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Monday, February 15, 2016

NEW! "Lovatics" by Demi Lovato for NYC New York Color

**press sample **
From its Press Release - "As N.Y.C NEW YORK COLOR’sambassador since January 2015, Demi Lovato is celebrating her first anniversary by launching the highly anticipated “Lovatics Collection,” as a thank you to her loyal fans, the Lovatics. Demi seamlessly manages to emulate her cool and fashionable lifestyle through the collection allowing fans the ability to create their own unique city approved looks. “I am so excited to share my first makeup line with N.Y.C NEW YORK COLOR. The Lovatics collection is a true representation of my bold style and provides endless opportunities to rock your own individuality. One of my personal favorites, the Palette Eyeshadow, is a must-have that allows you to create your own unique look with 12 versatile nude shades!” – says Demi Lovato.

The new fashionable Lovatics by Demi Eyeshadow Palette ($4.99) features 12 nude shades and allows you to channel Demi’s confidence all while showcasing your natural beauty. Your eyes will look naturally effortless with theNatural shades."

As for me, I love it!  All the quality of a nice palette without the price tag.  This my friends is beauty on a budget!!! 
 photo NYC Demi Lovatics_zps00xr1c0c.jpg
Here are the first four colors swatched.  Tune in later for more ;) 
 photo NYC Demi Lovatics-1_zps6xrqpyny.jpg 
I love that some are shimmery and some are matte in a complete array of neutral/natural shades for day and night.
 photo NYC Demi Lovatics-2_zpsmgomv31m.jpg 
The tints are surprisingly cool!  I'm still weird-ed out about the fact that they come in little nail polish  type bottles and applicators.  I did not expect that at all!  But tints perfectly in beautiful shades.  Also helps with precision in case you have issues staying inside the lines when applying your lipstick!
I cant see myself applying it in the car as easy as with regular lipstick.  This is liquidy.  Blends very well as blush.  Call me old fashioned but I like lip"sticks" but I can give this another chance, although this one is staying at home and not in my mobile make up bag.  
 photo NYC Demi Lovatics-3_zps6yh3sox9.jpg
The shape and groom pencil is perfect to add shape and fill my eyebrows which are the most rebellious part of me and need major work.  That one has been added to my go-to-makeup bag.

Here's my look for a night out on the town.
 photo NYC Demi Lovatics-4_zpsnanushsg.jpg 
I will definitely be featuring this palette again which has also been added to my go-to-makeup bag, so stay tuned.  

What do you think??
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