Intensify me eye liner and Super Sizer mascara by Lashblast
 photo CoverGirl_zps40c6i15e.jpg
The liner is slanted for thin and thick lines, 
 photo CoverGirl-1_zpsujjigidg.jpg
less pressure for thinner lines
Almost like a calligraphy pen for your eyes.  Get creative!
 photo CoverGirl-2_zpskvjvpumn.jpg 
 photo CoverGirl-3_zps8sbeckec.jpg
Make your eyes POP! 
(see below-with and without)
 photo CoverGirl-7_zpseprb1bgn.jpg
These babies will hit stores nationwide on JULY 15th!!! 
In the meantime, check out the buzz in all social media platforms
Snapchat: covergirlxo

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Starlooks June Custom Picks

**press sample** 

I am very happy to see all the new faces of the blog.  Thank you for joining and I hope you are here to stay to join me and the faces of prior subscribers, who together help me upkeep this blog.  

For those of you new here, you will find that I love cosmetics and anything that can somehow help beautify us even more, not that we need to, but it's fun to try ;)  Very fun but can also be a bit frustrating finding what works for us at all times.  That's why the new trendy subscription boxes are making it soo much easier for us to figure out this difficult task.  

Starlooks particularly is a monthly subscription service that lets you customize your very own box with YOUR choice of 3 Starlooks, perfect size cosmetics AND YOUR choice of 3 fashion/lifestyle brand gift cards for only $12 a month (includes shipping). 
Gift cards (for the most part) do not expire.  What a great opportunity to explore new shops, brands and premium goodies.

My Starbox this month was made up of mascara, lip pencil and lip gloss in perfect size.   

 photo starlooks_zpslaykz5k2.jpg

I find the perfect size feature to be an even greater asset to this subscription.  More often than not, I find myself drowning in un-finished makeup that I loved at some point but I'm eager to move on to the next trend, or I just want to make room for newer and better items but cannot because of all the un-finished business.

 photo starlooks-1_zpsve0bxnwf.jpg

For a better idea.  Here's my long lasting mascara with lengthening effect.  See below for before (top) and after (bottom) 
 photo starlooks 1-2_zpsbwply6xo.jpg

Lip pencil (peony) and gloss (guilty pleasure):
You know I love to outline my lips and then fill for longer-lasting color.  Pencil applies like lipstick, creamy and long lasting.

 photo starlooks 1-1_zpse9kffyra.jpg

Gloss applicator is slanted for perfect "in-line" application and smooth glide in perfect summer shade for those flirtatious kissable lips (muaack)

 photo starlooks 1-3_zpsqmijzxhz.jpg

All of this for only $12 and the opportunity to discovery new brands and goodies with the choice of 3 gift cards.  It's like getting money back and then some. 

I will update you when I use my gift cards.

Good night for now.  But before I go, don't forget to check out Starlooks' social media platforms! 


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Monday, July 6, 2015


**press sample** 

 photo nourage_zpsnd2eoksb.jpg

I have found that no matter how much time or money we spend on makeup, the best products, the latest trends, what our favorite celebrity personally recommends beauty does come from within.  All the myths about drinking more water to stay hydrated are surprisingly TRUE!!! I say surprisingly because as a teenager, of course, I never listened to my mother.  If you saw her, you would not believe she is my mother.  Her skin's elasticity and natural glow are unbelievable for her age.  (although on my defense, she was a cosmetologist) :) 

But then there comes an age where a little boost is needed.  That's why I was very happy when Nouráge reached out to me to try their product.  It is a 90-day supplement containing keratin, a blend of essential proteins, vitamins and anti-oxidants to boost overall health, strength and shine for both, hair and nails, as well as improve skin texture and elasticity.  

In the past 45 days, I have gone away to an extremely hot place and a month later to a cold place and back into the States where is now the start of the summer.  If you have experienced this drastic change in climate.  You know that you nails and hair feel it as much as you.   But since Nourage, the changes went unnoticed.

I have used it for 90 days and I am definitely ready to order my next jar.  Even my mother has noticed the change which makes me very happy.  Nourage alone did not do the work.  I also increased my water intake but diet and exercise were pretty much status quo.  The most noticeable changes have been in my nails.  They are strong but bendable, not brittle or dry that crack!  (yaay) 

An idea.  If you have a wedding:  so many things go into prepping a wedding and no one thinks of the toll that the planning will take on the bride.  This is a great way to replenish hair and nails due to the related wedding planning stress.  Nourage understands that to achieve the sought-after wedding glow every bride aspires to have, one must start from within.  

Check it out! 

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