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Friday, April 27, 2012

CoverGirl Natureluxe SIlk Foundation

I received this foundation from bzzagent to try.

This foundation feels silky to the touch... the silk effect is felt on your fingers the second you begin to apply (if you use your fingers to apply- use my ring finger as it is the finger with less strength so it most gentle on your face especially by the eyes area).  Coverage is amazingly powerful, however, you must make sure you get the right shade, as it is one shade lighter than what it shows on the packaging.  In a sense it is what you are looking for but for a summer dress, you do not want your neckline to be darker than your face. It will not look natural. 

My skin is of normal to dry in nature, this foundation gives a nice-natural-moist-fresh look THROUGHOUT THE DAY no need to re-touch with powder, just perfect. So since my skin color tends to be lighter in the winter (no tan), it has become my foundation of choice in the cold months AND FYI - it is loaded with SPF protection. 

Overall , I liked it very much and highly recommend it for those of you that like the natural-fresh look, it is not a heavy foundation so you will not look like you are wearing a mask. 

Loved it!

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