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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cat-mom tips to better organize your drawers

Good evening pretty ladies and handsome gents! 
I am currently hanging out in my new space... my new little escape place that I've created, my little cat-mom den, enjoying the sound and melody of my favorite spanish rock tunes on Pandora with a scratchy throat and a runny nose wishing I was sipping on a nice golden glass of a neat scotch.  But I'm not!  Instead, I am trying to type this post with a cat, Milo, trying to either lay on my lap or on my keyboard.  He seems indecisive but he's great company.   As I look around I am reminded of my every-year resolution: To become more organized and declutter.  declutter declutter declutter.  However, I blog for fun, I highly enjoy product reviewing and unfortunately, or fortunately, clutter comes with it and I must say, I like it! 

So anyway.  It was a Thursday afternoon, my designated cleaning day which back in happier days (like a few months ago) was always followed by some "me-time" you know, bubble bath, full detangling of hair, removal of other unwanted hair, pedicure, wine/champagne/scotch (mood-dependent decision).  It's not longer followed by "me-time" it seems to be followed by more and more cleaning and decluttering (darn! new year resolutions). 

In an effort to de-clutter, I found my second ever BABY BLANKIE!!!!!  (don't know what ever happened to a first one which I am sure existed) which has been naturally inherited by my very own BABY.  I tried hiding it, so I put it inside my blog-drawer and well, if you're a cat parent, you already know, cats LOOOOVE drawers, it's in their genes, it's a life purpose 

Cover everything in the drawer in CAT

So I figured, what a better way to get organized than a cat drawer.  
and I do NOT mean a drawer for their things.  I mean a drawer for HER, for THEM! 

and viola!!! no more fighting over drawers everytime I want to wear a different top.  No more multiple expensive cat beds that they won't use anyway because your coats are much nicer.
No more wondering where am I going to put the cat bed when visitors come over. 
Just closer the drawer

 photo Cat Drawer-5_zpsrfolp7qn.jpg

However, I can't tell if she likes it. 

 photo Cat Drawer_zpsohbzu1hv.jpg

Or just wanted to make a statement, something like "my slave found me a blankie"

   photo Cat Drawer-8_zpsvgybyzpk.jpg 

Or is she upset there are no shirts in this drawer?

 photo Cat Drawer-4_zpsgcxcny3q.jpg 

Milo on the other hand is chilling in his 3-story condo with terrace (not seen in the photo)  he mostly hangs out on the terrace and on the ground floor, conveniently located in the vicinity of the baseboard heating apparatus.

 photo Cat Drawer-6_zpszv8zgkyl.jpg  

Maya is .. ummm... M.I.A. while I get dressed, and I wore a black dress for work today for the first time in a couple of years (true story) 
because well... lint rollers are overrated so early in the morning and honestly, I just dont want to "groom" my dress when I can wear something that's not black.
If you have a white cat, you understand.  If you don't, don't mind me here.  Enjoy the photo of Maya when I finally found her.  Yes!!! IN her drawer.

 photo Cat Drawer-3_zps2xbweygo.jpg 

The next morning...

 photo Cat Drawer-2_zpswaeuhqid.jpg 

and that night!!! 

 photo Cat Drawer-1_zps51mj7cyf.jpg 

Milo.... is starting to think that he's missing out.  He doesnt remember having so much fun in mommy's dresser since he got ALL of my the socks out of the sock-drawer.

 photo Cat Drawer-7_zps4d6zivfb.jpg

I think he decided to join in the fun.  My baby blankie was intended for him anyway.

 photo Cat Drawer-9_zpsajpnmhjg.jpg

Uh Oh... this is Maya realizing she now has company

 photo Cat Drawer-10_zpssbbbpfav.jpg

It's been a few weeks now, and this is predominantly Maya's drawer.  Bad news is that Maya, and often Milo, sleep in the same bedroom with me (who cares, they're so cute) and better news is that I no longer have to fight them to get off of my bed, this is going to be especially GREAT news during shedding season. 

So anyway, this post was supposed to be about organizing drawers, so long story short, de-clutter, throw away or DONATE DONATE DONATE things that you don't love, things that don't make you money and things you haven't been using, chances are that once you throw them away, you will need it but you'll think of an alternative, once you do that, repurpose your drawers and your cats will be happy! 

Happy cat happy life!!  

Milo finally decided to lay on the desk and I've gotta go, I need to blow my nose!

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