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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Indie Invasion: Ellagee LE Winter Magic Collection

**press sample**

Guess what's in the pretty toole bags ^_^ it's winter magic.

 photo ellagee_zps2e7cf09d.jpg

Six LE (limited edition) polishes made of novelty glitters available only through 12/31/2014 and you, my fellow nail polish addict/indie supporter will want to have them.

Check them out and note the middle shot... .SPARKLES!!!! and they all come decorated with a removable crystal ring that you can borrow from the caps and a bag of nail art goodies and rhinestone rings, for your bottles, even though my bottles let me borrow them.

 photo ellagee-1_zps38a92e59.jpg

Let's take a closer look.  To me, glitters compliment any color but potential is truly seen over black and white and being a holiday collection I chose NYC Crown Gold for tip effect. 

This is Chanukah Gifts 
" clear base with tiny bright blue metallic glitter with silver holo squares and triangles and gold holo dots to represent the traditional dreidels and gelt and comes with a small bag of silver holo bows for nail art."

 photo ellagee-9_zps735e3a37.jpg

Look at Snowy Snowy Night
a clear base with rainbow iridescent glitters and silver holo stars and snowflakes in a mix of blue glitters and comes with a small bag of silver holo penguins for nail art"

Being a fan of blue, this really took my breath away... I would let it snow.

 photo ellagee-10_zpsf794ef8b.jpg

This is Christmas Time in the City
a clear base with red and green glitters in various shapes and sizes and silver holo dots and bells and comes with a small bag of Christmas tree glitter for nail art"

Having visited one of the most beautiful cities in the winter, Medellin Colombia and NYC, of course, this is a true telling of Christmas Time in the City.

 photo ellagee-8_zpsaf90b579.jpg

Mele Kalikimaka, one of my favorite phrases, it means "Merry Christmas" in Hawaii.  Another beautiful place for the holidays, this took me back to gorgeous sunsets while at the Luau during my last stay there.

" a clear base with an island flavored mix of turquoise, emerald, and red holo glitters with silver holo dolphins and comes with a small bag of silver holo flowers for nail art."

 photo ellagee-7_zpsf7dd568f.jpg

Baby It's Cold Outside... This one is perfect winter mood, I love the cuddly baby blue tint and snow flakes.

"a shimmery sheer base with white, pink, blue, and irridescent glitters in various shapes and sizes and pink and white snowflakes. Inspired by the frosty windowpanes after a snowfall. Each bottle is decorated with a removable sparkling crystal ring on the cap and comes with a small bag of larger white snowflakes for nail art. "

 photo ellagee-6_zps73f213f3.jpg

and lastly, Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
'nuff said! This is the most magical of all

" a clear base with a mix of white, frost white, and iridescent glitters with just a bit of black dots and orange triangles and comes with a small bag of white snowmen for nail art."

 photo ellagee-5_zpsa834d6b0.jpg

They have all passed my black/white/gold test and can definitely highlight any other color "undies" you may want to apply over.
Show it off alone or stamp over it.

They are seen here in one and two coats all topped with Ellagee's Glass, a fast drying top coat.  The special glitters, like the stars seen below or the dolphins on Mele Kalikimaka do not have to be fished.  They are evenly distributed on the polish so you dont have to saturate your nails to get a dolphin or two.  They are glitter polishes, so consider glitter removal techniques and they are simply gorgeous! <3

 photo ellagee-3_zpsf8db870f.jpg  photo ellagee-4_zpse0de8aab.jpg

I was playing with my polishes over post it notes and really liked this coat of Christmas Time in the City.  If you like it too yaay... if not, keep scrolling... I promise it gets better :)

 photo ellagee-2_zpsb62e532f.jpg

This is Mele Kalikimaka over Pennywise, a cooper metallic, can't say was my first choice for a combination but I just wanted to really take it back to Hawaii and these colors simply matched the Honolulu ambience (in my head) during the holiday season ^_^ dolphins included.

 photo ellagee-12_zps9098d18f.jpg

Lastly, here's what I am wearing RIGHT NOW!! ^_^
I built a snow man using Panther from Color Me Monthly and Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

 photo ellagee-11_zps265a91c9.jpg

Here's a shot of all the nail art goodies included with each polish to celebrate the season.

 photo ellagee-13_zps6ffa5d8d.jpg

Pre-order will commence on November 1st. and shipping will start on November 10th
so be there or be squared because the shop will be closed from December 1st to the 18th. and you'd want to get them before then and remember they will only be available up until December 31st.  ;)

Ellagee is unique handcrafted polish and is big 3-free
Each polish can be purchased HERE for $9.50 or you can get the set of 6 pretties for $45.

Be sure to like Ellagee on Facebook for more info on releases, swatches and promos.


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Monday, October 27, 2014

Indie Invasion: Creations by Lynda - Yule Be Festive Collection

**press sample**

Time really flies, not too long ago we were anxiously awaiting the release of spring polish collections and now we're ready to talk winter and holidays ^_^

Inspired by Christmas, Yule and New Year's, Creations By Lynda brings us four winter/holiday polishes to be released this November 3rd.

 photo CreationsbyLynda-6_Fotor_Collage_zpsf3866805.jpg

Let's take a closer look.  

First up is Winter Bells.  A holographic silvery gray with blue tint.  Seen here in two coats.  Brush strokes were visible with the first coat and disappeared with the second.  I did not use top coat and every time I looked at my nails it reminded me of Elsa from Frozen.  My mani looked like Elsa's kiss. 

 photo CreationsbyLynda-4_zps9c00cfaa.jpg  photo CreationsbyLynda-5_zps22edc4a5.jpg

2 days after applying, I wanted a refreshed manicure but was still enjoying my color so I decided to add some rhinestones from PixelPiece store and round stamps and taa-daaa! new mani!

 photo CreationsbyLynda-6_zps99a18206.jpg

Glowing Yule Log is a holographic antique gold shade seen here in two coats.  I was careful when applying watching for brush strokes.  Holographic effect was appreciated indoors and outdoors.  My hands were simply glowing.  I think this color would really compliment any skin tone.  

 photo CreationsbyLynda-7_zps0a2d95f5.jpg  photo CreationsbyLynda-8_zpsb1ee5b55.jpg

Again, a refreshed mani.  :) 

 photo CreationsbyLynda-9_zps94b79bdf.jpg

So far, you can really tell I am really enjoying this collection.  Take it from a gal that cannot wait to get home after work to do her nails every day using a different polish.  I have been wearing these colors for a few days each .. that's a record!!!

Up next is Sizzling Snow.  This is a glitter polish packed with various silver holographic glitter and pigment it just sparkles.... will make snow sizzle ^_^
Seen here over Glowing Yule Log and black

 photo CreationsbyLynda-10_zps47ccf603.jpg

and in this sparkly glowing bling mani using the three babies described above. 
I wore this for a Moroccan party at a place called Aladdin and trust me, Princess Jasmine had nothing on me ;) 

 photo CreationsbyLynda-13_zpscfd2d621.jpg

Lastly is Merry Glitzmas.  Another glitter polish with various red, green and gold glitter as well as holographic pigment for the added sparkle.  Seen here over black and red.  Ready for holiday festivities and glam.

 photo CreationsbyLynda-12_zpsf2dfd116.jpg

 photo CreationsbyLynda-11_zpsa54fab81.jpg 

What a fabulous collection to take through the holidays... Get your very own.  They will be released November 3rd. each one is priced at $10 (I know it's a little higher than normal but this is due to the holographic pigments) support indie makers.

All of these pretties are “5 Free” which mean they do not contain Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toulene, Dibutyl Phtalate (DBP) or Camphor.  All products are made by hand in a smoke free environment.  Lynda does not test on animals and does not knowingly uses anything in her creations that is tested on animals.  Perfect formula and quick to dry.

Creations by Lynda does not only consist of nail polish.  She also makes soap, soy candles, cuticle oil and more.
PLUUUS Lynda is super cool and also loves cats :) 
Stop by her shop
and be sure to like her on Facebook

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

LOTD: falsies. yay or nay??

I like falsies but I had never been brave enough to wear them to an important event until this week... 

I wanted to go for something different and I did... I had to tell my mom to keep an eye on them though because I was worried they would hang from the side of my eye and i wouldnt see it and of course, make a fool of myself with a major makeup/falsie fail.   To think that it was my shoe strap that broke off and no problem with the falsies, but that's another story for another day.


In case you are wondering, I am wearing compact powder Naileen #2, Mineral Hygienics glow bronzer, colors from a Starlooks palette and black shimmery eyeshadow from victoria secret.  Falsies are from Kiss and mac lip gloss (only have one application left, if that,...sad)

 photo CreationsbyLynda-15_zps2b8d6359.jpg


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Saturday, October 25, 2014

China Glaze: Apocalypse of Colour

**press sample**

I know we're cutting it close to Halloween here so this will be a short review.... but the good thing is that even at the very last minute, you will still have nail time...hear me out! ;) 
  China Glaze has unleashed their Apocalypse of Colour collection for an immortal manicure... 
For the undead with this mix of scary shimmers, ghoulish glitters and terrifying top coat, you will be able to create a spine-chilling look with this limited edition collection.

They are gorgeous and super fast drying... so even if you pick one and later that night decide to change your nail polish color.. you can ;) 
Who does that you ask??? I have!!!! 
try going to multiple parties with multiple costumes haaa'  you'll need multiple fast drying nail polishes.
 photo image001_zps0d6c18ae.jpg
First up is I Love Your Guts: Blood red with specs of black

 photo ChinaGlazeApocalypse-1_zps0ac1409f.jpg

But Of Corpse: is a gruesome green with specks of black...gory 

 photo ChinaGlazeApocalypse_zps2c6f6bd1.jpg

Getting to Gnaw You: Black/brown polish with hints of orange micro glitter

 photo ChinaGlazeApocalypse-3_zps4e3edfe0.jpg

Don't Let the Dead Bite:  a gorgeous nude base with sporadic red glitter to look like blood splatter across your finger.

 photo ChinaGlazeApocalypse-2_zps3f6d0f5e.jpg

Here's a little of Getting to Gnaw You and Don't Let the Dead Bite...
this mummy will definitely NOT bite ;) 

 photo ChinaGlazeApocalypse-4_zps173350cc.jpg

and this cannot be complete without the re-release of Ghoulish Glow, a glow in the dark top coat and creepy eyes ^_^

 photo CAM01865_wm_zpsf069144c.jpg

The collection also includes Rest in Pieces, a festive fall glitter combination of copper, gold and black...wear it on Halloween or whenever else.  I was very happy with all the polishes and super excited with the glow in the dark topper but I will show you Rest in Pieces on a later post. 

China Glaze® Apocalypse of Colour is available now as individual bottles and special 6-piece and 3-piece gift sets at fine
salons and beauty supply stores including Sally Beauty and Ulta.
China Glaze® is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde.
For more information, please visit www.chinaglaze.com and follow China Glaze
on Facebook (@ChinaGlazeOfficlal), Twitter (@ChinaGlaze) and Pinterest (pinterest.com/chinaglaze).

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Color Me Monthly: October is Pink!

**press sample**

Color Me Monthly is taking part in breast cancer awareness month.  They have been personally affected by friends and family that have battled cancer.  In honor of this, they are donating 10% of ALL sales from the The Vault during the month of October to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  this is cool.. but what is even cooler is the fact that you are not only limited to pink colors.  Go check them out.

Color Me Monthly is a nail polish monthly membership.  Skips the expensive packaging, has great colors and ships them every month AT YOUR DOOR for only $7.00. Their polish is Non-toxic and carcinogen-free, eco-friendly, never tested on animals, made in the USA and simply convenient and inexpensive= AWESOME!

CMM members received Panther.  It is a soft pink fit for a princess subject if nearby envy.  This is now available on the vault. 

 photo CMM-1_zpsf5afb252.jpg
This month's color is Pennywise.  It is heads ir tails lying on the street corner.  With a metallic finish is sure to show off your mani's worth ;) 

 photo CMM_zps4ec84c1b.jpg

Because it is breast cancer awareness month, I tried to make a cancer ribbon over Pennywise with dots of Panther and white.

 photo CMM-2_zps58d49109.jpg

It was really hard to get a good shot because of the glare reflected on Pennywise.  What a beautiful color and its reflection.

 photo CMM-3_zpsf72ce583.jpg

For those of you looking to start or grow a nail polish collection click HERE to get started.
They were both easy to apply, full coverage with two coats and fast drying, make you drool pink.

Shop for a cause.

What do you think??? Do tell....! I love reading your comments.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Indie Invasion: Stock up on your pinks ~ With a "Y" and Snoopy

**press sample**

I am not one to rant or an over-sharer on this blog, I had a whole different type of post for this pretty but I felt like writing a long one and share the kind of day I had.  Feel free to skip to the nice pictures of gorgeous color and cool Snoopy stamp or just read along.

I thank God for everyday, especially today.  My mom had an accident at work and banged her head pretty badly...  :'(  8 stitches ... she has been fully examined and luckily it was not a life threatening injury but for what she tells me, she was pretty scared for her life.  

I was at work when it happened and my life simply stopped, I had very few coherent thoughts, her manager was the one to give me the news, I was assured that emergency personnel would very soon arrive at her location but hearing my mother just calling my name in the background throughout that phone call, not even my name but the name she calls me since I was a little girl, "Nana",  had me pretty scared for her life too.

I am a great believer in God and in the power of prayer, we have been praying the rosary together and we have been blessed and protected from pretty real stuff lately.  Her accident was major with minor consequences thus far and has served as a reassurance of what "real problems" really are.  So many people battle "REAL" problems all the time and we as a society just sweep them under the rug because it does not concern us personally.  Looking around at the hospital today I was amazed at how us (people) have become so insensitive and simply lack compassion for one another.   We are victims of what seems to be a tragedy of the commons, everyone believing that me, myself and I cannot make a difference in the world and ok! maybe not in the world, but I assure you that we are capable of making a difference to, AT THE VERY LEAST, ONE person.

Don't wait until things happen to you or yours.  Like Mother Teresa said "never worry about the numbers, help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you" whether it is to hold someone's bag while sitting on a wheel chair, cross the street or a simple smile and the hardest but most powerful of all, during hard times, carry a positive and loving attitude.
Both, positivism and love heal!

How appropriate is it that today, I am wearing With a "Y" an Indie pretty by Creations by Lynda.

Lynda is donating $1.00 of EVERY pink polish she sells throughout the month of October in support to the breast cancer awareness month.  This particular shade of pink is filled with bubble gum pink, rose gold micro flakies and a hint of linear holographic pigment and even some gold shimmer.

Take a look at its holo richness in this outdoor shot

 photo CreationsbyLynda-1_zpsf1b44e00.jpg

 photo CreationsbyLynda_zps3b4c8d42.jpg

and using PixelPiece QA46 added stamp for fun! and to get my mind off of sad things :) 
whether those are cat paws, dog paws or snoopy paws, it brought happy thoughts. 

 photo CreationsbyLynda-3_zps58b8f4c0.jpg  photo CreationsbyLynda-2_zpsdb79c3d2.jpg 

I love the name of this polish and can totally relate.  My name is pronounced Jo-anna but it is spelled with a "Y" Yohana (I know, where did that come from?) so for ever and ever, I will be forced to say With a "Y" and this pretty is sooo pretty (pun intended) that I could keep it forever and ever and restock when it's all gone.

This baby retails for $9.50.  A little higher than other Lynda's babies because of the holographic pigments but well worth it.

You can also find Lynda on Facebook and be sure to check her site for her entire array of colors, more pink shades and other products like soaps and cuticle oils.  Stay tuned because her holiday collection is coming out soon and I have it to show it to you.

... sorry for the rant and long post.  I really wanted to share the kind of day I had but also wanted to share this opportunity to shop for a cause.  Help someone in whatever way you can, make up new ways, start with your family, keep it together (as hard as that can be).  Pray for those you love and those you don't.  They need love too! and like those paws whatever problems you encounter, just keep walking.

I am going to bed now... hopefully dream of a cool mani because guess whose nails I want to paint tomorrow...?... yeap! my mommy's.


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