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Thursday, January 17, 2013

RUNNUR: Adventure Companion: Review and Giveaway

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Ahhh the land of Aloha!!! 
imagine carrying a purse while exploring this slippery crab-filled beach. NOT an option.
The next best thing: a fanny pack.  There is no way am carrying one.  They're too funny looking.

So how do I take all my necessary adventure items. 

Problem solved.  As part of a product review, I received a RUNNUR.  Sometimes you have too many things to carry for a pocket and not that many for a backpack.  The designers of RUNNUR figured this out and with an eye for fashion came up with the greatest idea.  You know am an outdoorsy kind of person but am also a girl and have girly things to carry.  Like you know... ummm.... Lipgloss :) and believe it or not I even had tanning lotion in there :) 

 photo IMG_3510_zpsfbefbc8f.jpg
Runnur comes in different colors and sizes.  Perfect for men and women.


the water bottle holder will hold a 20 Vitamin Water or Gatorade.  I take it on hikes, at the beach, amusement parks and when riding bicycle or my motorized scooter (moped).  Every pocket is strategically located and all items kept within reach and very well thought-out.  For example, you wont have to reach all across your  body to grab your phone.  What if it rang 20 times a day?  The phone's pocket is right in front of you.

Also proved very efficient around holiday shopping.  Never had to worry about my purse and the only bags to carry were the things I just purchased and no hunting for wallet or keys when too many bags at hand :)  when taking my kids to the vet (my furry kids) I can use my hands to carry them comfortably as opposed to juggling them and a purse.

My RUNNUR and I have really bonded :) 

RUNNUR is also waterproof and easy to clean when needed.

RUNNUR has a great deal going on.  One retails for $45 buy 2 for $65 HERE and check out their other accessories like their aluminum wallet (I need one of those).   and/or enter below to win your own open US and Canada.
Also, be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter

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  1. i use a purse but sometimes its very inconvient

  2. I have a purse within a purse! it can be a challenge!

  3. It is great for outdoor activities

  4. I carry my essentials in my purse, but at times I wish I had a product like this that would be hands free!

  5. I've wanted one of these for awhile.

  6. I have a gigantic purse. Filled with different little categorized bags: one for checkbook and pens, one for medicines, one for lotions and lipbalms, etc.

  7. I have tried many times in the past to downsize my purse....but I always end up returning to one of the many gigantor purses. Sometimes I'm ahead of the game, and have things separated into their own "bags", but most of the time I'm two seconds away from dumping the whole thing upside down to find what I'm looking for lol. That's the only spot in my life that isn't ocd organized.

  8. cross body purse, but looking to downsize!

  9. A cross-body purse, but I'm looking to downsize!

  10. I usually use a purse when I travel

  11. i carry a diaper bag, and toss it in the bottom of the stroller/grocery cart. but if im without the baby or dont need the whole diaper bag, i jam as much in my pockets and boobs as i can and leave the rest. i havent quite transitioned back to a purse so i dont have a good option right now!

  12. just a little wristlet, but always worrying that I will leave it behind, plus it doesnt hold everything ( I have asthma, and the inhaler is a little bulky). So this seems like the best of everything all around......

    Thank you for such a GREAT Giveaway


  13. I am in that period of transition from giant diaper bag/purse to just purse. Kiddo has his backpack with his activity books and markers, and then I leave the diaper bag with the change of clothes and other essentials in the car.

  14. Just saw these at MacWorld/iWorld and I have to say I fell in love with this! So wish I could I have one of these for school.

  15. I wear cargo shorts in hopes that I will be able to fit all my stuff in my pockets. Wooh what a mistake that was because I definitely do not fit all my stuff in there.