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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Are you Red-y ?

**Press sample** 

Are you red-y for wicked lips?

Kimmel London has provided 4 of their latest shades for review.  I really like the soft texture and richness in color.  Check them out. 
 photo rimmel_zpsbvgjviuk.jpg 

620 - Call Me Crazy

 photo Rimmel-1_zpsdgkkcdmf.jpg

800 - Under My Spell 

 photo Rimmel-2_zpsld2kseal.jpg

810 - One-Of-A-Kind

 photo Rimmel-3_zps0g26dhca.jpg

820 - Oh-So Wicked

 photo Rimmel-4_zpsnvqjyapp.jpg  

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Crumpet Nail Tarts - Blue and Silver

I've been sooo out of the game but I will be working my way back.  I joined the Crumpet Nail Tarts for the 26 Nailart Ideas Challenge.  Our first prompt is blue and silver.

I did this mani way before it was due because I knew I'd be out of town last weekend.  However, life got on the way and I didn't get to photograph it better but I think it's kinda cool that it sort of matches my sweater.

So I'm back and posting late but it was a mani that turned heads :)

 photo blue and silver_zps4rnciorl.jpg
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