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Friday, April 5, 2013

Benjabelle: makeup brush cleaning mate

What defines "good" makeup to me is clean make up!  clean tools are a must for makeup to stay clean.  I used to think that just using your brushes exclusively for your makeup (duh!) was enough to keep everything clean but overtime bacteria and gunk builds up and that can cause breakouts in your skin and who wants that??.  
 photo IMG_9362_zpsda70070a.jpg

These are the brushes that I use the most and of course, are full of gunk!  to clean them I just add few drops of hydrating hand soap onto the palm of my hands, swirl the brush around and run in water.
 photo IMG_9361_zpse6605b26.jpg

Drying is the most dreaded task, i used to lay them around in the counter, this took sooo much space, sometimes the water would seep into the brush and this could cause the glue to loosen, excess water can get into the handle and the whole process can be just mayhem for your brushes.  

As part of a product review, i received the Benjabelle Brush Tree.  Aware of the problems of drying time, space and risk factors, geniuses by the names of Ben and Jan have recently come up with this wonderful idea.  A Brush Tree.  Holds your brushes in place while drying.  When done just pull them up for a quick fluff and store them as you would normally.

 photo IMG_9364_zps9119f46d.jpg

The original Brush Tree fits large brushes perfectly and although fits smaller brushes too they take a little tilt so for this, Benjabelle has come up with a mini brush tree.  I have added this to my wish list :) (me waaaants!!!!!)

 photo IMG_9365_zps8f9e6875.jpg

the Brush Tree has become my brush cleaning mate and is also Maya approved.
 photo IMG_9366_zpsb304ad7e.jpg

Best part, folds to fit in the box that is less than two inches thick fits in your bookcase or anyother place the point is stays hidden until you need it again.
 photo IMG_9359_zpse8489c93.jpg 

the original brush tree comes in black, white and pink and retails for $34.95 and $24.95 for the mini brush tree but you can save $10 if you buy them both per the current promotion. 
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