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Sunday, June 25, 2017

OPI California Dream Collection

**press sample**

Seeing other places has got to be one sweet pleasure.  How many of you have seen all 52 States??

What a great accomplishment that must be.

OPI having such a national and global market must have to really have seen it all.  They're latest collection, California Dreamin' encompasses just that! a new place, a new destination, a new dream!
For us, nail polish lover, a new lacquer shade ^_^

I picked a couple of my faves and here they are in hue order (lightest to darkest) featuring some nail art.

  • Feeling Frisco
  • Barking up the Wrong Sequoia 
  • Time for a Napa
  • Malibu Pier Pressure
  • Santa Monica Beach Peach
  • To The Mouse House We Go (with Feeling Fresco undies for accent nail)

I love the creativity of these names.  Whoever has that job ROCKS!!!

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