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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 Spring Sprints - featuring oldies

Wow!  It's 2016 already!!!  Did you see that coming??  I was still living in November, talk about living in the past.  I didn't even get to show you my Christmas decor and DIY ideas but hopefully you followed through sneaky-peaky on Instagram and Facebook as well as the new fitness journey I have embarked on and noooo!!! it's not a new year resolution thing wherein I'll be done in two weeks.  This has been going on for about a month now and it seems like it is going to stick... wish me luck!

Today, I decided to go with some of my favorite oldies and they all happened to be from Jessica Cosmetics.  I'm kicking 2016 butt and this is how we went about.

Ocean bloom for a base color and accent color with Surfer Boyz 'N Berry, Tangerine Dreamz and Lime Cooler.... ahhh such summery names for my winter-loving spring-y state of mind

 photo Jessica Cosmetics_zpsmfgcfyq7.jpg

What do you think??

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