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Monday, April 15, 2013

Color Me Monthly has won my heart:March

I first introduced Color Me Monthly after receiving their February box. 

As part of a product review, I got Adorned and so did my nails with the March color by CMM.
Adorned is a bit icy blurple (blue/purple) that just makes a statement. 

This simple monthly membership is the perfect way to start/grow your nail polish collection, is a high quality polish, fast drying, in-trend colors for only $7.00 per month.

Simple.  One polish, every month and the shades will surprise you.  Honestly I expected a green shade in March b/c of St. Patrick's Day but was pleasantly surprised. 

It's a jelly-type sheer, two to three coats for full coverage.  Seen below in two coats and no topcoat.

color me monthly

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  1. ahhhh me needs your nails are looking better and better

    1. hi!!!!!! haha! "need" being the operative word...
      thank you! I have really been making an effort