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Monday, August 10, 2015

A Class Act of Monday Blues

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We are continuing with SinfulColors back-to-school collection, A Class Act.  Today is a class act of Monday blues.  Life sure knows how to throw some curveballs but like someone said "Be happy not because everything is good but because you can see the good in everything".  I really wish I knew who said or wrote this so that proper credit is given but my internet search comes back with several sources.  If you know it, please let me know. 

And following the advice in the quote, I can definitely see a lot of good in nail polish and this collection. 

So I hope you like what I did today, it is not the normal case of Monday blues but rather ending with a happy tone :) 

I used Whiteboard, a chalk white with a chalkboard-like matte finish, simply delightful.  For me personally, it would need a little more pigments to be the perfect stamping white, but it's a great french-manicure white or simply as undies as I did here.

 photo SC Class Act -8_zps8clayek7.jpg

Once again, Summer S-cool, which we featured before HERE

 photo SC Class Act -3_zpsohz8oehv.jpg 

and Truth or Lavender:  I love the name of this creamy lilac with a demi-matte finish as well as the sweet tone it carries.  This one's a keeper in my collection.

 photo SC Class Act -5_zpsznqjflc1.jpg 

I know there is a little blue.  I was feeling soo blue that the mood almost turned purple so I figured to mix the two to turn the frown upside down and came up with this sideway gradient.  I was planning to stamp, but #1, I'm late for work again and #2 I enjoy it just as is.

 photo SC Class Act -9_zpshmbteryp.jpg  photo SC Class Act -10_zps0ghbxraq.jpg 

The collection will be available at Walgreens and other mass retailers for August and September, 2015 and as always, at a super affordable price of $1.99.

I will have more swatches and nail art from this collection later this week. Stay tuned and check out SinfulColors social media platforms!!! 


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