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Friday, June 12, 2015

Get Lost in Colour with China Glaze Summer Specialty Collection

**press sample** 

 photo Desert Escape-10_zps1szaafa4.jpg

I love getting nail mail but love getting surprise nail mail even more.  China Glaze has made us love them more now that we have their limited edition collection featuring six shades inspired by the tones found in the vast desert landscape where glowing pinks and reds are cooled by a serene turquoise and glisten against shimmering neutrals. 

I was able to cross out "seeing the desert" off of my bucket list.  Due to the inability to visit THE Sahara desert, the sand dunes in Death Valley, California credited as THE hottest place in the world, will have to do.  
Although since 1922 higher temperatures were recorded in Lybia (according to Weather.com and their article published on 5/7/13) is pretty deserty for me :) 
Anywhere I can make a sand angel :) 

Anyway... 'nuff of the non sense and nerdy fun facts!  It's no secret I love to see different places do this with nicely painted nails.  

The collection reminded me of that trip to the Death Valley a few months ago.  
So without further ado! Here they are! 

What's She Dune? is a creamy beige.  Desert neutral.
 photo Desert Escape_zpsvapovqrh.jpg

Meet Me in the Mirage is a metallic brown with copper tones.

 photo Desert Escape-1_zpsi7iqzrdr.jpg  

Don't Desert Me.  I couldn't desert this gorgeous metallic fuchsia even if I wanted.  (who would want to?) 

 photo Desert Escape-4_zpswdrfvjut.jpg 

Don't Mesa with my Heart.  Creamy bright pink. 

 photo Desert Escape-3_zpsldd8jx9v.jpg 

Rain Dance the Night Away.  I would! walking through the desert appreciating the beauty of creation can keep you up all night. 

 photo Desert Escape-2_zps7ppufj4m.jpg

The Heat is On!  
Oh it's on alright! but this creamy red can cool you down as you look down at your amazing mani! 

 photo Desert Escape-5_zpsjrnztcy2.jpg

Some nail art!!! The collection is very cohesive.  All shades pair well with one another. 

 photo Desert Escape-7_zpsfj0omqzu.jpg 

I needed a distinctive yet, subtle mani! 

 photo Desert Escape-8_zpssb98je23.jpg 

I hope you like it! 

 photo Desert Escape-9_zpsvkvkjr5z.jpg   photo Desert Escape-6_zpsjvr3nbuv.jpg 

This collection launched on June 1st. Don't miss out! it's a LE (limited edition)
This one is a keeper from the season of sand angels to snow angels! 
For more info dont forget to check out China Glaze's website and social media platforms

www.chinaglaze.com or follow China Glaze® on Facebook (@ChinaGlaze), Instagram (@ChinaGlazeOfficial), Twitter (@ChinaGlaze) and Pinterest (pinterest.com/chinaglaze).

What do you think???  Which is your favorite??

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