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Monday, March 17, 2014

Animal Slippers Review: it's awww at your feet!!!

** press sample**

As part of a product review, I received a pair of black and white kitty slippers www.bunnyslippers.com.

They have the cutest assortment of animal slippers... getting black slippers in a household with a white cat where everything is instantly covered in cat is not the best idea... but they're sooooo cute and they are all sooo cute and I didnt know which ones to pick so I went with cats.

I figured my babies will like them and they sure did!!!!!!

 photo IMG_0586_zpsa8f5d126.jpg

I wish this picture would have been focused but i rather show you a blur than not show you at all... Now I have FOUR!!! black and white kitties... two on my feet... one at the end of my bed (while I sleep) and one on the right side of my blog!!!! check him out by the way.. he's our mascot.

 photo IMG_0588_zpsb8d82096.jpg

and now I know I cannot leave them unattended.   by them I mean the cats and the slippers.
 photo IMG_0596_zps1ee20ffa.jpg

Maya has always have the tendency to walk besides me or in between my legs... now it's a big cat-party..... am one cat shy from being the crazy cat lady from my block! ^_^

 photo IMG_0592_zps1744d1ef.jpg

You have to check out the full menu of animal slippers... including microwavable slippers, sock slippers, paw slippers and more featuring animals and cartoon ccharacters... at varying prices for children and adults.  Nothing like coming home from work, climbing off the high heels and onto these purrfect comfort slippers.

Check out their site: http://www.bunnyslippers.com/
and Like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bunnyslipperscom

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