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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Back to School Nail Art Challenge: fave / least fave subject

It's hard to pick a fave and least fave subject for a nail art challenge, at least for me.  This late at night when creativity drops to a minimum at times.
I was pretty nerdy in school but had a really hard time remembering names and dates for history class but could figure out a physics one-page formula in a heart beat and actually enjoyed it.
I hated changing for gym (in Jr. High) and since hated phys ed.  but didnt want to interfere with the sports day! :)
In any event, I thought about Astronomy.  I always thought my astronomy notebook would end up with drawings of aliens and stars but never actually did (except for a few stars to glaze at at night after class).  I've always been fascinated with the universe and its wonders so here's what I came up with using some stripers and black polish.
This is a double challenge because I decided to stamp what I wanted my notebooks to look like.

 photo CAM01507_wm_zps6f4568c2.jpg  photo CAM01508_wm_zps8d36823d.jpg  photo CAM01509_wm_zps074bfe4a.jpg  photo CAM01510_wm_zpsa97ee958.jpg

Cheeky Plates used:
 photo CAM01513-1_wm_zpsb3eb583a.jpg
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Friday, August 30, 2013

Back to School Nail Art Challenge: Apple for Teacher

Hi everyone.. I've been away from my blog.  My  mommy left after a very long stay with me.. she leaves a continent away and having her made me so happy... now that she's back home she left me with an empty heart.  Our relationship growing up was a little rough but then I grew up and we are the bestests of friends.  I will miss her... 

I was trying to get back to my normal routine, including doing my nails and actually posting them on the blog.  I am now considering law school so that's going to be interesting... anyway... it an attempt to get back to normal as quickly as possible.  I enrolled in a Back to School Nail Art Challenge and here's my mani for the day.  I will be jumping in and out and hope it is to your enjoyment.   Thank you Rachos Nail Love for putting this together. 

Using two pretties, Livingston and Flynn from the Zoya Cashmere Collection and a fimmo cane this is what i came up with

 photo 7bb10d0c-315d-4ffa-9400-55063a0b5ffa_zpse7d40ef0.jpg  photo CAM01501_wm_zps4cc13fba.jpg  photo CAM01500_wm_zps879c2abe.jpg

Be sure to check out everyone's apples ... you'll absolutely love it!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

100% Pure Cosmetics: Lip Glaze Swatch

**cruelty free press sample**

 photo puritycosmetics_zpsf4e0c96f.jpg

As much of 60% of any skin care products is absorbed by our skin.  There are many toxic chemicals in cosmetic products that have been clinically proven to cause cancer, tumors, irritation and many different skin disorders.  100% Pure Cosmetics products are truly 100% free of artificial fragrances, colors, detergents, chemicals and/or bad stuff.

100% Pure Cosmetics is also vegan and cruelty free. They do however, use cruelty free honey.
It contains natural preservatives like anti-bacterial herbs, honeysuckle, thyme, oregano among others.
All ingredients are suitable for sensitive skin and are so safe that you wont get nervous when you catch your kids playing, or what's worse, eating your makeup.

Now on to what you clicked to see ;) 

I have for you 100% Percent fruit pigment lip glaze, Vixen
Is described as a sheer coral but it's more like a pinkish :) 

 photo IMG_1637_zpscc53a9e8.jpg

It comes in the cutest container 
 photo IMG_1633_zps74a8e65a.jpg  photo IMG_1643_zpsa4c12193.jpg  photo IMG_1642_zpsadd22fa0.jpg  photo IMG_1640_zps12186f9a.jpg

Retails for $15.00
Purity supports several charities including the humane society and Kitten Rescue <3 <3 .  Click HERE for a complete list of charities.

Check out their entire line on their site and be sure to 
Follow them on Twitter

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Zoya Cashmere Fall Collection: Swatches and nail art

 photo zoyacashmeres_zpse576dfcc.jpg

Another great Zoya sampler for review EEEEEEEEEEEEK!
The Zoya Fall 2013: Cashmere Collection is here!!!!  made up of six gorgeous creamy shades.  The Zoya fairies outdid themselves [again!!!!]

This fall is making me "Fall" forward.  Plus, it's my favorite season and with the nail colors of the season, I am ready to kick summer 2013 good-bye! 

First up is Livingston.  Described as the perfect fall red.   I dont think is super unique but definitely my truest red.

 photo ZoyaCashmereCollection6_zpsa3a2dd64.jpg  photo ZoyaCashmereCollection5_zps77e2afd7.jpg

Pepper is a brick red, warm fall color for the season's adventures.

 photo ZoyaCashmereCollection4_zpsc5c76962.jpg  photo ZoyaCashmereCollection3_zpseed0660d.jpg

Sailor is the "right on" navy shade... not too dark not too light where is just blue.  True navy <3 
 photo ZoyaCashmereCollection2_zpsec265269.jpg  photo ZoyaCashmereCollection_zpsedd0e4a0.jpg

Louise is a chocolate brown color for the brownie and teddy bear nail art :) 
(you know i'll be making some attempts) 

 photo ZoyaCashmereCollection13_zps3959fe5a.jpg  photo ZoyaCashmereCollection12_zps47113d1f.jpg

Hunter my favorite member of my green family collection.

 photo ZoyaCashmereCollection11_zps1f0432fa.jpg  photo ZoyaCashmereCollection10_zpsbb17f0c1.jpg

Lastly, but certainly not least:
Flynn is a nude cream:  You know am a sucker for nudes.  This is elegant, sophisticated and fun!!

My first attempt at fan brush nail art using Flynn, Louise and Hunter.
 photo ZoyaCashmereCollection7_zps0a6bf448.jpg  photo ZoyaCashmereCollection8_zpsa1929821.jpg

But I was having too much fun and went with a failed attempt at camo nails... dont judge my nail art skills... and please show me some good camo nails using these three beauties.  Flynn, Louise and Hunter are def. the three musketeers for the task

 photo ZoyaCashmereCollection9_zps14ee436c.jpg 

The Cashmere Collection is available for purchase and retails for $48.00 and bottles can be purchased individually for only $8.00
Zoya has earned its good name for its big 5-free and healthy formula

For more details and more colors visit zoya.com
and like Zoya on Facebook for more pictures, swatches and nail art by other fans and bloggers.
and don't forget to leave your comments below. 
I love reading your comments 

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Zoya Fall PixieDust Collection: Swatches and Nail Art

Zoya Time!!!!!!!!!!!
I am suuuuped!!! 
I received the Zoya PixieDust Fall 2013 Collection.  Summer is not yet over but we need to start talking about the fall... my favorite season (after lent :p ) 
Just when you thought PixieDusts couldnt get any prettier, missing colors arise.

I hope you enjoy the foliage of this collection as much as I am. 

 photo IMG_20130716_163448_zps9790163f.jpg

First up is Tomoko.  Cheerful champagne silver off-white shade.
 photo ZoyaPixiesFall2_zpse743819d.jpg  photo ZoyaPixiesFall_zps866854e6.jpg

Here's Dhara dazzling orange full bling screams fall!!!!!!! 
 photo ZoyaPixiesFall11_zps56c86258.jpg  photo ZoyaPixiesFall10_zpsa37ea3d0.jpg

Super bright under the camera flash and low ambiance lighting 
 photo ZoyaPixiesFall9_zps534b34ce.jpg

Sunshine is a gorgeous dark sky blue (not as bright as Liberty).  My camera shows it darker then it really is but still a true beauty.
 photo ZoyaPixiesFall6_zps977733ab.jpg  photo ZoyaPixiesFall5_zps58dd4290.jpg

This cell phone photo shows it closer to what it really looks like. 

 photo ZoyaPixiefall2_zps09b947da.jpg

Chita is a jade green ready to "fall" forward on a perfect fall foliage mani

 photo ZoyaPixiesFall4_zpsa0179763.jpg  photo ZoyaPixiesFall3_zpsb24eabdd.jpg

Carter is described as "Regal Violet" I call it violet with a hint of fuchsia... (gotta love made up color's names)
Camera made it look waay to purple but the cell phone pic on the right is a closer to what it looks like "in person" and the diamond sparkle.

 photo Zoyacarter_zpsc2ebc31e.jpg  photo ZoyaPixiefall_zps99434d68.jpg

and lastly, Arabella a rich fuchsia.  The full expression of femininity.  Season perfect for any season.

 photo ZoyaPixiesFall8_zps45f2691d.jpg  photo ZoyaPixiefall3_zps50e834a3.jpg

Here's a little nail art using Tomoko and Chita 
 photo IMG_20130717_174822_zps23dec4ff.jpg
and Tomoko and Dahlia from the original PixieDust Collection.

 photo CAM01299_wm_zps37d9e19b.jpg

and today, when I came home, my mom was super hyped about her nails featuring Dhara

 photo IMG_1773_zpsa7ab42b0.jpg   

With these.. I dont mind saying "bah-bye Summer".

The entire collection can be purchased HERE and retails for $54.00 or $9.00 for individual bottles
I love Zoya... 5-free and proudly made in the U.S.A.
Be sure to like Zoya on Facebook

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