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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Capturing Couture

 photo Hawaii-Trip2012098_zpsf8161fc7.jpg
Accessories: some girls' best friends.  The picture above was not meant to become material for a review post but it worked out that way.  It looks as though am showing off my latest accessory.  When i first saw it, I said - whoever thinks of this stuff is brilliant"  

As part of a product review, I received this gorgeous camera strap.  EVERYONE notices it wherever I go.    It came wrapped so beautifully I almost did not want to open it. 
 photo IMG_7704_zps2164e332.jpg
Capturing Couture is a company started by two moms with great expertise and combined talents in fashion and photography to create collections that are "both *girly glam* and 'urban chic'. It’s time for the fashion and photography markets to merge with the creation of the finest ‘ultra chic, totally couture accessories for anyone with a camera!"

That's ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a camera!

Below is Serenity Rock from the new 2013 collection.   
 photo IMG_7707_zpsd2e5d812.jpg  photo IMG_7705_zps8dad6168.jpg  photo IMG_7706_zps3222fd78.jpg

The strap has a comfortable plush velvet surface with customized metal logo rivets and nylon webbing.  It is adjustable so you can put it around your neck or across your body.

I was walking towards the water to take some pics of my friends and it just looks stunning and stylish.  You'll love hearing "I love your camera strap" so much better than the walking advertising strap that my camera came with.  I disliked everyone saying oh it's a Canon or a Nikon or whatever your strap says.  This one just says "Wow-you're chic"

I was worried about the velvet as I didnt want it to get fuzzy and lint-y.  My camera and I had had a few intense runs the past couple of months and the strap looks and feels great!  In those intense runs has gotten dirty but simply spot clean and is good to go again. 

 photo Hawaii-Trip2012090_zps1ab8212f.jpg  photo Hawaii-Trip2012097_zpsdb58897a.jpg  photo Hawaii-Trip2012094_zpse8d3da4f.jpg

Another of my favorites is Cream Organza.

Capturing Couture also offers 1.5'' straps as well as wristlets and guitar straps.
Straps vary in price.  Serenity Rock 2'' retails for $49.00.

Be sure to check all of their collections in their newly launched site, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter


  1. you are so pretty i love the strap

    1. aww!! thank you!! and yes, it's a real beauty