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Saturday, March 31, 2012

God Save My Shoes

If you have EVER said "I have to have those shoes" you have to see this film.

Director: Julie Benasra
Producer & Executive Producer: Thierry Daher 

God Save My Shoes is a documentary film about the relationship between women and shoes.  No one can really determine what triggers that desire but from a shoe lover's point of view, the film was very well put together exploring this wild side in us, women.  The film explored a historical, cultural, psychological, sociological and sexual  perspective  "the fiery emotions that shoes cause on most of us (and on quite some men)"  all over the world, the passion, the fetishes, desires, comfort and discomfort that shoes arise. 

What women are capable of just to have THOSE shoes.  This is a must see film especially if you have ever said "I have to have THOSE shoes"  If you have to have them you have to see this !!!! Although it is geared towards a female audience, it can also be enjoyable to men.  

Before I even begin and before I forget, FUNNY STORY - If you ever run into Benasra or Daher, make sure you ask them how they got Fergie to participate in the film. 
Moving on.  My favorite topic was the subject of empowerment.  Do we wear heels because it makes us feel more empowered to do what men can do? I have my own opinion - ! what's yours?
High heels are nothing but an object of seduction; the mere fact of being women makes us desirable by men, however, we increase and accelerate that desire by wearing a good/sexy pair of shoes..and we know it!! shoes change our figure the instant we climb on them; our bust and butt are lifted, our personality and attitude change, we go from girly mode to sexy/yes-I-am mode.  
High heels are NOT comfortable.  I loved the description given by Baroness Von Neumann about the "...get me in the car, seat me in a restaurant and don't make me get up" shoes and those you can not wear "unless there is a wall to lean on" - I have a few pairs of those because they are cute!!! 

Have you ever been to the New York City Meat Packing District?? here's a glimpse... look at the ground you walk on! you can't!!! you are literally on your tippy toes in order to avoid the heel to get caught on the ridges and I have seen millions of time.  So my boyfriend carries me across, that is perhaps why we do not visit the area that often.  Wow this is great insight.  
Anyway, I wish I could go into more detail but this is something you must see for yourself.  We all have a relationship with our shoes, we give them names, describe each and every pair differently (even if it is the same work pump or summer wedges), buy or wish we could buy the same shoe in different colors or a backup pair, and of course the famous pair that your feet can only stand for the amount of time it takes you to get from any chair to the car until you find the flip flops you left under the seat OR that pair that you purchased because they were soooooooooo cute or on sale but soooooooo uncomfortable that you have not worn. 
I love all my shoes, my collection now nets 94 pairs and counting.

The film took three years to make and it had over 100 hours of production which were cut down to 70 minutes (yes, that is a lot of editing).  Featured celebrities such as burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland, Paris opera ballerina Marie-Agnès G illot, and Baroness Von Neumann.   Also had the great account of knowledge from the fashion historian Valerie Steele of the FIT in New York, Toronto museum curator Elizabeth Semmelhack, women’s marketing expert Mary Lou Quinlan.When asked at the Q&A session, director Julie Benasra and producer Thierry Daher gave us some inside information that the film took a different direction from the original idea but the change was for the best.   When asked what sparked the idea, Benasra interestingly answered that women and shoes was something that always fascinated her and  she has always been intrigued  by the subject and admitted that her shoe collection increased by 20 pairs to a total of 60 from making the film.  

I unfortunately missed an essential part of the film, perhaps it was too late at night and my brain was still processing the subtitles from a statement made in French when Kelly Rowland gave important piece of information as to the title of the film.  Why GOD Save My Shoes?  so at the after party at the Pop Pub on University Place, I asked Daher the question why the title and found a little disappointing that he answered "because it fit"

The film has already been seen in France and Spain and will be showing in several film festivals and events across the United States then will go to Russia and Korea among other nations.
Again, if you have EVER said "I have to have those shoes" you have to see this film.
Thank you DSW for an amazing experience at the Quad Cinema, I was very happy (and proud) to be a shoelover especially after the wonderful shout out Daher gave you before the film to which I must agree, "YOU TRULY CATER TO SHOELOVERS"  and to think that I won the tickets to the premiere for posting my Hi-Tec Women's Sabi Hiker Boot, but in reality I cannot live without them they keep my feet fresh and young even after a long hike during the day so I can climb on those sexy/personality changers at night ;) 

I had had a very long day!! at the end of the night, the shoes I wish I could save were these:

Yes, boot shaped beer mugs
Good luck with the next step of the film "make money off of it" (Daher).

P.S.: It was raining when we were leaving the Pop Pub (the after party) my boyfriend is a gentleman and went to get the car, while I waited, I saw a girl walking quite strange, I thought to myself, perhaps her hot shoes are killing her, as she walks by me, I can see blisters on the back of her feet, (hopefully you can appreciate it in the picture).  I asked if I could take a picture and she agreed.  She could not stand alone, she found support in her companion...that just proves.... women and shoes <3

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