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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Indie Invasion: Maya Cosmetics: LE Crescent City Collection


I felt very privileged when I was asked to review three out of the 5 polishes in Maya Cosmetics' limited edition Crescent City collection that releases TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As you know I hold Maya Cosmetics very dear to my heart because she shares the same charisma, wonderfulness and the name of my dear four legged-fury, spoiled child, Maya. :) 

This collection is made up of 5 wonderful polishes of which I received three.  It's a mardi gras collection full of color and richness and reminds me of my visit to New Orleans back in 2012 (summer).

First up is Cookin' Creole "light brown base (roux), brown glitter (Andouille), pink glitter (shrimp), green (veggies for flavor), micro brown and pink (spices) and white (rice)"  This one is my least favorite only because it's really late at night and writing about it is making me really hungry :/ other than that is a beautiful color.
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Up next is Let the Good Times Roll.  This is "mardi gras in a bottle" made up of a clear base, with an even distribution of mardi gras colors glitters.
I liked the fact that is charged with glitters but is not so thick where you know that after few uses you will have to use thinner.  Not this one :) 
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I wanted to give it an additional mardi gras twist so used GA13 plate with Essie Good as Gold
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Last but certainly not least is Big Chief.  Definitely the Big Chief of blue shades in my collection.  I love the way it accentuates my skin color and the random glitter distribution for added touch!  Also had a perfect consistency.  I can see myself wearing this for a while. 
Maya on Maya :-p Sooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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(All above two coats and no top coat except for Let Good Times Roll that does have a coat of top coat)

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