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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Starlooks June Custom Picks

**press sample** 

I am very happy to see all the new faces of the blog.  Thank you for joining and I hope you are here to stay to join me and the faces of prior subscribers, who together help me upkeep this blog.  

For those of you new here, you will find that I love cosmetics and anything that can somehow help beautify us even more, not that we need to, but it's fun to try ;)  Very fun but can also be a bit frustrating finding what works for us at all times.  That's why the new trendy subscription boxes are making it soo much easier for us to figure out this difficult task.  

Starlooks particularly is a monthly subscription service that lets you customize your very own box with YOUR choice of 3 Starlooks, perfect size cosmetics AND YOUR choice of 3 fashion/lifestyle brand gift cards for only $12 a month (includes shipping). 
Gift cards (for the most part) do not expire.  What a great opportunity to explore new shops, brands and premium goodies.

My Starbox this month was made up of mascara, lip pencil and lip gloss in perfect size.   

 photo starlooks_zpslaykz5k2.jpg

I find the perfect size feature to be an even greater asset to this subscription.  More often than not, I find myself drowning in un-finished makeup that I loved at some point but I'm eager to move on to the next trend, or I just want to make room for newer and better items but cannot because of all the un-finished business.

 photo starlooks-1_zpsve0bxnwf.jpg

For a better idea.  Here's my long lasting mascara with lengthening effect.  See below for before (top) and after (bottom) 
 photo starlooks 1-2_zpsbwply6xo.jpg

Lip pencil (peony) and gloss (guilty pleasure):
You know I love to outline my lips and then fill for longer-lasting color.  Pencil applies like lipstick, creamy and long lasting.

 photo starlooks 1-1_zpse9kffyra.jpg

Gloss applicator is slanted for perfect "in-line" application and smooth glide in perfect summer shade for those flirtatious kissable lips (muaack)

 photo starlooks 1-3_zpsqmijzxhz.jpg

All of this for only $12 and the opportunity to discovery new brands and goodies with the choice of 3 gift cards.  It's like getting money back and then some. 

I will update you when I use my gift cards.

Good night for now.  But before I go, don't forget to check out Starlooks' social media platforms! 


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