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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cobb Hill - Women's Sandals

As part of a product review, I received a pair of Drydock Footwear Cobb Hill Willow Sandals.  To my surprise, they came in a New Balance box I've always respected New Balance sneakers so I immediately thought I was in for a good treat.  

Drydock is located on Boston's commercial waterfront directly across from the city's drydock.  (how appropriate) 

I am a strong believer that life is short but heels don't have to be, however, when you get visitors from your home country and you live so close to "the" New York City, you wearing high heels won't let your visitors see much of the city.  So, ok! you can wear sneakers so you can walk the city endlessly but who looks good with sneakers unless you were working out or running or walking for fitness not tourism.  

My Willow sandals fit like a glove and with its foam footbed why not wear them all day and night.  I felt cute and just as important my feet looked cute :) and I had happy feet.  I wear them to venture the city, small town and last Friday, but shhhhh, keep it between us, I feel like I cheated on my Friday night shoes,... I wore them to a Spanish Rock concert.  :-9

These beauties come in different colors, my favorite is teal but was not available in my size.  I got them in tan but now want them in white and gold :-p

Even perfect for these pre-fall days.  :)
Take a look!

 photo CAM01079_wm-1-1_zpsdfb58c60.jpg

I admit I have promiscuous love for shoes but these stayed in the A-list for a several weeks now... that's pretty impressive... only sexy shoes manage to do that :)

I had taken amazing pictures but as you know, my kitties or the take-it-all ghost have taken my memory card to no avail.  so I had to take new pics.
I have worn these sandals like there's no tomorrow and look how well they are holding up.  I love theeeem!

 photo IMG_2249_zps454a7beb.jpg  photo IMG_2250_zps402f1c3e.jpg

Comfort you can see!!! look at the cushions
 photo IMG_2251_zps04d0edb7.jpg  photo IMG_2253_zps1b3155bb.jpg

Reg. price is $74.99 but are now on sale for $54.99
and can be found HERE
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  1. Replies
    1. they really are what you pay for. :) looks and feels and i've worn them like there's no tomorrow and they're holding up pretty well.