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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to Choose a Shoe Size

Surprisingly I have been approached with this simple question many times and we all think we know our shoe size...but haven't we all seen young ladies wearing gorgeous pumps with all that room in the back of the foot.... you can fit a whole new foot in there.  (-am guessing they're borrowing mom's shoes... no joke!)  

Choosing the right size can make a HUUUUGE the difference between loving a shoe and hating a shoe.  If it is too small, it is going to cause foot pain, and who would want to walk around in shoes that hurt?? if it is too big, it is going to be uncomfortable, unbearable, unstable and heavier. 

So how do you know your size?? It's very easy simply MEASURE your foot, first the length then the width... Lay down a piece of paper (tag the paper on a flat surface to prevent it from moving), place one foot firmly onto the paper and trace the outline of your foot.  And yes, when you buy your shoes, the best way to choose your size is either by taking the measurement along or by trying the shoe and press your finger on top of your longest toe. If it hurts, then it is too small for your feet and if there is much space, then it is too large. Walk around wearing the shoes and if you are comfortable, then that is just your size.   

*Evening is the best time of the day to measure the size of your feet, because your feet are bigger after all of your daily activities. 


  1. It also depends on the shoe, brand, style, etc. so when in doubt try it on! lol I never rhyme