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Monday, April 8, 2013

KOR Launches the “Bottled Water Killer” -Press Release

Company Believes It Can Turn Back the Clock on 30­Year Bottled Water Trend
Aliso Viejo, California (April 8, 2013) – Today, KOR unveiled its latest innovation, the Nava: a filtering water bottle that provides the ultimate in style and convenience for consumers seeking an alternative to bottled water. Nava contains its own replaceable filter that lasts three months under normal use, replacing 300 disposable bottles and  saving consumers up to $400 in bottled water purchases.  
With Americans consuming and disposing of 20 billion plastic bottles each year – only 25% of which are recycled – the need for alternatives is greater than ever. 

“Thirty years ago, the bottled water industry barely existed. Today, it’s a 10 billion dollar moral hazard. By providing a 
stylish, convenient alternative, we think Nava can turn back the clock on bottled water,” said KOR Co­Founder and 
President Paul Shustak.
To achieve its goal of empowering consumers to break their bottled water habits, the KOR team spent nearly two 
years in R&D, closely studying existing solutions and soliciting input from users. 
Nava’s activated carbon filter is made from coconut shells, which are widely recognized as the most effective material
for carbon filtration. After harvesting, the shells are converted to activated carbon using a proprietary process that 
minimizes greenhouse gas emissions. Unlike coal, which takes millions of years to form and may contain heavy 
metals, coconut is a renewable and health­safe resource. Nava's filter has been independently tested to exceed NSF
42 standards for chlorine taste and odor removal.
Nava is packed with other breakthrough innovations that make it unlike any filtered bottle that has come before:
• The ultimate in drinking comfort – Nava’s ergonomic mouthpiece is the result of over a dozen prototypes.
It feels great on your lips and makes using Nava a joy. 
• Optimized water flow – Nava's filter and filter housing were carefully designed make drinking feel natural. 
Unlike other bottles, drinking from Nava doesn't require squeezing, sucking or biting. You sip naturally as you would from a straw.
• Hands­free and splash proof – Nava features a flip top push­button cap that opens with a click. Perfect for
driving, working out or other situations where your hands are tied up and you want quick, splash­free 
• Protection from germs and dirt – Unlike most bottles, which force you to put your lips on an exposed 
surface, Nava's cap completely protects the mouthpiece when not in use.
• Foolproof filter replacement – Nava is the first bottle with its own filter subscription service. Sign up online 
and receive filters to your door when you need them. 
“Although KOR’s products have inspired a lot of people to ‘embrace the tap,’ far too many continue to rely on bottled 
water as their main source of hydration. Our goal was to create a bottle so insanely great that people would take it 
everywhere, leaving their bottled water behind. With Nava, we think we have achieved our goal,” said KOR Co­Founder and CEO Eric Barnes. With Nava expected to become available in July, KOR is taking the unique step of launching Nava pre­sales on 
Kickstarter.  According to Shustak, “Kickstarter’s focus on storytelling meant it was the perfect way to get the word out about Nava. We envision our campaign as an event that everyone can rally around to help turn back the clock on bottled water.”

Nava, like all KOR Water products, is part of KOR's highly praised Thirst for Giving™ program, which donates 1% of sales to water­related charities and raises awareness for ocean protection, container recycling, watershed protection, and the global water crisis.

To learn more about Nava, visit: http://kck.st/Y6fh4P
KOR Water believes passionately in the importance of clean water – to human health and to the health of our planet. We also believe in the power of design to inspire and motivate. At KOR, our mission is to deliver sustainable personal hydration solutions. We acknowledge the serious waste problem that bottled water creates and believe the only real solution is change. Change requires a complete redesign of the hydration experience. For additional information, please visit www.korwater.com

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