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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Finally!! our own shoe storage (yes, our)

I've been running out of shoe space for quite some time... different ideas have flown but never actually materialized... Finally, while brainstorming about uumm... I can't remember but it was not shoe related, the lightbulb went on!!! and I had to go shopping...

I looooove Ikea and I am lucky enough to have one near me... I bought a few shelves from the Antonious shelving system, an upright wall attachment (well... 2) and a few brackets.... just shy of $50 and started building.

 photo antoniusshelf_zpsb357180d.jpg

Building was not a problem... I had the best helpers... click HERE to see Maya helping in the building of our shelves and HERE to see why it is now "our" shoe shelf.

I've always had the idea of using wall space but can't stand the thought of the visible clutter... So i thought of a wall divider and this is the one that better fits my needs... I saw an amazingly gorgeous one with bamboo designs.... for only $9 more at the Home Depot but the panels are made of  a kind of paper and with two hyperactive cats, my best bet was this Ikea plain wood/vinyl divider.  I can just imagine my kitty cats running after eachother and crashing into my paper divider :(

So playing it safe.. I got this one for $99 (yeah! it was a little over budget... but it's something I could use for any other purpose in the future.
 photo RoomDivider_zps3d610c94.jpg
My shoes were all kept in their respective boxes in piles in different corners of my room and in two closets... I had to do something about it.... and here they are.... what a clutter... more things to dust and for cats to climb on but all handy... I can just grab a pair of shoes and go! no boxes to look through or risk forgetting what shoes I own.

I still however, keep the "nice" shoes in their boxes... the nice ones are the pricier ones and the delicate ones (made of rhinestones or high glitter content, etc.) (haha "content") anyway...

I still have two shelves inside one closet and three shelves inside another closet.  I am still re-arranging my closets so they may end up together (ideally) we'll see...

 photo IMG_0576_zpsdb623ba6.jpg

Best part is......
NO CLUTTER VIEW>.. this is the view from my bed!

Again, am still re-arranging my room as I think of new things and better ideas... but this is how it looks as of right now! and wondering why that nail polish rack is so empty?  that's my late-at-night go-to-stash! for those nights i want to do my nails but am too lazy to go where nail polish is kept! ^_^

 photo IMG_0579_zps11a6dedc.jpg

Something like this can be done to store your crafts, fabrics, nail polish, you name it!!!!! put everything behind a divider... maximize your storage space by using your walls!!!!

Trust me on this one.... when things are messy they're out of sight and when out of sight... out of mind!!!! you'll end up buying things you already own just because you cant remember if you have that or the other thing or not! like me... I can't remember if I have black patent leather shoes or not.. did I get rid of them? those are classics ... I can't find them... I just dont know .. but I'll know now!! :)

Hope you like it!!!!
I love readings your comments

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Indie Invasion: Jonesy Lou Lacquer: The Pet Shop Collection

As part of a product review, I received the full Pet Shop Collection from Jonesy Lou Lacquer made by a lovely lady whose name is Jessica.  When she first asked me if I wanted to review it all I saw was "Pet Shop" and immediately said yes!!!!

This collection is inspired in pets that Jessica has or has had and here they are.

 photo Untitled_zps13c755db.jpg
First up is Goldie: A metallic orange polish with gold hexes and orange and gold micro glitters.  I first thought it was a cat... but am always thinking about cats so am biased.  Goldie was a goldfish (you saw that one coming right?) 

 photo IMG_0406_zps0619c353.jpg  photo IMG_0410_zps71b6d186.jpg

Again... always thinking about cats.

 photo IMG_0414_zpsa0d68511.jpg

Shai is a 9 year old Husky.... oh wait... no!!!! that's what inspired it.  This husky is actually a grayish crelly (jelly/cream) with blue, black and silver holo glitters.

 photo IMG_0401_zps3452da95.jpg  photo IMG_0403_zpsf7df7348.jpg

Tango is another crelly of an off-white base with red, yellow and peach glitters inspired by a Cockatiel Jessica had for many years.

 photo IMG_0383_zps413b8ae0.jpg photo IMG_0384_zps44676839.jpg

and lastly, Lux.  A black jelly inspired by a black German Shepard.  This gorgeous polish is made of silver, turquoise and teal glitters of different sizes. 

 photo IMG_0415_zps796ab0fb.jpg  photo IMG_0417_zps2d46c7e9.jpg  

Jonesy Lou Lacquer is a very new shop, opened in September of 2013 with a wide variety of shades and glitters in her shop: http://jonesyloulacquer.bigcartel.com/

All have a great formula.. quick dry and great coverage on two coats.  Goldie has 3 coats because I wanted to accentuate the shade before the camera lense... it's light as opposed to sheer.  Do recommend.

The Pet Shop Collection will be officially released February 17, 2014.
Be sure to stop by and LIKE her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jonesyloulacquer

Which one is your favorite???? 

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Per fan request: Polish Comparison: Yellow (cat permitting)

I recently, yesterday (lol),  posted a review of Seche's Perfectly Poised and of course posted some of the pictures on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/bsnfun.

One of our fans was very excited to see the yellow shade that gives the name to Seche's collection, Perfectly Poised.  She looooves yellow which I think is very brave.  
I find yellow  a very difficult color to wear on my nails, must be my job, because every time I wear it, I love it even more but not the color I will pick off the rack at first.   I used to be afraid of staining but slowly figured out that any color may stain not just yellow. 

Anyway... she was very happy to share with me that she owns Banana Peel by Jessica Cosmetics, a color that I own too and can't get enough of, and she wanted to add Perfectly Poised to her collection.  

She asked if the colors were the same I responded "of course not, unless you're my boyfriend who thinks they're all the same"

So to clear this up, I wanted to show her a side by side comparison and here they are... 

DISCLAIMER: cat not included for review purposes.  

 photo IMG_0448_zps8ae50841.jpg

With low lighting and bright white paws.
The paws look very white next to these gorgeous yellow shades... In reality, those paws do have a light yellowish tint to them.. which can only mean it's time for a bath.

 photo IMG_0449_zps1720f6be.jpg

Throw a treat on the floor and she's finally considering getting out of the light box.
 photo IMG_0447_zps513a7489.jpg

Finally.. we can get to work

No way these can be the same... Seche is a brighter summery yellow cream while Jessica is more of an easter pastel yellow... so to conclude, these are very very different shades and both very very safe to add to any collection.. I love them both.
 photo Untitled_zps43a2b83b.jpg 

Hope this information was useful... if you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out.. If I have the answer I will gladly respond, find the answer or make something up (you will be notified if it's something totally made up)

Thank you.. see you next post

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Strum My Heart-Strings Challenge: French Tip

 photo strummeheartsstrings_zpsf1b75583.jpg

Yaaaaay,,, French TIPPPP 
one of my most favorite since it's all I did before any nail color came to my life... this is very primal to me, it's history... very me....

and this cant be any more perfect.... just when I started to think that plain nails without nail art are just boring... anyone with me??
I decided to keep it very very basic and low key because of a very serious meeting I have today but a frenchy spikes up any mani and it's soooo quick... i dont have to wait for my base color to dry to apply a stamp or anything like it... :) 

Not sooo valentine's week though but am sure the other ladies participating will be cupid inspired... we'll enjoy those ! :)

 photo IMG_0442_zps55e9c2cf.jpg  photo IMG_0440_zps1eb2b00e.jpg

Colors used: Chantal from Zoya Naturel and SinfulColors Snow Me White

Hope basic and easy it's ok for you and not too boring... 

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Printcess Mineral Makeup

**press sample**

 photo IMG_0396_zps5695209b.jpg

As part of a product review, I received several samples from Printcess a mineral makeup shop.  I love the name of this brand "Printcess" Her story is an amazing one (read it HERE) this is perfect for the makeup lover and the added bonus book club member.  What a smart and pretty idea.

It was tricky getting eye shadow out of a baggie but once we (you and I) buy a few we wont have that problem.. am sure they'll come in real shadow containers. 
They are rich in color pigments for true color.  Here's how they look on my hand.

Look at the shimmer and matte finishes... My favorite was Manuscript (I hope you can see it) I swatched them in the same order as the picture above ;)  

 photo IMG_0392_zpsbfcb91ce.jpg

Here are some looks I came up with for quick on-the-go application.  
 photo IMG_0352_zpsaa81ff88.jpg  photo IMG_0360_zps0759a483.jpg  photo IMG_0367_zps0ea8247b.jpg 

I will continue to feature this brand with some killer looks... I just couldnt wait any longer to tell you about them :) 

After several conversation with Printcess, I can tell their #1 priority is customer service so you are guaranteed a great product and a company that's willing to stand behind what it makes :) 

be sure to check her out and follow her social media platforms

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Pretty Polished Pointers 5K/6K GIVEAWAY

Pretty Polished Pointers was planning on having a massive giveaway upon reaching 5,000 likes on Facebook... but if you have ever ever seen her before this was impossible..... she surpassed by a landslide the 5K likes without even noticing (yeap! she's that good) so she changed her mind but is
still having a giveaway but now is to celebrate her 5k/6k likes!!!!!! 

I am super happy for her and wish her many thousands more.... I joined her party and am sponsoring a prize so there will be several winners of several prize packs... so don't miss out. You can read her post HERE 

Good luck!!!!!

Prize Pack #1

Beauty Shoes Nails and Fun: China Glaze and Stripping tape Prize Pack

Prize Pack #2

LynBDesignHe's Cluing for Looks and We All Do Silly Things

Prize Pack #3

Lemonade Nail: Salon Effects nail app and Nail Art supplies Prize Pack

Prize Pack #4

Coloure My Obsessions Picture Polish and Butter London

Prize Pack #5

Lace & Lacquers: OPI, Sally Hansen and Sephora Prize Pack

Prize Pack #6

Peace, Love and Polish: $15 Llarowe egift Card

Prize #7
Llarowe E-Gift Card

Jindie NailsValentine Duo

Prize Pack #8

Pointless Cafe: Qtica, Sealore and Lynderella Prize Pack

Prize Pack 9

Tall Girl in Heels: OPI Prize Pack (Vesper (liquid sand) and Chic From Ears to Tail)

Prize Pack 10

The Nail Files: OPI Fit to Tied Set and Bracelets Prize Pack

Prize Pack 11

Mentality: $25 Gift Certificate 

Prize Pack 12

Adventures in Polishland: Favorites Prize Pack

Prize Pack 13

Baroness of Glitter: Bubble Goth

Prize Pack 14

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