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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Starlooks Addicts: Resort Edition: August Looksbook

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Starlooks has launched a brand new Looksbook Membership.  I have been reviewing the custom Starbox for a few months and find that the Looksbook is slightly different.
The Looksbook set is a themed box of three products specifically chosen by Starlooks professionals and curated to enable you to create a complete look instead of a selection of random products.  They are fashion-forecasted, PRO quality, HD and photo-compatible AND a "book" (more like a pamphlet) with tips and tricks to achieve the theme look and come in a super cute magnetic closure box. 
 photo IMG_2459_zpsg9iwqp5a.jpg

Every item fits nice and snug inside the box, but I wish it didn't.  So I could re-use it.  What keeps the products in place is stuck to the box and it seems like I need super human powers to take out.  (I'm not very strong to begin with).
 photo thumb_IMG_2460_1024-1_zpsu9m4l2i8.jpg

This month's Looksbook may be a little nostalgic for many as it gives us the last sweet taste of summer and includes an Aqua water eyeshadow, Tropic Ritz highlighter/blush duo and a Jet Set lipstick in perfect size which means that I will most likely see the end of the contents before its expiration date, also means less clutter in my makeup drawer and more room for new things ^_^ 

 photo IMG_2462_zpsw3djnzkx.jpg

The lipstick is actually a little more peachy than in the photo below, yet loveable. 
 photo starlooks_zpsv3vb6who.jpg
Use the set together for a perfect look. 

 photo IMG_2445_zpst6whimxk.jpg

I absolutely love the theme, product quality and size.

Looksbook v. Starbox??

As you know, with the Starbox, you are able to pick the products you want for that month which comes pretty handy when you need something specific or when you don't want that extra red lipstick.  The Looksbook, comes with pre-selected products curated for a theme which is great.  I love surprises and it comes with a "book" to help me get the most out of my new goodies.
Both subscriptions are $12 with free shipping and both include gift cards.

You can't go wrong.
If you don't want to spend time making your picks and still want celeb-worthy sets, the Looksbook is for you!

PREVIEW AND SIGN UP “MONTH-TO-MONTH” HERE:subscriptions.starlooks.com

or Sign up for a 3, 6, or 12 month “pre-paid” LooksBook® Membership here: Starlooks.com (and get your FIRST MONTH FREE)!

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