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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dfi Aging Antiaging facial toner: Why use toner?

As part of a product review, I received a bottle ofr Dfi Aging Antiaging Facial Toner.  Although you should take care of your skin all year 'round, Summer is a specially rough time for your skin.  One of the things I wish I could do besides become less angry when I first wake up (am really not me until completely awake) is to be able to adhere to a full beauty regimen. 
Clean your skin, apply toner, moisterizer with SPF and make up (face, eyes and lips)  (to get prettied-up).
Me: wake up, be angry, tie hair (when not washing it), compact powder, lipstick and run out.
My face is lucky to get some water when I wash my face. Of course, this is not everyday but it is true most of the time.
With so much to do in so little time, toner has helped the cause by a lot.  My skin was breaking out out-of-control worse than during puberty.  I figured out that it was because I havent been keeping my face clean and acne breakouts were due to clogged pores.  Been using this toner for over a month (not religiously but from 2 to 3 times a week) and no more clogged overloaded yucky pores !
Toners are mostly recommended for people with oily skin and for EVERYONE wanting to be extra clean.  yeah, even after washing your face, dirt particles and makeup stay on, they just stick and dont want to let go.
Toner also helps in shrinking your pores, balancing your pH, refresh and moistereize.  I honestly thought it simply refreshed your skin but turned out very helpful and seriusly revitalized my skin especially when am on the go!

 photo IMG_1572_zps310c5dff.jpg
Dfi Aging's toner is made with hibiscus, honey and lavender, smells very pleasant and it's very very refreshing. 
This is my cotton swab after thinking my skin was completely clean because I washed it and used a facial cleanser.  I made sure to use it and clean my face throughout and still, the cotton swab has a gradient of different shades of brown YUCK!!!
And it's worse when I dont really clean my face that good and sometimes even for a few days.
 photo IMG_1571_zpsce9b3392.jpg
It's past midnight on a hot summer night right now! I've done so many things today and thought I'd sit down and catch up on blogging.  My windows are open.  I've broken a sweat.  Now that I think about it.  I even applied a bit of makeup and now am ready for bed.. and No... sitting here writing about a clean face and I havent even applied makeup remover. !!!
I love it and am sure you would too!
retails for $59.99 and you can find it HERE
For special sales and promotions, like them on Facebook and be sure to check out more of Dfi Aging luxurious product line.
Now am feeling really guilty!!!! am off to clean my face with this baby!

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