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Monday, July 6, 2015


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I have found that no matter how much time or money we spend on makeup, the best products, the latest trends, what our favorite celebrity personally recommends beauty does come from within.  All the myths about drinking more water to stay hydrated are surprisingly TRUE!!! I say surprisingly because as a teenager, of course, I never listened to my mother.  If you saw her, you would not believe she is my mother.  Her skin's elasticity and natural glow are unbelievable for her age.  (although on my defense, she was a cosmetologist) :) 

But then there comes an age where a little boost is needed.  That's why I was very happy when Nouráge reached out to me to try their product.  It is a 90-day supplement containing keratin, a blend of essential proteins, vitamins and anti-oxidants to boost overall health, strength and shine for both, hair and nails, as well as improve skin texture and elasticity.  

In the past 45 days, I have gone away to an extremely hot place and a month later to a cold place and back into the States where is now the start of the summer.  If you have experienced this drastic change in climate.  You know that you nails and hair feel it as much as you.   But since Nourage, the changes went unnoticed.

I have used it for 90 days and I am definitely ready to order my next jar.  Even my mother has noticed the change which makes me very happy.  Nourage alone did not do the work.  I also increased my water intake but diet and exercise were pretty much status quo.  The most noticeable changes have been in my nails.  They are strong but bendable, not brittle or dry that crack!  (yaay) 

An idea.  If you have a wedding:  so many things go into prepping a wedding and no one thinks of the toll that the planning will take on the bride.  This is a great way to replenish hair and nails due to the related wedding planning stress.  Nourage understands that to achieve the sought-after wedding glow every bride aspires to have, one must start from within.  

Check it out! 

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