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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Stowaway Makeup

** press sample ** 
I once went to a bar and you know, the usual, met a man, he was bored, while waiting for his girlfriend, he strikes up conversation and some of it went like this:
Man: "I can spot a gold digger right from the start"
Me: "Really? How?"
Man: "They say things like 'I like to travel'.  But anyway, enough about me, what do you do for fun?"
Me: "I travel"
 photo IMG_8407_zpsaqk3srs1.jpg
After that, it was just awkward.  
Traveling is one of the most personally and culturally enriching experiences but it can be costly.  I have a pretty average job, the usual tons of bills, and well... I also blog and paint my nails for fun.  But as often as I can, I do love to go away even if it is just for the weekend.
When keeping my budget on check, I have to think about what to bring and to cut costs keep packing to minimal essentials.  Well... minimal essentials can be fit into two large suitcases right?  and well, I am a woman and with the woman-like-mentality, I think makeup helps my appearance (sometimes, some other times, there is really nothing anything can do) and own way more than I need to and of course, bring it with me when I go anywhere. 
Through the past few trips, I've gotten soooo much more practical when I travel and I am very proud to say that I have kept it very frugal (real) and have fit EVERYTHING into my carry-on and maybe a large purse or backpack !!  Yaaay me!!!!!!
And with this in mind, I came upon Stowaway Cosmetics. It's the carry-on of the cosmetics bag.   "They are packaged in a thoughtful, minimalist, and portable way—because you are busy and are doing big things. Stowaway knows that if you’re on-the-move, your beauty products are too."
Everything you need into a bag almost as big as a dollar bill.  Normally, my makeup bag overflows, I end up taking things I do not regularly use and forget the things I normally do use and still overflows, things fall out so they are out of sight (and out of mind)    
 photo IMG_9224_Fotor_Collage_zpsgbney59w.jpg
The kit includes a foundation, concealer, eye liner, mascara, lip and cheek pot rouge and of course, a lipstick.
 photo IMG_9224_Fotor_Collages_zpsotgiyfcl.jpg 
The lipstick is gorgeous and creamy, you can customize your own colors.
 photo 2-1_zpsmjspy1bi.jpg 
and when in a pinch, this is all I need and before I know it, I am ready! and I know that I will get to use the products until the end before its expiration date!!! 
This is a brilliant idea.  According to Stowaway, it costs the same amount to make a "right sized" mascara as a "too-large-to-finish" mascara.  Read more about the reason why HERE
 photo IMG_0156_zps2z1w7sjr.jpg
Bad Selfie
To finish the story, the man's girlfriend finally showed up and turned out to be a former co-worker of mine.  Ha!!! small world!!! we're are all great friends and they are about to get married.
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