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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Water Marble Rainbow Gone Wrong


I was inspired by the wonderful rainbow design that Peace Love Lacquer shared on her Facebook page (by the way, go "Like" her) but of course, me being me, I wanted to give it a little twist and marble the rainbow instead.  (reminder to self:  Self! just keep it simple).

Water marble is the coolest nail polish phenomenon (at least for me) so I have made a few attempts (don't know why-it's not enjoyable).  I will try to give you a few tips that will hopefully help you figure out or master this technique.  First, you will need to have everything you want to use handy.  You will have to be quick and accurate (it'll come naturally-do not stress over this) here is what I used:

From left to right: Sinful Colors (hereafter "SC") Dream On, SC Let's Talk, SC Blue by You, SC Happy Ending, SC Let's Meet, SC Summer Peach, Nicka Red (the label faded I cannot read the name), SC Savage, SC Snow Me White, a small bowl with water, tooth pick, dotting tools, paper towel and scotch tape.

A lot of nail artists use bottled water with a splash of nail polish remover and although this works, I just prep the water (regular tap water) by adding some drops of nail polish then cleaning it by swiping the tooth pick around the water.

Apply base coat to your nail and a background color.   The add blobs of nail polish to the water.  (marbling is a lot easier when doing two or three colors but since my goal was a rainbow I used more.

The lines were nice and sparse for my design.  Next, Dip your finger in the water where you want to pick up the design.   Then while your finger is still dipped, use the toothpick to swipe around your finger to clean the water so that what is around does not ruin your design.

I then painted my other fingers with SC Savage and using dotting tools made the clouds and added some clouds under the "rainbow" and this is what I ended up with!

 For some reasons, it was an epic fail.  I ended up with blue finger and this manicure lasted no more than 20 minutes... maybe the clouds were too big?  maybe the marble was not a good idea.  I just did not like it.

Water marble is time consuming, messy and frustrating, but again, the look achieved is worth every minute of it.  (not on this particular look but you get the idea).

Thank you Peace Love Lacquer for encouraging me to try it.  But again, next time, I will keep it simple and just freehand the rainbow!!!

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  1. At least you got something on your nail. Mine doesn't even make it. Lol

  2. We just need to practice practice :-)