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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Back to School Nail Art Challenge: fave / least fave subject

It's hard to pick a fave and least fave subject for a nail art challenge, at least for me.  This late at night when creativity drops to a minimum at times.
I was pretty nerdy in school but had a really hard time remembering names and dates for history class but could figure out a physics one-page formula in a heart beat and actually enjoyed it.
I hated changing for gym (in Jr. High) and since hated phys ed.  but didnt want to interfere with the sports day! :)
In any event, I thought about Astronomy.  I always thought my astronomy notebook would end up with drawings of aliens and stars but never actually did (except for a few stars to glaze at at night after class).  I've always been fascinated with the universe and its wonders so here's what I came up with using some stripers and black polish.
This is a double challenge because I decided to stamp what I wanted my notebooks to look like.

 photo CAM01507_wm_zps6f4568c2.jpg  photo CAM01508_wm_zps8d36823d.jpg  photo CAM01509_wm_zps074bfe4a.jpg  photo CAM01510_wm_zpsa97ee958.jpg

Cheeky Plates used:
 photo CAM01513-1_wm_zpsb3eb583a.jpg
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  1. it's fab, i loved to read about stars too. AWesome creativity 1

  2. Hum. Apparently my comment didn't register? I thought this was adorable!