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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Lenghts We Go For Our Shoes

These have got to be the most difficult pair of shoes to get.

They are Guess Pammie Pump purchased from DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse.  One of DSW's fan posted a pic of these shoes, and for me was love at first sight!!!!!

There was no reference to the name of the shoes. So I tried to contact her.  She never answered =( .  I then contacted DSW with a screen shot of the shoes.  They were able to determine the shoes were Guess but had no other reference and the product search returned unsuccessful.

Luckily, a few other people commented on the initial picture saying they had it too!!!!
I contacted them and one person replied with a UPC code which I provided to DSW for a product search which again, returned unsuccessful.  For those of you who do not know what a UPC Code is, it is the bar code that identifies each product.  Well, with that in hand, I can initiate my own search.

I contacted my local stores yes, storeS... I am very lucky to have a few within a 20-30 minute drive.  and a few stores had them YAAAAAAAY but not in my size.  Finally found them in my size, left work to go get them RIGHT AWAY.  All the ladies that had the shoes had gotten them on sale... My store charged me regular price but I did not care, I did not even mention it... I was very happy, I had reward certificates and bonus cards and score these babies for $20.00.

So yes, I stalked people, I risked my job and "paid" regular price but I had to have my shoe fix.

These are the sexiest shoes I own, patent leather, true to size, wonderful arch support, great platform for comfort, the color scheme matches a lot of my outfit.  I walked in them, ran, danced and been part of many event and yes, as with every pair of high heels your feet ache the next day, they are high heels and no shoe with this description will be as comfortable as walking on a fuzzy carpet but they are bearable and admirable.  I love the compliments I get, the way I feel and most of all, the accomplishment they mean!  I found them against all odds.

What lengths have you gone for for yours??


  1. Great article. I am dealing with some of these issues as well.
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    1. Every store should have all the shoes that you're looking for right?? but at the end, the attainment of the goal..it's a real shoe fix =D