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Monday, August 4, 2014

Salon Perfect Neon Pop Collection and Dotting Tools

**press sample**
Summer is bright and there's no reason why the season's collections would not be just as bright.
I decided to test out the Salon Perfect Neon Pop collection on a water marble attempt.  I am happy with the results
 photo IMG_5373-1_zps60433881.jpg  photo 20140804_200847-1_zpsed3e1b4c.jpg

Let's look at each individually:

First up is Sugar Cube.  This was my white base for my water marble mani.  Also stamps well.
 photo IMG_5371-1_zps99d65ab1.jpg

Fired Up Fuchsia is a neon hot pink with fuchsia shimmer.
Applied Crystal Clear top coat on ring finger.

 photo IMG_5353-1_zps14b07ebc.jpg  photo IMG_5351-1_zps6a99fba7.jpg

Yowza Yellow:  Highlighter yellow.  Goes on sheer but full coverage achieved with 2-3 coats.
 photo IMG_5342-1_zpsd0c7d3d5.jpg
   photo IMG_5335-1_zps2d3f23a8.jpg

Oceanic: Bright blue with shimmer... perfect "happy baby blue"
Applied Crystal Clear top coat on ring finger
 photo IMG_5348-1_zps6a6491f0.jpg  photo IMG_5349-1_zps59757fc0.jpg

Flamingo Flair:  Is described as a "neon flamingo pink" but looks more like a neon soft creme coral.

   photo IMG_5294-1_zps0ab594cb.jpg

Tickled Pink:  Delicate bright creme pink
 photo IMG_5287-1_zpsb0a951fd.jpg

Traffic Cone: Pretty self-explanatory.  It is bright and lovely.  Not a color I would have picked off the shelf but WoW!!! it wears well... Although it was difficult to photograph, it was a magnet for compliments simply gorgeous for any skin tone.  A keeper.
Applied Crystal Clear top coat on ring finger

 photo 20140804_184401-1_zpsd06fe5b4.jpg  photo IMG_5284-1_zps4ba6f535.jpg

Loopy Lime: Bright lime green with slight shimmer.  Became my second favorite.  It just sits so well and perfectly suited for this bright season.
Applied Crystal Clear top coat on ring finger
 photo IMG_5252-1_zpsaaecf4f2.jpg  photo IMG_5254-1_zps5c80ab4e.jpg

And lastly, Salon Perfect dotting tools.
four ends even included a striper.  small, medium and large dots for any mani.  I have used these and highly satisfied with the quality.

 photo IMG_5385-1_zpsa11dc0fd.jpg  photo IMG_5383-1_zps9a8b3af2.jpg

All shades are semi-matte 2-3 coats for full coverage.  Crystal Clear top coat is super shiny and fast drying and has not smeared watermarble or stamping manis : )
Each shade retails for $3.98 and is available at Walmarts nationwide.

What do you think??

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