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Monday, September 9, 2013

Pure : Cuticle Oil

As part of a product review, I received a cuticle oil pen from Pure of Nailcarehq.com the headquarters of nail care. 

I am fan #1 of cuticle oil.  For a veeeeery long time, i struggled with dry and cracked cuticles and nail biting.  My finger nails embarrassed me.  I had no confidence in my self and never felt pretty!  this is an everyday struggle to this day.  I have been able to overcome my vicious self thanks to you, my followers and the blogs I follow for always being there with words of support and encouragement and of course, cuticle oil. 

From time to time (especially stressed-out times) I still tend to get vicious.  

Using Pure, in only a few days my nails were longer, stronger and completely hydrated. 

Judge for yourself.  Both hands have gone through tremendous amount of stress and started in the same condition and one hand has been under the love and care of Pure the other hand completely neglected for a week.  Other than some cropping, these pictures are unedited. 

and is safe enough to eat. It's made from the following ingredients and people have actually taste it...

Jojoba Wax Ester
Grape Seed Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Vitamin E Oil
Vitamin A Oil
Essential Oil Blend

I am not the only person that can say this.   Check out and Like their Facebook page for more before and after pictures and amazing giveaways. And of course, want to see results on your own hands.  Buy it HERE.

Ana of Nail Care HQ is super knowledgeable and you can tell she simply enjoys what she does.  Amazing personal interaction with her fans and top shelf customer service.  Cuticle oil pens come in your choice of scented and unscented.

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  1. Such a great review! Thank you! I'm so happy you are thrilled with our Bliss Kiss™ Pure Nail Oil! Huggs... ~Ana

  2. I only apply the regular coconut oil/vaseline for the cuticle.. never tried this before. thanks for share