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Monday, June 30, 2014

Breeds of the World

**press sample**

Loving Pets Products has launched a new collection of designer dog bowls.  The Milano Collection offers beautiful full color designs along the advantages of a stainless steel feeding dish at very affordable prices.

Comes with a removable, skid free rubber base resists slips and spills.  The bacteria resistant stainless steel removes for east cleaning and is dishwasher safe.  The shell is made from tough BPA-free ABS plastic.  Milano bowls are available in three sizes and a growing variety of unique and copyrighted   designs and dishwasher safe (remove rubber ring).

 photo cattoys-4_zps423e9044.jpg photo cattoys-5_zps68f2a2ae.jpg

Breeds of the world is a very educative design ^_^  featuring an imprint of all world breeds in a colorful marine blue-based background with white font.

Veterinarians recommend the use of stainless steel dishes and this is one can be purchased starting at $7.49

Be sure to check their site for more designs and products for cats and dogs ;)

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NYC New York Color City Samba Collection

**press sample**

The NYC New York Color City Samba collection includes Liquid Lipshine Gloss.  They are high pigment lip glosses with maximum shine and intensity.  I have the three limited edition shades.  Soft tip applicator, hydrates and keeps lips moisturized and is infused with Vitamin E.

 photo 123_zpsc875cc0f.jpg

First up is Papaya.  A glossy nude.  Smells vanilla-y also great to add a shine to lipsticks for a brand new color.

 photo NYCLIPS_zps7d7d7626.jpg  photo NYCLIPS-6_zps0914c895.jpg

Passion Fruit... this is the lip color of the summer... it's everywhere and its soft peachy tint compliments any skin color.

 photo NYCLIPS-10_zps0470d416.jpg  photo NYCLIPS-9_zps2b79e124.jpg

and lastly, Guava, bears the name of one of my favorite fruits and the shade of one of my favorite colors.  It's so sexy!

 photo NYCLIPS-8_zps3f9ae26a.jpg  photo NYCLIPS-7_zpsf9a0a891.jpg

Available is chain drugstores and mass merchandisers nationwide from June to September and retails for $1.99.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

NYC New York Color City Samba Collection: Nails

**press sample **

Think: Brazilian beauty escape. NYC has a limited edition color inspired by the vibrancy of Brazil...  the country "de moda".  Sexy beaches and sizzling sun here in New York with this limited edition collection.

Quick Dry nail polish in electrifying simmer shades.  These are high pigment colors with a slight hint of shimmer.

 photo NYCsamba_Fotor_Collage_zpsb125b944.jpg

First up is Palm on the Beach.  Is a tropical green shade, bright but not neon... it's very close to becoming one of my faves this summer...  it's chic and sleek for a green and a magnet for compliments.  but unfortunately it stained.  I have wore it again with reinforced base coats with no issues (so far) .. I just really like this shade.

 photo IMG_2336NYCsamba_zps616de1c7.jpg  photo IMG_2334NYCsamba_zps50ea1ceb.jpg
Jacaranda Flower .. its named after an actual flower native of tropical and subtropical regions of Central and South America and it's of course purple.  This is perfect inspiration for this shade and collection.

 photo IMG_2333NYCsamba_zps522ec50f.jpg  photo IMG_2332NYCsamba_zps4f5de5f2.jpg

and lastly, Tropicoral: sounds like a fun tiki bar along a beach makes me want to go there.  Coral has proven to be this year's summer nail color and this one is right on the money!

 photo IMG_2330NYCsamba_zpsa02e079d.jpg  photo IMG_2329NYCsamba_zps03f67e39.jpg

Fun dotticure!

 photo IMG_2345NYCsamba_zps18c0325a.jpg

These pretties retail for $1.99 and are available until September in drugstores and mass retailers.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

NYC Sun N' Bronze

**press sample**

 photo NYCbronzer_zps911c5e57.jpg
As part of a product review, NYC has sent me the Rosa Rio shade of their Sun N' Bronze Bronzing Powder.  It's smooth and lightweight with the perfect combination of bronzing and highlighting shades that blend together to create a custom glow just for you.

We've all seen people that over do the tanning bed and sun bathing too!!! don't be that person!!! but also, don't be the person who totally misses the concept of powder bronzers.  You want to apply it in a way that looks natural and not like an extra from the Jersey Shore (tv show).

My rule of thumb is to go two shades darker than your skin tone.  I recommend using a bronzer brush if you can buy one because they have more bristles and you get more color with each swipe for an even application.

Application tip:  Make the number "3" on each side of your face by starting at your forehead, continuing to your cheeks and and dusting slowly across your jawline all the way to your chin and please don't forget to blend it in into your neck and if you're putting your hair up, blend the back of your neck too!

 photo blankface2-2_zps994b32cf.jpg

NYC's Sun N' Bronze Bronzing Powder is a good option for that nice sun-kissed look.  Retails for $4.99 and is available at drugstores and mass retail stores.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sun Protection? Use sunscreen and bangs

As a BzzAgent, I received some products to try and even coupons to share :) 

Coopertone ClearlySheer sunscreens were designed with our skin in mind.  
It absorbs in seconds for a clean and light feel, has moisturizing formulas leaving skin soft and smooth, doesnt clog pores or cause breakouts, has a matte finish and it doesnt smell like the beach, so it can be used everyday.

My favorite feature besides sun protection is its matte finish, because it can act as a makeup primer :) 

Funny Story:  Diligently applied Coppertone ClearlySheer sunscreen on my face on a sunny day I knew I would be outdoors.  Applied makeup thereafter and looked at my best! :) 

As the day went on and weather warmed up, my lips were burning, I should have used some sort of spf lip balm but I didnt.  Oh Well!! my face was protected so who cares.  My hair was in a pony tail, my face was clear of hair ALL day... The next day, my face felt great but I did notice that my hairline was RED! as red can be... turns out, I did not apply Coppertone ClearlySheer sunscreen lotion past my hair line.  So days later, the skin on my hairline was peeling.   That could have been my face if I had not used sunscreen.  
Lesson learned:  Let my bangs out and also apply spf lip balm after my Coppertone sunscreen, highly recommended.

How do you protect yourself from the sum??

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Indie Invasion: 10.1 Polish

**press sample**

enjoy this first post after our #RedThumb2Stop and don't text and drive week!  I received a lot of positive feedback from many people that did not participated and thank you all who did!!! You can post your pledge at any time but even if you don't, please drive safely, be attentive and cautious.  That might just save your life or that of others.

Now on to polish! 
I can't tell you how happy I am to have received the entire Family Tree collection from 10.1 Polish.  My first question to this team, was how did you come up with the name and here's what I was told:
     "We came up with the name 10.1 because 10 meaning the best and .1 meaning always improving to be best..."

That to me, makes total sense... 8 pretties form their first collection, they are 5-free, well mixed and ADORABLY packaged! check them out.  

 photo 101Polish_zpsd7255319.jpg

Take a closer look at the bows:  Some of these have been in my purse for a few days and bows are intact.  This is the cutest polish package I have ever seen!

 photo IMG_2245_zps8af1292c.jpg

Now individually, first up is Dylan's Beach Party.  It's a party alright! This is jelly with multi size glitter and hexes as well as blue micro glitter.  Seen here in two coats and ring finger has white "undies" 

 photo 101Polish-11_zps5691d359.jpg  photo 101Polish-16_zpsba924481.jpg

Sandy's Pink Palace.. jelly with multi size glitters and hexes in different pink tones ... seen in two coats and ring finger over white/black swirl "undies" 
Ok! the swirl was a happy accident

 photo 101Polish-10_zpsc4459a25.jpg

It was supposed to be this.. a black and white/white and black gradient for the undies.  :) 
 photo 101Polish-12_zpsd358afaf.jpg

This is one of my faves, I know you're thinking, how in the world can you pick a fave? but I have and this is one of them... glitter, bars and hexes of pink/blue and purple hues make up Susie's Que :) ha! that even rhymed.  Seen here in two coats and middle finger over black and ring finger over white "undies"
 photo 101Polish-9_zps656f960d.jpg  photo 101Polish-15_zpse2e6d2d5.jpg  photo 101Polish-8_zps6b9f5c2b.jpg

Marni's Cheering Again... it's a gorgeous hot pinkish/redish jelly, light on the glitter, and you'll find red, pink and black squares and circles.  ^_^

 photo 101Polish-5_zpsaebf7f9f.jpg  photo 101Polish-4_zps559bd241.jpg

Kelly's Found Her From is a green glitter jelly 

I see frog and I see green, first thing I think of is kissing it to see what happens ^_^ 

 photo 101Polish-6_zpsbb437c5f.jpg  photo 101Polish-7_zps8baf36c9.jpg

and of course.. there were no frogs turning into a prince, but just looking around my house,.. my cats live like a prince and princess and my mani reflects it. ^_^ 

 photo IMG_2285_zps0b0ad05f.jpg

Hailey's Cosmic Yellow is a yellow glittery jelly... super cosmic and bright over white... never thought I'd rock yellow, kept this on for a few days.. it was a magnet for compliments like honey to bears (oooh! honeycomb mani? *idea*) 

seen in two coats and over black and white.

 photo 101Polish-3_zpscbca878f.jpg  photo 101Polish-14_zps33f28976.jpg

It's ok to drool .. it really is... when you see a black jelly that just fits the shoe.  
Ethan's Jam is seen here in three coats, you could do two... I just loved the intensity.  It's just passionate! another fave!

 photo 101Polish-13_zps4271040e.jpg

And last but certainly NOT least.. is this elegant off white jelly with pearly glitter and holo hexes and bars make up Devon's White.  Just classy and sophisticated.  A white that can be worn alone or paired or with nail art! 

 photo 101Polish-2_zpscf09617e.jpg  photo 101Polish-1_zps6898703f.jpg

10.1 Polish is definately a new Indie that is here to stay thanks to their high quality, long lasting, 5-free formula, and adorable packaging as well as their creative names and colors as well as affordable prices and super fast shipping.  

10.1 Polish has recently released their latest collection called Practically Magic of a magically delicious range of holographic shades and soon to be released glitter top coat polish.. but shhhhhhh!!!! ... I don't know if I was supposed to tell you that ^_^  ... be sure to check that out too! 

On their site: http://www.freewebstore.org/10-Point-1-Polish
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skperfectpolish

Which one is your fave??? What do you think??????

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